Rating: T


Summary: Abed reveals his new predictions to Annie. Annie/Abed drabble.

"It's pretty obvious." Abed stated, as he sat in the cafeteria eating lunch with Annie.

Annie squeaked, her eyebrow raised and she replied in a higher pitch than usual, "You've predicted how the group is going to pair up! Except me!"

"What's the problem?" Abed looked up from his chicken fingers

"You left me out. Jeff and Britta. Shirley and Starburns. Pierce will go back to his cult. Troy will find a nice girl who can tolerate his occasional stupidity, and you'll develop a long friendship with a smart, slightly neurotic young woman, which will evolve into romantic feelings as you spend more time with her." Her eyebrows arched upwards, whilst her lips curved into a textbook puppy dog pout.

"Yes. Like on Boston Legal. I know it's not 80's, but I've been meaning to branch out. People are starting to stereotype me." He replied cool and calm.

"But what about me? Senor Chang? Dean Pelton? Professor Duncan. I must know!" Annie cried out, pointing a chicken finger at Abed.

"Oh right. I should have mentioned you." He furrowed his brow in thought.

She leaned forward, eyes narrowed, "Yes, you should have."

"Do you really want to be spoiled?" He asked plainly.

"I have to know."

Abed peered about, checking in case anyone else from the study group was around. He was fine if someone asked for spoilers, but didn't go around blurting that kind of information around. "The smart, slightly neurotic young woman is you."

"But we're just friends."

"Exactly. This isn't going to happen overnight. Even I don't feel that way about you yet."

Annie made a tiny dismissive hmph noise, "I'm with Vaughn!"

Abed leaned back into his chair and launched into his exposition, "Vaughn, having taught our group a valuable lesson about respect and love, is no longer required romantically, and you will break up with him by next week."

"But I'd like Troy then!"

"You'll date Troy for a handful of weeks later this year, before you realize that your high school fantasy will never match up to your community college reality and you break up."

"But you can't date me if I've been with Troy?" Annie asked, wanting to know just how far Abed's crazy powers of prescience could carry the conversation.

"We'll have to deal with some jealously, and a minor strain in our friendship, but in the end he'll want you to be happy." Annie didn't quite believe that part.

"How exactly are we going to end up together?"

"That's simple. I'll admit my feelings to a friend or mentor, probably Jeff, but my father will overhear. He'll find out you're Jewish, and threaten to remove me from school. You will unwittingly encourage me to stand up to him. I'll leave, find my own place and admit my feelings for you."

"Then what?"

Abed stood up from the table, "I didn't think that far ahead. It was nice talking to you. I have to go. Troy and I have another sex scene to film."


AN: Written for a prompt on my LJ. Indyshipping ftw.