An hour later and Ted sat staring out the coach window, tapping his fingers impatiently, watching Tony the road manager pacing up and down, cursing to himself as he looked at his watch for the umpteenth time. He wondered if Kirsten was home yet, they'd said their goodbyes and she'd driven away with a wave and an extremely self satisfied grin, making him promise to tell Randy and Cody goodbye for her. His mind wandered back to the room before they'd checked out, he'd turned it upside down in the hunt for the rodent that had terrified her when she was packing his case, he'd sprinted back from Randy's room, but there was no sign of it.

Just as he was drifting even further back into his memory, remembering Cody falling over in the bathroom, he wondered if his young team mate had hurt himself in his haste, as that's who the entire coach was waiting for now.

Perhaps Randy had had to give him some first aid? He was sure he'd heard some glass smash… but just as he was beginning to wonder if he should call them, he saw a familiar dark head sprinting out the revolving glass doors, Randy hot on his heels and almost slamming into him from behind as he came to a screeching halt outside, looking frantically around the carpark before setting off again as they spotted the waiting coach.

As they drew nearer, the torrent of abuse from Tony's lips increased until he was nearly crimson with rage, vein pulsing in his temple as the driver packed their cases underneath, ushering them onboard to an eruption of applause and catcalls from the rest of the already assembled roster. Cody's cheeks were flushed as Tony shouted at him, and he grinned sheepishly in apology, whereas Randy didn't look embarrassed or in any way sorry at all, just chuckling with a smile that was practically beaming out of his entire persona, eyes alight and practically glowing as he ignored everyone, grovelling his charming apology in an attempt to placate the still seething Tony.

Whatever he said seemed to do the trick and he laughed as Tony told him to fuck off in the nicest possible way, before following Cody down the back of the aisle to take over the back seats behind Ted.

Ted couldn't help but notice how soaked Cody still was as they passed him. His hair was literally sopping wet and his shirt clinging to him, despite them both being ready to shower an entire hour before when Ted had last seen them, damp patches were apparent as if he'd flung it on as soon as he'd stepped out the shower. Randy was in a similar state, and he turned and looked back at them quizzically as they made themselves comfortable, completely oblivious to his inquisitive stare.

Randy made the quick decision to pretend to be tired and hung-over, which he was but not to the extent he claimed, effectively shutting the world out and leaving Cody under the watchful eyes of Ted, who was doing his best to strain his neck unsuspiciously.
Cody would've been the first to admit that he failed miserably. And even though he was close to Randy, stuck between the window and him, feeling the heat radiating off him wasn't enough. There would never be enough again. He ached to reach out and touch him, intertwine their hands together and run his tongue over his lips, blushing at the thought of where they had been just minutes ago in the elevator.
He rubbed over his neck, hoping that whatever amazing thing Randy had done there wouldn't leave a mark. He should really consider wearing a scarf.
"Are you okay?"
Ted's concerned voice ripped him out of his day-dream. "Yeah... why not?"
"Just asking... you had quite a bump in the bathroom earlier."
That wasn't the only bump I had.
"What?" Ted spluttered, his face tinged red.
Cody stared at him, feeling Randy stiffen beside him. "Nothing... I've had worse."
Ted looked at him thoughtfully for a moment. "Call me crazy but I think something weird is going on... Kirsten was all smiles today, so is Beth... and now Randy... they wouldn't have said anything to you, have they?"
Cody shrugged, a gasp escaping him when Randy's knuckles brushed against the outside of his thigh. "Nope... I have no idea."

After they had finally checked in, they had to wait for the gate to be called, leaving them with quite some time on their hands. Time that shouldn't be spent keeping up a pretence.
"Restrooms at the far end... five minutes." Randy grumbled before he walked off to the duty-free shop.

Cody nodded noncommittally, not even looking up as he fiddled with his phone, trying to look casual but unable to stop the undeniable thrill running through him at the mere words, let alone what Randy was implying. He sat for a few more minutes, flipping through his texts and emails but seeing none of them as he kept his eye subtly on the entrance to the shop, wondering whether to wait for Randy to reappear or head down on his own, less conspicuous…

Just as he'd decided to make his move, a disgruntled Ted flopped down beside him with a dramatic sigh, instantly starting up a tirade about being stuck next to Sheamus on the flight and how he always fights in his sleep, throwing phantom punches and snoring really loud. Cody was barely listening as he nodded his head politely every now and then, seeing Randy come out the door with a new carrier bag and stop just by the entrance, indicating with a slight incline of his head where he was headed. Cody grimaced in acknowledgement, desperately wanting to sprint after him, but unable to bring himself to just desert his best friend in his obvious time of need. He considered his options, paying no attention whatsoever to Ted until he heard his name repeated over a few times, finally loud enough to break his concentration.


