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"You absolutely infuriating, bloody mental woman."

Alex Drake shot Gene Hunt a look of pure anger and disgust. Gene threw her a dirty look back. The two of them were sat side-by-side in the back of an old car, locked in and listening to the pattering of the rain outside on the metal on a rainy, autumn night.

"Don't try and act like this is my fault," Alex spat, "you're the one that charged forwards unarmed and unaware. It wasn't my fault!"

"Well who was I charging forwards to rescue?" Gene barked incredulously. "You! Yer bloody fruitcake…"

"I didn't need rescuing," Alex insisted, "I had the whole situation under control –"

"Oh yeah, because having a gun pressed ter yer head by some nutcase is really under control…"

"I could have got myself out of it!" Alex protested. "I was using psychology on him and it was working until you had to ruin everything and run forward yelling your head off getting yourself grabbed by the second guy."

"I could've 'ad 'im," Gene grumbled, "but the bastard 'it me right where it hurts. Uncalled for. Below the belt. Literally."

Alex rolled her eyes. "Well now, thanks to you, Gene Hunt, we're locked in a car waiting for our criminals that we were supposed to be arresting to cover their tracks. Then they'll be in the car, driving off and prepared to do God knows what with us. And to top it off –" Alex raised her left hand angrily, simultaneously causing Gene's right to be lifted into the air "– we're handcuffed together!"

Gene snapped his hand down, massaging his wrist where the handcuffs were digging in. "Believe me," he growled, "you are the last bloody person on Earth I'd want ter be handcuffed to. Yer never shut yer bloody gob…"

Suddenly the two front car doors opened and two beefy, muscular skinheads got in. They were both about six foot two with scars and tattoos and in their late thirties.

"That should cover it, Harry, Boss, sir," said the one in the passenger seat, "no-one will know we was 'ere. They won't know we've got their little detective and 'is bitch."

"Scum," Gene snarled, "when we get out of 'ere you two are goin' ter wish yer mothers had kept their legs closed in labour!"

Harry, the criminal in the driver's seat, turned round to face Gene and Alex. "I don't fink so, copper," he sneered, "when George and I get back to our base, you and your little tart won't know what's hit ya!"

George turned round to face them, leering at Alex and licking his lips. "Tasty little tart you got yourself there, copper," he grinned lecherously as Alex visibly stiffened and tried to pull her skirt down longer and cover up her cleavage. Gene's stomach burned with anger. "Might 'ave to try her out, a looker like that!"

"You dare touch her and you'll 'ave hell ter pay," Gene threatened them dangerously.

"Like you're in any position to make threats," Harry cackled, "we'll deal with you first, you tosser. Then we'll see to her. I bet she's a right sexy bitch when she's getting down!"

Harry and George roared with laughter as they began to drive, waggling their eyebrows at each other and winking at Alex and looking her up and down.

A small whimper escaped Alex's lips as she shook a little in fear, but then Gene covered her hand with his, clashing their handcuffs annoyingly.

"Don't worry, Bolls," he said protectively, "I won't let 'em hurt yer."

Alex forced a small smile, but the truth was that she didn't see how they were going to get out of this. They were handcuffed and the two massive thugs had the advantage. Alex gulped, and prayed it was a long journey. Then she forced herself to think of nothing but the feeling of Gene's hand lightly caressing hers, soothing her fears.


"Stupid, ruddy, useless car!" Harry seethed as the car stalled to a halt in the middle of a field that night. The rain was still thundering upon them and they were clearly stuck and lost.

"What's happened, Boss?" George asked, frowning.

"The engine's being a twat," Harry growled, "get out, George, and 'ave a look under the bonnet."

George gawped. "But Boss, it's raining!"

"Well spotted," Harry said darkly, "now get!"

Harry turned round to Gene and Alex as George reluctantly ventured into the pouring rain to take a look at the car.

"You two try anything and we'll blow ya brains out," Harry growled at them, "even yours, gorgeous, although it would be a shame to waste such a pretty little thing."

Alex looked down self-consciously as Harry sniggered lecherously. Gene snarled at him.

"Boss! BOSS!" George called, banging on the window. "There's a little village up there! Not too far to walk! We could get 'elp!"

"I ain't asking for 'elp!" Harry roared as Alex giggled weakly.

"The bonnet's bust, Harry mate, I can't fix it! And I ain't going on my own!"

Harry sighed in disgust. "You two are staying 'ere. I'm locking you in, so if you as much as try to escape, ya filthy coppers, we'll know. Then when we catch ya, which we will, you'll really regret it."

Harry charged out of the car and slammed the door, locking it up and running off towards the nearby village with George, leaving Gene and Alex handcuffed alone in the car.

"Bloody twats," Gene muttered, "don't they know they've captured detectives?"

Gene swiftly twisted his body and flicked up the little lock on the inside of the car. The back doors unlocked instantly.

"Come on, Bolls," Gene said cheerily, making a move to open the door.

"No!" Alex shrieked, pulling Gene's hand back furiously. Gene stared at her.

"What is your bloody problem, woman?" he gawped. "They've gone! If we run for it, we can get 'elp from the village ourselves without running into Dumb an' Dumber!"

"They'll catch us, Gene," Alex whimpered, "and…and I'm…I'm scared."

