This little one-shot has been bugging me for ages. No particular point in time except for obviously after The Doctor's Daughter.

A loud shot echoed throughout the hills as Donna stumbled backwards and collapsing at the sheer force of being shot. She glanced at the wound on her chest and instinctively knew she wouldn't survive, even if the Doctor was here.

She coughed loudly and her chest ached with each ragged breath she took. She never thought she would die alone. Never mind be shot by Jenny, THE Doctors daughter.

She lifted her head to see where Jenny was but saw nothing so she allowed her head to painfully drop against the ground.

Donna was starting to find it hard to breath now and every breath she took seemed to echo around her.

The familiar sound of the TARDIS materialising filled her ears as she drew in yet another painful breath. The look on the Doctor face had been unreadable as he laid eyes on her. The sound of his footsteps running towards her and his voice calling her name was the last things she heard. Donna's chest stilled and her eyes slipped shut the moment the Doctor reached her.

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