"What to do you think?"

"Uh…" Cody looked around guiltily, desperately trying to piece together the few snatches of conversation he'd digested, "Er…"

"Did you even hear a single word I said?!" Ted exclaimed, crossing his arms over his chest and pouting angrily,

"Sorry man…"


"I er… you know, things on my mind…"

Tell me about it! What the hell is wrong with everyone today?!"

Cody just shrugged, "Dunno what you mean…" he avoided Ted's eye as his phone buzzed in his hand, a welcome intrusion to the grilling he was sure he was about to be subjected to. Randy's name flashed up on his screen, obviously getting impatient, and Cody wanted more than anything to oblige and be there with him right now. He glanced up in the direction he'd gone, Ted still rambling beside him, and saw Randy standing a few hundred metres along the corridor leaning against the wall, watching the whole thing. Cody hit reply to the text and quickly punched out a few words, 'I'm fucking trying Randy, believe me I am…' he muttered to himself as he thrust his phone back into his pocket,

"Are you even listening to me at all?" Ted was actually angry now, glaring at him incredulously,

"Uh, no, sorry man,"

At that exact moment Beth plonked herself down gracefully next to Ted, giving Cody a wink and with a sigh proceeded to tell Ted how she really needed his help with something, Cody took that as his out, and standing hastily he grabbed his bags and made to leave, "Look, we'll talk later okay? I gotta take a leak…"

Beth smirked cheekily at him as Ted floundered, unable to answer back as she thrust her phone under his nose explaining how she simply could not get the hang of this Twitter business and desperately needed him to show her the ropes.

Cody smirked over his shoulder at her in return as he heard the start of the conversation, feeling his phone buzz again in his pocket.

'now that Beth has saved your ass, get it in here quick sharp…'

Cody all but ran towards their designated hiding-place, unable to calm the butterflies in his stomach or wipe the stupidly happy grin off his face.
Strong arms caught him as he flew through the door and everything was right.
Their lips found each other without a second of hesitation, urgent and needy.
Instantly Randy's hand were under his shirt, riding the fabric up his chest, wanting more contact, more heat, more skin.
Lifting his arms, Cody couldn't suppress a wanton mewl at the look in his eyes, darkened with lust. As soon as the shirt dropped onto the bag he was pressed against Randy, creating a tantalizing friction between them.
"We're gonna miss the plane..." Randy breathed out, head thrown back with pleasure. "You gotta stop doing this to me... really."

The accusation was so spoken with so much affection that Cody knew that he'd happily take the blame for the rest of his life, especially when it made Randy look and talk like this. All taken over by want, his voice deep and husky.
"I haven't done anything yet." He whispered into his ear, tongue flicking over the sensitive spot beneath it.

"... all passengers for flight A342 please proceed to Gate 16A..."

If looks could kill, a speaker would've dropped off the wall, smoking slightly.

Randy's lips never left his collarbone, Cody biting his tongue to keep from getting too loud as Randy marked him. A hand curled around his neck, pulling him close.
"I wanna take you somewhere... where you don't have to hold back... I wanna hear you... all the delicious sounds you make..."
Cody could only nod, enthralled and completely breathless.
"I don't even know how I'm gonna make it through the flight... not touching you... not able to kiss you..." Each sentiment was reinforced with a kiss, desperately trying to make the most out of their time.

"... all passengers for flight A342 please proceed to Gate 16A..."

"Shit! Shit shit shit!" Randy was visibly annoyed as he stared at the offending speaker, clutching Cody tighter to him and resting their foreheads together to stare into his eyes, as if he feared he might lose him altogether when the message ended, "Nooo, not now, fuck fuck fuck, this sux major balls man,"

Cody giggled, never having seen Randy like this before, kissing him soundly one last time before an idea planted itself firmly in his mind and he pushed him out of the cubicle, "Here, take my bags? I just need… you know…" he indicated the porcelain bowl behind him with a nod, "Give us a sec yeah…" he shut the door after him, the grin splitting his face as he pulled out his phone.

