This isn't your typical RemusxLily fic, honest. It follows canon - trust me - it just has a different background story. It starts off fluffy, but it won't stay that way. I can't believe i've been so mean to Remus! Sirius and James feature heavily too, will be a sad story eventually, I think. Mainly now it's just a romance and a broken-hearted Remus. Read on for more.
This will be finished fairly quickly, I think, seeing as FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER I actually have a plan. :D How proud am I?
The answer is very. Anywho, here's the fic. Hope you like it! Reviews and criticisms welcomed :) Thanks, guys.

The Right Thing.
Chapter One - Prats

Of course, it was only to be expected.

Everybody in Hogwarts knew that James Potter was a bullying prat. Who was Lily Evans to try and stop him?

She sighed at the boy's bedside, running her hand through her vivid red hair.

"I can't believe they did this to you."

Painfully turning his head, Severus rolled his eyes to look at her and smiled softly. "You honestly thought they'd ever give up?"

Lily's eyes fell; her long black eyelashes brushed against her cheek. She chewed her lip gently. "I'm so sorry."

Severus let out a soft laugh, his eyes surveying her face hungrily. She could see it from the corner of her eye - but she just pretended she didn't notice. It was far too complicated to say anything. He spoke softly, his voice slightly raspy from the pain of his bones re-growing in his arm. "It's not your fault."

Lily looked up to him; green eyes connected with misty grey ones. "I thought I might be able to knock some sense into him." She gulped, he tried to smile. Sensing the awkwardness, she averted her eyes once more. Severus reached out to her, she flinched away. That was across the line. Her eyes snapped back to his, blazing. Severus recoiled slightly under her legendary fiery stare, his misty eyes glittering in the flickering light of the ward.

"This doesn't mean you're forgiven," she said, with more venom than she had expected, "I told you to pick a side, didn't I?"

This time, it was Severus who averted his eyes, staring down to his bed. He blinked slowly - Lily could have sworn he was blinking away a tear. "Lily..."

"No, Sev." She sniffed. "Sorry, but I can't be friends with someone who can't decide who they're fighting for." She remained staring straight at him as his eyes slid to face her, looking at her sideways through his eyelashes. "You say that you want to be on our side, but then you go and hang around with -" she stopped herself before she started to rant. They'd had this conversation too many times to count. She sighed. "If there's one thing that James is, it's honest."

Severus screwed his eyes shut, a vicious smile twisting on his lips. "Honest?!" he spat, "Potter - honest? Lily, are we talking about the same person?" Severus snorted, "There are things you don't know, Lils." He looked back over to her with narrowed, silvery eyes.

Lily narrowed her eyes back. She knew exactly what he was referring to. She couldn't believe he'd actually brought it up. It was none of his business. "Don't be so sure of that, Severus. James tells me everything. What is it they're calling me?"

Severus raised one, thin eyebrow underneath his greasy fringe. He stared down at the bedsheets over his knees. "The fifth marauder," he mumbled reluctantly.

Lily flicked her hair from her eyes, and stared down at him. She couldn't take any more of this or she'd explode into another fight. She'd only come to see if he was okay. Once again, she ran her hand through her hair. "Keep out of their business, and they'll keep out of yours." Severus widened his eyes slightly, but Lily ignored him, "Choose where you stand, Severus."

"You can't expect me to -"

"You're seventeen, Severus." She stood up, and turned away, speaking to him over her shoulder, "Act your age, will you?"

She stalked away, as Severus' head fell back to the pillow with a muffled thump.

Remus was in pain.

Alas, not enough pain to stay in the hospital wing for another day. No, he had to go back to classes. Well, the common room - classes were over for the day, the sun was setting. Remus glanced at the fading daylight outside and scowled at it.

This time last night, he would have already been locked away.

"Ready, Remus?"

Remus wheeled around, stumbling slightly on his bad leg. The wolf had been merciless the night before, seeing as his companions had been in detention. Remus scowled again as he thought of this, but quickly fixed his face as he saw who had spoken. Before him stood Madam Pomfrey, smiling softly. Remus nodded. "Are the lads here?"

Madam Pomfrey shook her head. Remus frowned. They had some cheek. However, Madam Pomfrey only needed to say one word to explain.


Remus rolled his eyes. Again? "What have they done now?"

Madam Pomfrey stood up straight, standing aside and gesturing for Remus to pass her. "Let's just say Severus Snape will be a resident of this ward tonight."

Remus sighed as he began to limp past the woman. He could run from it all he liked, but there was no doubt about it.

His friends were bullying prats.

