Every Historian will say time will repeat itself. Now, when and where time will repeat itself is never sure. It can be very significant, which can change the world, or it can only affect a small family, but either way history will repeat. It's a vicious cycle, which continues forever never to be broken.

Our story starts, on graduation day. Everyone graduated to genin, but then again, only 9 could pass, whether their new sensei's deemed worth.

The day to meet their new sensei's came. Their chunin teacher Choji began to call names and squad numbers. "Team number 18"; he called after a long list. There were more children this year then in the years past. But this wasn't unusually considering Kohana had been prospering great ever since Itachi was killed. "Team 19" he read aloud, "is Nara Sachi, Hyuga Tamasine, and Keitaro Yamanaka of the Sand." There was a pause as Choji had done after reading a group before continuing to the next. "Team 20 is Kobayashi Yuudai, Miura Manabu, and Ota Sango." Another pause. A few more teams were called till he got to the last team. "Lastly, Team number 27 is Uzumaki Hoshi, Uchiha Saku, and Hyuga Hiroko. That's all the teams, after lunch you will meet your sensei when they call you." Choji had finally finished and allowed the children to disperse. Some people had already grouped together, seeing as they should get to know each other if they were going to work together, others saw it as the last time to have lunch in school with friends, and others went their separate ways. There was nothing abnormal his year with the kids, unlike the year before.

The year before seemed to remind Choji of his graduation. That was when Naruto was out casted. But last year, the boy who was taken in by Naruto's family was out casted. Again, the children where to young to understand why, just like Choji had not known at his age. But, children will followed what parents do and say and so the boy was out casted due to his abnormality. But that boy did become a genin and was on a team with Asa and Tomi. Their sensei was a dear friend of Choji's. It was Kiba; and under his direction the boy seemed to flourish.

Choji hoped that the rest of his students would do well like that. He had known and great deal of them to die in battle, but that wasn't his fault. But it's always hard to watch someone younger than you and hasn't lived a full life die.

He worried a lot for his students. Especially Asa, whose father died in front of Choji. For course, Choji, Ino, and Shikamaru and still very close, they all watch over the children and include Asa in it to help Kurenia. But Shikamaru became like a second father to Asa, teaching him board games. It was nice to see everyone so close. It was funny receiving all his dear friends children in his class. But they do grow up so fast and Choji became worried. What will happen to them?