"I'll see you outside…" Randy drawled, the longing evident in his voice, and Cody giggled again hearing him mumble something about it being 'all Ted's fault…'

Working quickly, Cody switched his phone to camera mode and undid his belt…

Outside, Randy grumbled as he made his way over to join the others, looking behind so make sure Cody wasn't conspicuously right on his tail, but wanting to wait for him and wishing he was. He felt his phone buzz in his pocket and fished it out, eyebrow raising in confusion to see Cody's name flash up, but before he had the chance to hit open, Ted chose that exact moment to approach him with a scowl on his face.

"What's up Teddy?"

"Where's Cody?"

His enquiry was met with nothing but a shrug as they joined the queue of boarders, Randy's thumb trailing over the screen, his curiosity piqued as Cody's name buzzed up once more. He heard Ted rambling on, something about swapping seats and Shaemus punching him as he opened the message. Instantly his cheeks flushed crimson and he almost spluttered in shock at the vision of tan, naked flesh loading before his very eyes. Ted's presence was entirely forgotten as he stared in disbelief at the images of Cody staring at him wantonly from the tiny screen, eyes hooded and dark with lust, skin glistening and bronzed, half in shadow and staring out at him from the tiny cubicle. Randy's breath hitched and he looked around guiltily, Ted's voice snapping him back to reality as he tried to look over his shoulder,

"What's wrong? What you got there?"

"Nothing.. nothing…" He quickly covered the screen with his palm, desperate for another glance as the phone buzzed in his hand again.

Noticing Ted distracted by his own phone, Twittering away, he couldn't resist another quick peek. This time his eyes actually fell out of his head, literally, as the sight of Cody, cock in hand, fully erect, fisting himself to completion and spurting out towards the lens took his breath away, staring at him so brazenly from under hooded lids, biting his lip hard as he shot his load, the footage ending under a cum covered screen.

'Fuck, fuck..'

Randy's own lip was firm between his teeth and he let out the breath he didn't even know he was holding with a rush, literally shaking as he pocketed the phone, his eyes darting around to make sure no one saw his reaction to the highly inappropriate for public consumption footage he'd just witnessed. Manoeuvring his jacket to hide the uncomfortable bulge forming in the front of his trousers, he wiped the sheen of sweat from his brow, smirking to himself as he felt the presence of a certain someone sidle up beside him.

And that certain someone was wearing the most cocky grin on his face as well.
"I hate you." Randy muttered under his breath, barely loud enough for Cody to hear.
"Sure." He replied smugly. "I hate you too."
Randy had to fight to keep his composure, struggling with the need to simply push Cody into the nearest wall and devour his mouth.
"Hey Ted!" Randy called out when their Legacy team-mate re-appeared next to them. "I'm gonna switch seats with you... spend some time with Cody." With that he snagged the ticket out of his hand and walked ahead, leaving Cody and Ted to stare after him confused, though it was for different reasons entirely.

"Why did you do that?" Cody whispered as he was next to Randy again, putting his own and Ted's bag into the over-head compartment.
"Sitting next to you... after just seeing this... not possible. I need to calm down before I bend you over the seat..."
Cody licked his lips seductively. "What's stopping you?"
Randy took a step closer to him under the pretence to help him with Ted's bag. "Because I'm the only one who's allowed to see you like this... make you come apart like this..."
Cody gulped at the possessive tone. "Getting a little over-protective, aren't we?"
"Get used to it."

Randy sat down, shifting until he found a position comfortable enough, his mind drifting off to Cody and everything that had changed in the last 24 hours. Suddenly he wished that he could just get up and show how much he wanted him, needed him without having to hide.

But he couldn't. And the wait before he could even consider showing him was an agonisingly long one, straight off the plane he had the appearance to go to, Cody would be straight on the coach to the hotel, it wouldn't be until much later at the arena that he'd even get to see him again, desperate stolen moments at best. And even then, if the signing ran over, as they always did, he'd probably have to wait until they were back at the hotel, midnight, 1am even before he'd get the chance to feel those lips against his again.

He closed his eyes, the ache in his heart at just the mere thought of having to wait so long was agonising in itself, and somewhat surprising. Randy was finding himself falling remarkably quickly into the mindset of being with someone, of wanting someone, of being wanted in return. And he couldn't stop the smile from creeping up the corners of his mouth as he lay back, eyes closed, memories they'd shared already in their short time together playing through his mind.

