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Graduation night is the worst night of your life. It starts out okay, with beer and the promise of drunken, one-last-time sex with Madison. But half a party pig later you see Veronica and Logan rushing the front desk, and you hear the faint sound of an approaching police car. You almost follow Logan, Veronica, and a hotel worker into the elevator because anything that makes Logan looked that panicked can't be good and you're pretty sure the room they're trying to get into is the one Beaver made you sign for earlier. You see the sheriff walk into the lobby. Are those bastards really going to shut down a school sponsored graduation party? But no, he's walking toward you and you must have had more to drink than you thought because you're pretty sure he's saying he's sorry for something. And then his words sink in all the way. I'm sorry Mr. Casablancas… we believe Cassidy jumped…we need you to I.D. his body. Cassidy. Body. Cassidy's body. and you always wanted to be an only child but not like this, never like this.

The rest of your night comes in bits and pieces. Blood and questions and a girl crying in nothing but a shower curtain. At some point Logan hand you the key to his room and ushers Veronica out the door (and if you were to be honest, the sight of a broken Veronica Mars is scarier to you than the sight of the broken boy they tell you is your brother).

Someone finds Ghost Worlds clothes in the room with the ice.

The police get another call and they go off to another part of the hotel, and was that Kendall on the phone stammering something about a murder?

When you get on the elevator and push P you're dimly aware that you're pulling someone with you but you're in the suite and she's sobbing into your shirt before you realize that it's Ghost World.

When you wake up on the balcony the sun is barely raising and you're sober and you don't know where you are. The rising sun is the color of blood and that's when it all comes rushing back. Blood. Body. Cassidy. The sky appears to be on fire and so is every part of your body. This being sober business has to end. You get up, walk inside, and grab the nearest bottle of Logan's alcohol.

The next clear memory you have is asking Veronica to clear your brothers of rape charges. Brothers. Rape. CassidyCassidyCassidy. Hello June. Hello Jack.

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