A/N: This is dedicated one of my best friend who happens to also be my roommate. :) She requested a fic based on her daydreams with Suju leader Leeteuk. This fanfiction should be read by those of you who love Leeteuk and Kibum and Eunhyuk.

Warnings: Slightly Mary-Sue, slightly harem-ish, possible language abuse, etc, etc.

If it were up to me, I wouldn't want to write a Mary-Sue but when we talked about it, Hanan (my friend) made everything sound so good! I promise you it will be pretty good. If it isn't amazing it'll be pretty good.

Leeteuk was head over heels in love with Sang-Mi, his girlfriend for the past six months. The two lovebirds had apparently met each other at a department store. Leeteuk had actually seen her there weeks before he had the guts to approach her. She was a shop girl there and even though she knew who he was, she didn't rush at him and pulled at his clothes the way most females would. The fact that she only smiled sweetly and shyly at him had made her shine even brighter in Leeteuk's eyes. She was beautiful and her shy demeanor really appealed to him. For the first time in five years, Leeteuk felt that beautiful wondrous feeling known to all of mankind as love.

"Would you go out with me?" he'd asked her quietly.

She blushed furiously at the question but gave a curt nod and then she continued to bury herself in the pile of clothing she was sorting out. Sang-Mi had been too nervous to even look at him.

He'd given her his number and asked her hers and the rest was history. They dated and the love between them blossomed.

It had been a ninety days. Ninety beautiful days filled with love, joy and laughter. Leeteuk loved her with all his being now and she loved him equally. The world seemed theirs for the taking. Sang-Mi was nothing like all the other women Leeteuk had dated. The women in his previous relationships were all stuck up and seemed too glamorous and they never did like sharing him with twelve other guys. But Sang-Mi…Sang-Mi loved Leeteuk but she also grew to love the rest of the Super Junior. She understood his work- their work, and supported them in whatever they did. She had never begrudged Leeteuk if he ever needed to go off to concentrate on his work and his dongsaengs. It made Leeteuk love her even more.

There were even many times, when he had brought her along for practice. She'd watched them sweat, joked around and practice for hours on end. She suspected that the boys seemed to be a little better behaved whenever she was around. After a while, most of the Super Junior members already thought of her as an older sister figure.

"Let's go to the park by the lake this Saturday, shall we?" Leeteuk asked her.

Sang-Mi looked into Leeteuk's eyes as he said this.

"Okay," she said smiling. She was glad he hadn't forgotten. It was the hundredth and he had remembered despite the fact that he had been so busy practicing and performing.

Her heart soared when she saw the knowing look within his eyes. Leeteuk seemed was such a romantic and since she was the same it made their relationship become even stronger.

Saturday arrived and Leeteuk took Sang-Mi out on a date to the park by the lake. He said they were going to have a picnic and she was to wear her prettiest dress. She'd prepared some really interesting dishes she knew were his favorite. Leeteuk and the rest of the Super Junior always loved her cooking and it always pleased her whenever they devoured every last crumb of her food. Eunhyuk and Shin Dong were extremely pleased with her when they first tasted her curry and the pasta she'd made. Heechul would beg her to make him his favorite kimchi fried rice whenever she turned up. And she always laughed and said that she would.

Sang-Mi glanced at the picnic basket in her hand and she smiled at her accomplishment. She'd managed to make a humongous submarine sandwich, chocolate brownie, some cheese and crackers, some fried noodles and other little bits of delicacies.

When Leeteuk came to pick her up in an ugly banged up old van, Sang-Mi didn't beamed as if she'd seen him drive a limo. She never really cared of the fact that he was the leader of the popular Super Junior. Every time she looked into his handsome face all she could think of was "How lucky I am to have this man as my lover" and it was never "How lucky that I have Suju's leader as a boyfriend".

"Hey there, doll!" Leeteuk smiled at her through the window of the van.

"Wanna hop in for a romantic magic carpet ride?"

Sang-Mi giggled at this.

"Now where have I heard that before…?"

They'd heard those lines or something similar to those lines when Heechul was watching his collection of Disney movies. They'd all wept when they watched the kittens get thrown away in The Aristocats. And when they saw Aladdin whisk Jasmine away on a magic carpet ride, both Leeteuk and Sang-Mi had sighed at the romance of it all (while the rest of the members pretended to throw up and roll their eyes).