He could get used to this, he really could.

But try as he might to drift off, hangover properly in tow, he just couldn't stop thinking about Cody, sitting just a few rows behind him, probably staring daggers into the back of his head at being left to deal with Ted. He couldn't resist a glance back, heart actually thumping hard in his chest at the sight of him with his hood pulled high, headphones in, sunglasses on, head resting to the side against the headrest, moody pout firmly in place. Smiling to himself, he suddenly realised Cody was smirking back at him, eyes wide open behind the dark lenses after all.

Cody looked back over his shoulder in the direction of the bathrooms, turning back to raise his glasses, a blatant question in the penetrating blue stare. Randy didn't need any encouragement at all, he was out of his seat like a shot, barely even glancing at Cody as he made his way past, noticing Ted slumbering beside him with a trail of drool down his chin. Cody gave him a good few seconds, eyes darting around to see if anyone nearby was paying attention as he climbed out of his own seat, stretching casually before following suit. Unbeknown to him, the only eyes that followed his progress were the ones behind the dark glasses sitting right next to him.

"Uh..." Cody grunted as he closed the lock behind him, barely having enough room to turn around in the confined space. "Who thought this was a good idea?"
"Shut up!" Randy grumbled, diving in for the kiss they both needed so desperately. Cody responded eagerly, arms wrapping around his waist because even when they couldn't be closer there was this urge for more. More of this, more of everything. He exhaled sharply when Randy's fingertips traced the edge of his jeans, slipping under it occasionally before they moved upwards, eventually finding his chest; causing the younger man to gasp into their kiss when he brushed over the hardened nipples.
He pulled away, watching in awe as Cody fell back against the door, mouth half-opened, never breaking eye-contact as he let Randy see what exactly he was doing to him.
He took his hand, pushing it down again. "Touch me."
Randy fought with the belt for a minute, distracted by Cody and his tongue that trailed along his collarbone. Finally he was able to push his hand past the rough fabric, his eyes never leaving Cody's face, cheeks flushed with arousal. "You're so beautiful." He whispered, lips fluttering over Cody's temple.
The simple gesture made his heart jump, a shuddering breath leaving him.

"I want you so bad, right now," The words were desperate, frantic even, breathless, whispered, hands working towards a much needed mutual release, faster and faster, slick, wet, sliding, gasping, panting, grasping and clutching more and more in a futile attempt to prolong the moment that they were both fully aware had to end all too soon.

"Me too…"

"We can't…"

"I know…"

Chests heaving, breath hitching in their throats, strangled cries stifled by each others mouths, heavy breathing, it wasn't long before they stood, chest to chest as they took deep lungfuls of air, foreheads resting together as they stared into each others eyes, still breathing heavily.

"You make me feel…"

"I can't explain it…"

They whispered, interspersed with hungry kisses, both content to stay cramped and pressed close together in the confines of the tiny space for the entire flight if possible, both knowing it was impossible, moving to wipe away all trace, any tell tale signs of their desperate fumblings.

"That video…" Randy panted into Cody's neck,

"Did you like it?" he smirked, whispering seductively,

"Like it?" Randy groaned, "You fucking killed me, Cody,"

"Yeah?" Cody giggled, "Sorry about that,"

"It was incredible," Randy pulled back, looking him straight in the eye, "But nothing compares to seeing it in the flesh," They smirked, a final kiss before they parted ways, opening the door cautiously to peer out before making their way back to their respective seats, already feeling alone, already feeling a little bit lost without the close comfort of the other, the feel of their skin, the smell of their hair, their lingering glances and longing eyes not going unnoticed as Cody slid back into his seat.

Randy was smiling politely at the flashing lights, signing item after item, making small-talk with excited fans, counting the minutes until he could head back to the hotel. Right after they had touched ground he was driven straight to his next appearance, while Cody and the others headed to the hotel. They didn't even say good-bye to each other properly, at least not the way he'd wished too. It had taken all of his strength to just give him a swift hand-shake before he walked to the car waiting for him. And yet he was smiling, he couldn't help it. For the first time in ages, he was truly happy.