Lily offered a small smile to Madam Pomfrey as she left the hospital wing. The woman smiled softly back, but Lily's face fell as she turned away and began to head down the corridor, unable to hold the false pretences any longer. She ran her hands through her hair for what felt like the millionth time. She only did that when she was stressed, or confused. In this case, it was the latter.

Because there was one thing Lily couldn't understand.

Why were all the boys in her life such children? Such idiots?

Such prats?

She sighed as she tried to think of one single boy who didn't fall under that umbrella, but as she turned the corner her thoughts were interrupted. There was a figure at the end of the corridor, silhouetted in the fading light, limping slowly. She sighed quietly; the boy looked in a lot of pain. Even in the dim corridor, she recognised him.


The boy turned round to face her, she quickened her pace to catch up to him. "You alright?"

Remus tried to smile, wincing as it reached a fresh scar across his eyebrow, splitting it in two. "I'm fine." He was obviously lying. "What are you doing here?"

Lily bit her lip and dropped her eyes. "I've been to see Severus."

Remus took a deep breath. His chest inflated steadily and his eyes flickered to the side. "Ah," he said, "I heard about that."

Lily's head dropped to one side, looking up to Remus through her eyelashes. He was quite a lot taller than her, but she didn't care. She still spoke forcefully. "You weren't involved, then?"

He smiled as his eyes slid to meet hers, before he waved his hand over his right leg. "Kind of hard for me to, really."

Of course - he'd been limping. Lily gave herself a mental slap as she glanced down at his bad leg. "What did you do?"

He bit his lip, his eyes dropping once more. As he quickly glanced out of the window, Lily followed his gaze. The moon was rising.


Lily quickly rethought, realization dawning on her face. She opened her mouth for what seemed like days before actually saying anything. She settled on "Don't answer that." Remus let out a soft chuckle.


Remus was actually giggling.

It was the night after the full moon, and he was giggling like a three-year-old girl. It was all Lily's fault. She made him feel at ease as they walked slowly back to the common room. She supported him as they tackled the stairs with his bad leg, and she didn't ask questions as to how he had injured his leg.

Well, she did, but she dropped the subject quickly.

If it wasn't for the fact that it felt as if his leg might snap with the pain, he would have forgotten all about last night's fiasco as he walked along with Lily Evans, laughing with her, talking with her, looking at her beautiful, emerald-green eyes...

REMUS! He gave himself a mental slap. She's James' girlfriend!

He shook his head slightly to clear the thoughts. They were at the common room now - soon, he would be in bed, and all thoughts of Lily and how very pretty she was would disappear into the land of the unconcious. He'd have a clear head in the morning. He didn't know where these thoughts had appeared from - she'd always just been Lily; James' Lily - but he didn't like them. They made his insides squirm.

He advanced towards the Fat Lady, catching the password in his throat as he realized the very subject of his unusual and uncomfortable thoughts was no longer beside him. He turned his head to look at her over his shoulder. She stood, rubbing her toe into the ground and staring intently at her feet, so that her hair fell over her face. Her long, shiny, deep red hair obscuring the beautiful face Remus had been looking at for the last 15 minutes.

For god's sake Remus. Get over it!

"What's up?" was all he could manage. All words had gone from his head as he looked on at her in such an awkward state.

She looked up at him through her eyelashes, biting her lip. "You go on ahead," she said quietly, "I don't think I can face them yet. I'm going for a walk."

Remus raised his eyebrows slightly, and glanced towards the sleeping Fat Lady before looking back to Lily, who had begun to turn away.


He'd even taken himself by surprise - and he'd obviously taken Lily by surprise. He knew that under the circumstances he shouldn't be going anywhere with this girl. He needed to sort his head out, to wait for the drugs Madam Pomfrey had given him to wear off so his head could de-fuzz. Too late now, though. She stopped dead and looked over her shoulder, flicking her hair from her eyes. A small crease formed inbetween her eyebrows as they pulled together slightly, and he turned back around to face her properly. He took a deep breath, then smiled crookedly.

"I'll come too."

The girl smiled softly after a moment as he limped towards her. Whether it was a piteous smile, a genuine smile or a forced one he couldn't tell, but it didn't quite reach her eyes. As he reached her, a sudden realization hit him - what if she wanted to be alone? What if he was invading? Him and his stupid, wounded leg?

He opened his mouth to speak, but Lily put her arm around him - which proved difficult, considering the height difference. She smiled up to him. "That'd be nice." He smiled softly back as they began to walk. Lily began to giggle again in the silence as they turned the corner. Remus let out a long groan.

"Ready to tackle the stairs again?"

The crisp, early-spring air whistled around Lily and Remus as they headed across the grounds towards the lake. The sky was clear, and the stars twinkled down at them, dotted across the deep-blue expanse. The slightly frosty grass crunched under her feet as Lily gave an inadvertent shiver next to Remus. The boy immediately stopped.