Gene noticed Alex's huge hazel eyes were glistening with tears. Using his un-cuffed left hand, he gently cupped her face.

"I know they threatened yer," Gene said softly, "but believe me, Bolls, they're gettin' nowhere near yer. I've got more chance o' gettin' in your knickers then those bastards 'ave."

Alex chuckled lightly. "Have you now, Gene?"

"Yes," Gene said firmly, "I have. Now come on, Fussyknickers, we need to get out. Move yer peachy arse."


Despite the rain, Alex and Gene were quick to move out of the car and run through the fields. They decided to go the long way and go into the village at a different entrance to avoid colliding with the thugs they were escaping from. This in itself caused quite a few arguments as Gene was running too fast and pulling Alex along and Alex kept constantly trying to sort out her hair, causing Gene's right arm to go flying every now and again.

Finally they reached the end of the field and the rain had started to ease, although it was still the dark of the night and they were still soaked through.

The edge of the fields was marked off by some large gates and fences in order to get to the village, and Gene and Alex looked at each other uncertainly.

"Looks like we got some climbing ter do, Bolls," Gene winked, "over yer go, love, so I can look at yer arse."

Alex tutted. "Climbing over the fence whilst handcuffed is not going to be very successful, Gene," she pointed out, "we're going to need both of our hands. However, we could weave our way through the bars. I could climb through first with you following if your only real motive to escape is to stare at my arse."

"I'm not crouching down and threading me self through that!" Gene said in disgust. "It's tiny! You'd only just about fit, but I wouldn't! We're goin' over."

"No, we're going under."

"Well you can get under me any other time you want, sweetheart, but at this particular moment in time we're climbing over the soddin' fence!"

"You are impossible!" Alex scoffed.

"And yer love it," Gene spat, "right, I'm goin' over."

"Well I'm not," Alex muttered as they both moved determinedly. Pulling at each other's wrists almost painfully, Gene began to climb over the fence and Alex threaded herself through the biggest gap in the bars. Finally, they were both over the other side, but they had a small problem.

Alex found she could hardly stand up and Gene was being pulled downwards slightly as their interconnecting, handcuffed hands were threaded around the bars of the fence, tying them there.

"Oh well this worked!" Gene snapped sarcastically.

"Why didn't you just come through after me?" Alex demanded, annoyed.

"Why didn't you come over after me?" Gene shot back. "I'm the superior officer here, DI Drake."

"Oh shut up," Alex sneered, "how are we getting this sorted then, if you're in charge?"

Gene sighed, thinking over the ways the disconnect them from the fence.

"Right, you get down," Gene suggested, pushing Alex's shoulders so stumbled onto her knees, level with his crotch.

Alex's face must have shown her disgust as Gene smirked. "And whilst yer down there, love…"

"Piss off!" Alex spat.

"Maybe if I…" Gene muttered, lifting his left leg to attempt to climb back over. However, Gene misjudged his step and caught Alex round the neck with his calf, pulling her face first into his crotch.

"Huummff!" Alex protested in horror.

"Bloody 'ell!" Gene cried, his body tingling with sparks of pleasure as he felt the blood flow down to the growing bulge in his trousers.

"I can't believe you sometimes, Hunt!" Alex seethed, pushing away defiantly. "You'd do anything for a bit of action!"

"Oh don't flatter yerself, love, I didn't do that on purpose!" Gene snapped back. "If you weren't such a dozy tart yer wouldn't even be down there in the first place. Now thread yerself back through the fence and climb over it like a good little girl."

Alex glared at him.

"NOW!" Gene bellowed, thrusting his face down towards Alex's as she visibly jumped in fear. With a little squeak, she rose and scrambled backwards through the bars in the fence, deliberately avoiding Gene's eyes when she stood up round the other side and then climbed over.

Gene noticed her new withdrawn persona and a twang of guilt filled his stomach. He hadn't meant to scare her. Gee her up a bit, but not scare her.

Gene went to help Alex as she hopped down but she batted his hands away, landing with a light thud next to Gene, handcuffs still intact but free from the fence.

As they walked, Gene shot furtive looks at Alex. She was chewing her lip in a way that was undeniably sexy, but Gene was more concerned about why she was doing it.

"Oh c'mon, Bolls," Gene said gently, "I didn't mean ter scare yer back there. I just wanted us ter get away. You're all right, aren't yer?"

"Mmm-hmm," Alex mumbled, still averting his eyes.

Gene stopped and turned her to face him. Using his left hand, he tilted Alex's head up to meet his eyes.

"I'm sorry, Bolls," he sighed, "I just want ter keep you safe. We need ter move it. If they come back and find us…I'm not pretending to me self they'll lay off. Yer know what they'll do, sweetheart. We're coppers. They'll beat me senseless and they'll…you know what they'll do ter you, Bolls."

Alex nodded. "Let's go then," she sighed, "there's a small guesthouse not too far away. I can see their lit-up sign. I'm sure they'll help us."

Gene waggled his eyebrows. "I'm sure they can," he smirked, "they're bound to 'ave a spare double bed in that place."

Alex laughed out loud. "I don't think so, Gene," she giggled. Alex bit her lip, and then added with a wink – "guesthouses aren't really my style."