Cody huffed when Ted fell asleep next to him as soon as they had boarded the coach. "You slept the whole time on the plane!"
Ted grumbled something incomprehensible and slumped deeper into his seat.
"Fine!" Cody sighed, somewhat relieved that Ted wasn't bothering him; looking up when he heard Evan curse at his PSP. "Need help?"
The smaller man grinned and motioned him to come over. "Help? This thing is evil!"
Cody rolled his eyes as he walked over, not noticing how his phone slipped out of his pocket.

Ted watched through the crack of an eyelid as the two dark heads conspired together to defeat whatever evil was at large on Evan's console.

"Fucking nerds…" Ted grumbled to himself, somewhat annoyed that although he couldn't help dozing off all the time that Cody always chose to hang out with anyone rather than him on their long journeys. He knew he had a penchant for snoring and drooling that totally grossed Cody out but he always tried to stay awake, he just wasn't very good at it that's all, and he wasn't into all the nerd gadgets that occupied all the others.

Just as he was slipping off into a lazy slumber, he felt something move against his leg and practically jumped out of his skin, the continuous buzzing bringing him back to full consciousness as he reached down to retrieve what turned out to be Cody's phone.

He glanced down as the screen lit up, -1 missed call, Randy- but thought nothing of it, knowing Randy had headed off to do what he did best, be nice to the public for an entire two hours. Ted laughed to himself at the thought, figuring Randy was probably just ringing to go over something last minute from creative, he always got the info first. But Ted decided to leave the phone where he found it, Cody would be back before they got to the hotel anyway, and he slipped back into a comfy slumber.

It wasn't until they were almost there that he woke up again, the phone again buzzing away. He picked it up, just a text this time, and couldn't help but notice that Cody was damn popular today,

-I miss you-

But that's all he saw as Cody was suddenly looming over him.

"Shit! I thought I'd lost it for a minute!"

Ted grinned as he passed it over, noticing how relieved Cody looked, "Got a new hot mama on the go or something?"

"Huh?!" Cody paused, his eyes flicking from the screen to Ted's smirking face in confusion,

"Well, someone misses you, or is stalking you, one of the two anyway," Ted yawned, completely oblivious to the flush that instantly made its way up Cody's cheeks as he glanced back down, scanning the screen for anything to worry about, "Yeah, well either is fine with me," he murmured as he walked off, making his way back to Evan, wondering just how much Ted saw.


Cody groaned inwardly later on when Ted appeared next to him out of nowhere, sporting the grin that meant trouble. Trouble for him specifically as Ted was now on track of finding out who his new "lady" was. He had to grin when he imagined Randy's reaction if he ever found out that Ted actually called him "hot mama".
"What's so funny?"
"Nothing... nothing, Ted." Cody sobered up immediately. "Do I need a reason to be happy now?"
Ted tapped his chin, "Mmh... let me think... if the reason for your happiness is a new piece of ass... then yes... so who is she? Do I know her?"
Cody rolled his eyes at him, "I'm not telling you."
"Why not... I hate being in the dark... Kirsten was acting weird... so is Beth... something's up, I'm telling you."
"What makes you think that?" He asked, keeping his features plain and disinterested.
"Just a feeling, you know," Ted shrugged, "Soo... you'll tell me about your girl, right?"
Cody shot him a glare, "No, I won't."
"She's not hot or what? Are you embarrassed?"
"I'm not... why should I be embarrassed?"
Ted looked him up and down, searching for something to betray the obvious lie in Cody's voice. "Oh my... she's on the roster... isn't she... or at least on the show..."
"Ted! Stop it... you don't know shit and you're dead wrong!"
"But there must be something that creeps you out... otherwise you wouldn't be so desperate to hide it... let me guess... she already said the three big words... that would make me hide as well..."
Next to him Cody was close to boiling-point, hands trembling in anger. Ted had no clue what he was talking about. "Shut up!"
"What?" Ted snapped back. "Since when are you such a stuck-up bitch?"
"I'm not a stuck-up bi..."
"Dang, Codes... she's nice but the sex is bad... is that it?"
"Shut up Theodore!" Cody yelled suddenly, causing several heads to turn.
"I won't!" He pouted, crossing his arms. "So... I'm just gonna name names and you'll nod when I get it right... how's that?"
Cody stared at the ceiling, wishing himself away from this place.
"Alright... Beth... Melina... Maria... Mickie... Michelle... Maryse... we're pretty heavy on the M don't you think?" Ted smirked. "Layla... Serena... Savannah... Tiffany... Nikki... "
"It's Randy!"