"Are you cold?"

Lily just kept on walking. "I'm fine," she lied, "come on, I want to get to the lake."

Remus shook his head as he limped to catch up with her. "You're a terrible liar." He chuckled softly and began to untie his outdoor robe. Lily's eyes widened.

"Don't, Remus - I'm fine, honest -"

He held up one hand as he swung the coat from his shoulders and over hers. Lily began to protest, but her voice was cut off as he tied the tie around her neck. It was so warm, and Lily couldn't help but snuggle into it. It smelt nice, too. Warm, homely, slightly musky - exactly like Remus, she guessed. She smiled up at the boy - the gentleman - now only standing in his uniform, nothing but a white shirt protecting him from the elements. He smiled. "Better?"

Lily nodded as she considered his smile. It wasn't full and hearty like James' or Sirius', it was always soft and slightly crooked. One of his eyes closed slightly more than the other when he smiled - the hazel-green shade of eyes which twinkled in the breaking moonlight. Around his eyes were creases as he smiled; laughter lines which came with the baggage of being a marauder. His tawny-brown hair swept over one side of his face, covering half of his left eyebrow. But it was his right eyebrow that intrigued Lily. It was sliced into two parts on a diagonal down the centre - no doubt one of the many scars and side-effects that came with Remus' 'problem'.

Unexpectedly, Remus put his arm around Lily. Even more unexpectedly, he was still warm. She inadvertently snuggled under his arm, into the exact same scent as the coat around her shoulders. He squeezed her tightly - the effect of an electric shock running through Lily's shoulders.

Which was more than a little odd. He was just Remus. James' friend.

Who also happened to be a werewolf, but they didn't mention that.

They were getting closer to the lake when Lily spoke next. "Thanks for your coat," she said, a little too late. She felt Remus giggle beside her.

"That's okay," he said softly, "I don't really get cold."

They were at the edge of the lake now. "No?"

Remus shrugged as he pulled away from Lily. As soon as he pulled his arm away from her, she began to yearn for it to be back around her shoulders. His arms were sculpted, unusually strong - Lily had never expected him to be quite so ... powerful. She could tell from the way he held her as they walked across the ground.

She stopped herself mentally. She was thinking about him too much. They might have been going through a rough patch, but she was still James' girlfriend. And Remus was James' best friend. She shouldn't be thinking of him like she was. Like she was attracted to him.

Because she wasn't. She couldn't be. She giggled softly at the thought.

"What's so funny?" Lily had almost forgotten that the subject of her thoughts was infact standing infront of her. She bit her lip. He giggled.

"You have a nice laugh."

Lily raised one eyebrow. "What?"

Remus smiled - a little fuller than usual. "You do!" he laughed softly, "It's, erm ... it makes you seem - I don't know, it's like a little girl's laugh."

The boy remained smiling at her, but Lily's eyebrows fell into a frown. She could feel a fire burning in her eyes as she advanced towards Remus. "I'm not a little girl." She glared at him with all the fire she could muster, but he just smiled back. Smiled down. That height difference had really come into effect, as the boy towering over her raised one, broken eyebrow at Lily.

"Oh really."

Lily put her hands on her hips and scowled. "Just because you're freakishly tall."

Remus raised one hand to his strong jawline. He seemed to ponder her words for a moment, looking to the distance, before looking back to her and smiling in what Lily thought was a very Marauderish way. His voice was deep and smooth, and he spoke quietly, straight into Lily's face. "Or maybe you're just freakishly small."

That was too much. She took a sharp intake of breath and glared even more blazingly upwards. Remus' smile grew wider. Lily's hands snapped from her hips as she pressed them to his chest and pushed him with all the force she could. Of course, she didn't expect her proportionally tiny fists to have any effect on the strong, tall boy before her, but her 'little girl's' temper had gotten the better of her. She wasn't really that annoyed, but she thought it would be funny to try and push him over. Perhaps, she had hoped that when her push had had no effect her would take her in his arms and laugh his raspy, soft laugh right into her ears.

Oh, how wrong she was.

At first, Remus had thought it was funny. Nothing but a bit of harmless flirting - or was that wishful thinking?

But as he giggled and staggered backwards to give her her desired effect, he had lost his footing on the uneven and crumbling soil-based bank which enclosed the lake. He had fallen into the inky depths, the only sound being Lily Evans' shocked squeal as the water splashed into his ears.

He had thought about staying under there for as long as he could manage. Make her squirm for pushing him into the water.

But he couldn't bear to see those beautiful eyes panic.