Sang-Mi was laughing as they recalled the memories together.

Once they reached the park, Sang-Mi busied herself by preparing the spread she'd packed early that morning.

"Wow!" Leeteuk cried out, clearly impressed with her efforts, "That's amazing, Sang-Mi! It looks like a feast for a soccer team!"

She grinned at him and said, "Or a certain boy band known as Super Junior!"

She sat down and passed a plastic plate to Leeteuk, asking him if he'd like anything on the mat. Leeteuk smiled at her and ate silently all the while thinking in his heart that he was so lucky to get a girl like Sang-Mi.

"Actually…," Leeteuk drawled as he slyly pushed a stray lock of hair away from Sang-Mi's eyes, "I might just take up on that offer about that boy band…"


And then to Sang-Mi's surprise, she found herself crowded with all thirteen members of Super Junior and all of them held a red rose and a lily.

"These are for you," Leeteuk said as he too pulled out a rose and a lily.

"They're here for you, doll," he said as he kissed her forehead lightly. Sang-Mi could only gaze at them all in wonderment.

"You guys…"

And before she could say anything they started singing their song What if which just happened to be her favorite from them.

Ssahyeoganeun shigandeureun
Amado yokshimeul bureuna bwayo
Eojeboda oneul deo
Apajingeol bomyeon... Oh girl

Sang-Mi could only sit there, looking up at the thirteen men who were singing to her, with her eyes wide and her cheeks flushed as she realized how the other people in the park had begun to crowd around them.

What if geudaega nal
Saranghal geotman gata
Jogeum gidarimyeon
Naege ol geotman gataseo
Ireon gidaero naneun
Geudael ddeonal su eobjyo
Geureohke shigani
Ssahyeo apeumi dweneun geol
Jal algo isseumyeonseo... Oh girl

As Leeteuk sang the last few verses, Sang-Mi was already in tears.

"Omigod, you guys, that was beautiful!" she said tearfully as she wiped her eyes, "I can't believe you guys would do this for me!"

"Well, when Leeteuk asked, we couldn't say no, now could we?" asked Sungmin as he smiled cutely at her.

"Yeah, and when we knew it was concerning you, we immediately decided to do it!" piped up Yesung.

"We love both you guys and it was just so romantic, we had to say yes," Ryewook joined in.

"Uhm, guys, I think it's best if we make a run for it now…," Heechul muttered as he watched how a small group of girls were already gathering about.

Kyuhyun looked up and his jaw almost dropped at the sight of their fangirls surrounding them slowly. They weren't too sure if this was really Super Junior and they approached slowly to see if it was true. Kyuhyun knew that after a minute or so, they'd be surrounded by these fangirls and all of them would probably get raped…

"Yeah, we better make a break for it!" Kyuhyun cried, as he quickly grabbed Dong Hae's arm and rush the shorter man back to their other ugly white van.

Every single one of them including, Sang-Mi and Leeteuk all got up and ran as fast as they could to their parked vans. As they ran, Sang-Mi couldn't help but laugh at the absurdity of it all.

"Help!" Eunhyuk suddenly cried, "Fangirl got my leg!"

True enough, a fangirl with an afro hairdo was hanging on desperately to Eunhyuk's left leg and he seemed as if he were about to get brutally murdered by a serial killer.

"Gerroff him!" Heechul cried out with his teeth bared. The flower of Super Junior looked pretty pissed at the fat afro-ed sixty year old fan. He tried to pull the fat old lady away but damn was she heavy.

"Get outta the way, Heechul hyung!" Shindong yelled as he too made a grab at the lady.

"Whoa!" Heechul cried.

"Oof!" Eunhyuk gasped.

And then a second later all three Suju members were sent flying into the air, free from the overweight and old fan.

"C'mon! C'mon! C'mon!" Kangin called out to them from inside the van. Super Junior, all thirteen members of them including Sang-Mi managed to get away from their crazy fans.

"Phew!" sighed, Eunhyuk in relief, "That was a close one! I don't think I've ever been so scared in my entire life! Man, she was scary!"

"Yeah, she was hella scary and heavy too!" Heechul agreed.

"But ya gotta admit the whole thing did seem kinda funny!" Kyuhyun said, smiling sweetly at them.

At this, all the members who fit in that particular white van burst out laughing. Even the others who were in other vans were still laughing at the whole crazy situation they had just been in. All of them, except one member…