"It's Randy and he's perfect and he loves me and I love him and his kisses make me dizzy and I miss him and if you could just let it be and..." Cody stopped when he realised that he'd been yelling again.

Randy stood stock still outside the door, that was Cody's voice, and he was shouting, telling Ted to shut up, what the hell had the fucker done this time? He could see Cody inside, visibly frustrated and imploring Ted to stop interrogating him about something, but Randy couldn't make out what Ted was saying now, he just stood there, listing off something, counting on his fingers.

Randy shrugged, deciding it was time to rescue his boy before his face got any redder in his obvious anger, he looked ready to implode. Just as he was about to step through the door his blood froze, his heart actually stopped beating and every breath left his body.

His name, that was his name, Cody was shouting again, what the fuck… what the hell was going on…

He could see Ted staring at Cody as he cautiously peered through the crack in the door, mouth gaping open, several other faces turning Cody's way too at the loud shout of frustration as a hush fell over the crowded locker room.

Oh. My. God.

He didn't.



Randy just about died, the colour rose so fast to his face he felt sure he would faint as his head pounded, this couldn't be happening… every fibre of his being was straining to turn and flee, to run, to hide, escape, he must be hearing things, surely, it's not true… it's not true! He wanted to scream it to the entire room, but it was, it was true, it was real, it was the only thing making him truly happy in his entire life… So why did he want to deny it, to run away so bad?

But then he heard something else, something which made him stop dead in his tracks once more, but this time, the words compelled him to step inside, to go closer, to move towards the sound of the passionate voice, towards the words that he felt penetrate his heart and fill it from the inside until it overflowed to explode all over his entire body. Every extremity was tingling as he made his way across the room in just a few short strides, stopping only to stare into the mortified eyes that regarded him in sheer horror and stifle the apology already spilling forth from his trembling lips. In that one kiss alone, Randy managed to convey every emotion he was experiencing, every feeling that was surging through him, almost convulsing as it all spilled out and he wrapped his arms around the warm body he adored, both completely oblivious to the chorus of incredulous gasps ringing out around them.

Cody's hands had flown to his mouth when he realised just what exactly he had told half the roster. Panic rose in him, coiling in his stomach making him sick.
How could he screw up possibly the best thing that ever happened to him? How could he go and ruin every chance he had with Randy by betraying his trust like this? It wasn't unusual for Ted to badger him until he saw red and yet he had never spilled any secrets, despite how far Ted pushed him. Until now.
His promise to Randy to take things slow, to give him time to adjust and prepare for the things that might be thrown their way... he was so screwed.
And then he felt the all too familiar gaze on his neck and he closed his eyes as he willed himself to turn around and face Randy.
His heart was beating a hundred miles per minute when the older man crossed the room with a few strides.

"I'm sor-"
He didn't get any further as Randy's lips crashed on his, desperate and passionate.
The world spun around them in that perfect moment, Randy being the only thing that kept him grounded.

Smiling brightly Evan pulled Ted away from them. "Shut your mouth... the fish look is doing nothing for you!"

But Ted wouldn't be swayed, "Cody!" he hollered, face blank, slack with shock but fast turning crimson as embarrassment took over at what he was witnessing, "What the fuck man?!"

He went to storm over there but a firm hand on his arm held him back as Evan's smile faded somewhat and he stared at him in shock, "Ted…"

But Ted shook him off, "What the fuck do you think you're doing?"

He was met with nothing but silence, two pairs of eyes trained only on each other not even bothering to look his way, not giving him the satisfaction of even acknowledging his confrontation. He stood with hands on hips, and getting no reaction whatsoever as the two men in front of him continued to talk in hushed tones, lips meeting soft and gentle every few words.

"Cody?" Ted spun him round to face him, Cody pulling his arm back indignantly as Randy stepped forward, eyes narrowed and chin tilted in defiance, ready for any confrontation that maybe wanted to head their way.


"What?!" Ted actually spluttered, "What do you mean what?!" He gestured helplessly at their united stance, "This!"

"You got your answer, just leave it, yeah?" Randy rumbled quietly, his voice holding a not so subtle warning to all who might take issue as he pulled Cody closer to him.

But Ted just continued to address Cody directly as if Randy hadn't even spoken, "Leave it? I can't just fucking leave it!"

"Why not?"