So, James Bond-esque, he broke through the surface of the water, his cotton shirt stuck to him and his tie about three shades darker than it should have been, throwing his soaking-wet tawny hair from his face so it stuck to the back of his head. And, for extra effect, he shook his head like a dog to rid it of any excess water. He swam to the edge and pushed himself onto the bank, standing up and shaking himself once more. Turning to Lily, he burst out laughing.

She did not.

"Oh my goodness! Oh, Merlin - Remus are you alright? Oh I thought you'd drowned. Oh, Remus - "

She had her hands on his chest, apparently searching for wounds. He grabbed her wrists gently to stop them, and looked her straight in the eyes - hazel meeting green. His face softened into a smile.

"I'm fine," he said quietly, "just a little wet."

Lily began to giggle as Remus set her free. She bit her lip to control herself, and Remus watched as she shook with silent laughter. He could have stood there forever, watching her laugh like that. She opened her eyes and looked to him through her eyelashes. In the hour or so since he had left the hospital wing, he had realized he loved it when she did that - even more so when her vivid, unique green eyes sparkled in the moonlight. The moonlight which was bouncing off her deep red locks and giving her hair silvery streaks.

All of a sudden, her laughter stopped and her face fell into a sympathetic smile. "You're dripping wet."

Remus smiled softly. "And whose fault is that?"

Lily bit her lip.

Petunia used to say that Lily had a very motherly instinct. The smaller of the two sisters would always remind the older one to wear a coat or wrap up warm - and that instinct had never left her. It kicked in when Remus brushed some excess water off one of his arms.

"You can't keep that on. You'll catch a cold."

Remus looked sideways to her, raising one eyebrow. "Sorry Mum." He smirked. She gave him a mocking smile and cocked her head to one side.

"Take the wet shirt off," she said, swinging the coat from around her shoulders, "and put this back on." His eyebrow raised more - Lily rolled her eyes. "Don't panic," she said, "I won't look."

And she held the coat out to an advancing, giggling Remus who took it from her. She obediently turned around. "I don't care, you know." Remus said from behind her. But Lily stayed turned. Seeing Remus shirtless wasn't going to do anything for her mental state of definitely-not-fancying-him.

She couldn't help but look in the reflection currently settling on the still, inky water, though.

He peeled the wet shirt from his back and threw it next to his tie which was already on the grass. Lily's eyes widened. His chest was as sculpted as his arms - and littered with criss-crossing pink and silvery scars. It made Lily quite scared to think of how he had gotten those scars, and it made her shiver to look at them. There were just so many.

They disappeared under the coat, but Lily couldn't stop staring. Remus turned to face her, telling her that she could turn around, but she didn't move. He advanced towards her and stood beside her, looking to where she was looking. Then he smiled.

"Couldn't resist a peek, then?"

Lily didn't smile. She turned to him, and the seriousness of her face made his smile falter. "I saw your scars."

Now his face was as serious as hers. "Oh."

She inadvertently put her hand to his chest, where she knew the scars lay. Her eyes flickered up to meet his, but he was still staring down at her hand. After a while, he met her gaze. She spoke quietly - almost in a whisper.

"Do they hurt?"

Remus swallowed, a small smile curling the very end of his lips. His eyes glittered in the moonlight - highlighting their green hints. He blinked slowly. "Not any more."

Tentatively, she raised her hand and reached out one finger, running it along the small scar splitting his eyebrow. She looked at it carefully, a soft smile now playing with her lips. "I like this one," she said quietly. He raised the eyebrow she was touching, but she didn't lower her finger. Instead, she lowered her gaze to meet his. He was smiling softly.

"Oh really?"

Lily nodded. "It's interesting." He laughed softly through his nose, before looking up to the moon. It was then Lily noticed the other colour in Remus' eyes. There was just the odd fleck of it here and there, tainting the blended haze with it's unnaturalness.

It was amber, highlighted by the shimmering moonlight. Obscured by welling tears.

He spoke without looking back to her, still staring at the moon. His voice was no louder than a whisper. "I'd rather they weren't there, though."

Lily gently turned his head with her hand so that he was facing her. Of course he'd rather if they weren't there. Then he wouldn't go through so much pain every month. Then he wouldn't have so much to hide, people wouldn't sneer or fear him when they found out.

But she didn't care. She thought he was the bravest person she knew. She admired him for it. It made him all the more interesting - all the more powerful. "It doesn't matter, Remus."

He stared down to her. "Of course it matters."

Lily shook her head. "Not to me."

And she stood on her tiptoes so that their faces were almost level.

And she wrapped her arms around his neck.

And she kissed him.

And he kissed her back.

Well, she thought, at least Remus isn't a prat.