A talk about wings.

"This is annoying. And embarrassing. If you tell anyone, I'll kill you."

Angeal snorted. "Well, if you took care of your wings, then you wouldn't be having this problem, now would you?"

"Shit. Don't be so rough!"

"You're being a baby, Gen," Angeal said in annoyance, his hand probing lightly. His friend hissed and he rolled his eyes before yanking a few more of the broken, peeling feathers out of his ebony wing.

"I don't see you molting, Mr. Angel," Genesis griped.


"I refuse to preen myself," the redhead said sullenly.

Angeal was helpless against the laughter that bubbled up from the depths of his chest, and let it rise up, ignoring the glare his friend was giving him.

Who would've thought that Genesis Rhapsodos would be the victim of an oxymoron?


Shock couldn't begin to describe what he felt at the sight of that insect in his apartment.

"What…is that?!"

Angeal looked over at the shrill voice of his friend, lightly scratching at his chest. It was probably nothing, but knowing Genesis, it wouldn't take more than a few words to turn something simple into a big deal. He yawned. "What's up?"

"Angeal," Genesis hissed, and the larger First levered himself off the bed at the sound. "There's something in here!"

"What?" Angeal said, walking over and peeking into the room. The redhead was standing stock-still in all his naked glory, his aqua eyes narrowed as they darted around the room.

"Genesis, what the hell—"

"I just saw something move, Angeal! Shhh! Listen! Don't you hear that clicking sound!?"

The dark-haired man obeyed, ears quickly catching the sharp skittering sound that seemed to be coming from multiple directions. Angeal took a step and something large and dark scuttled behind the toilet.

Spooked, Genesis reared back and clutched Angeal's arm. "This is your fault," he hissed, shaking it. "I demand you remove that filthy thing from my bathroom this instant!"

"My fault?"

"Yes, I told you not to bring those bug-infested plants over here!"