"Why not?!" Ted's voice rose an octave every time he opened his mouth, "Cody, because, just, because…" he stepped closer, lowering his voice dramatically, "You know why…"

"No I don't, please enlighten me Ted, and if you dare say what I think you're going to say, then don't even bother, I'm not interested,"


"I don't wanna hear it," he moved away, turning his back in frustration as he rolled his eyes at Randy,

"I know what you're thinking,"

"Oh you do?"

"Yes, and I'm not even going there, it's not my place to judge you, that time will come when…"

Randy stepped closer with a growl, "Fuck you Ted!"

"Okay, okay," he stepped back with his hands held up in defence, "I just wanna know why you never told me! Cody I've known you practically forever! Why didn't I know about this?"

"Cos it's none of your fucking business!"

"Ted, we didn't even know…"

Ted scoffed, "Don't give me that! These things don't happen overnight!"

Cody and Randy exchanged a glance, "Sometimes they do,"

"You know what I'm saying! You must've known how… how you, are… for, for years!"

"How I am? And how's that Ted? Huh? A fag? Cocksucker?"

Ted looked aghast, "That's not what I…"

"It's exactly what you meant. And yeah, you're right, I've known for years, but it's not like you're the only one who didn't so stop taking it so fucking personally!"

Ted actually looked upset at Cody's outburst, "Why didn't you tell me?"

"Because I knew you'd do this…"

"Do what?"

Cody turned and for the first time acknowledged the entire silent audience, gesturing at them all wildly as they pretended to not be staring in eager fascination as he shrugged helplessly.

"Look, whatever, you know now, and every other fucker does too. Happy?"

"And if anyone else has anything they'd like to add, let's get it out the way now," The low voice came as almost a growl from over his shoulder, and

Cody sank back gratefully as Randy pulled him into his chest, wrapping his strong arms around him in a gesture of solidarity, suddenly finding strength in something that he'd thought only minutes before would weaken him in the eyes of those looking on. But he no longer cared what they thought, he had all he cared about right there and that was all that mattered.

"How long?"

"Oh for fuck's sake Ted! Just give it up!" Randy had had enough by this stage and just wanted to be done with the entire conversation, but Cody continued quietly, turning to face Ted and looking him straight in the eye.

"How long what? Have I been blaspheming? Have I been living in sin? Have I been in love with him?"

Ted opened his mouth in retort but Cody cut him off abruptly, "Oh, about the same amount of time I've known you Ted, pretty much forever."

Randy took a deep breath before he lunged at Cody's lips again, the confession spilling from his mouth in front of everyone making it hard for him to not grin like maniac. A love-sick maniac at that.
"I wanna get out of here... be alone with you... wanna hear you moan..." He whispered into his ear, making Cody shudder with pleasure.


Cody slumped against the door of their hotel-room, dropping his bag to the floor. Their scheduled time in the arena had dragged on like never before and the confrontation with Ted was still fresh on his mind. "I thought he was never going to leave me alone..."
Randy raised his eye-brow at him. "Wait... what?"
"He got me again at the gorilla... trust him trying to interrogate me about my sexual orientation before our promo..."
"I told him to leave you alone!" Randy's temper was flaring up again. "I swear if he keeps up with it..."
Cody stepped to him, nuzzling against his collarbone. "We're here now... we have all night..."
Randy's hand sneaked under his shirt, running up and down his spine. "We should put out the "do not disturb" sign."

Cody leant close into the firm body, the strong arms encircling him as he ran his hands up and down the warm skin, loving the feel of the tingle that ran all over his body at the touch.

"Yeah, we definitely should…" he murmured throatily as Randy cupped the back of his neck, tilting his head up to steal a breathtaking kiss, before his lips worked their way down along his jaw, leaving a wet trail that his breath ghosted over sending shivers down his spine and causing goosebumps to break out all over his entire body.

"I've been waiting all day for this…" the kisses didn't even stop, continuing between words as the moment grew heated, the air almost sizzling with electricity between them.

"Me too…"

Randy pulled back, his thumb trailing gently across the flushed cheek beneath his palm as he stared deep into the bright blue eyes. Cody sighed at the loss, moving closer for more.

"Did you mean what you said?" Randy whispered between gentle nips at his ear lobe, the words barely reaching the air, he was almost scared of hearing the answer, fearing it to be just a heat of the moment retort to piss off Ted. But this time it was Cody who pulled back, seemingly anticipating the question and already nodding earnestly to get his point across.

"I knew you'd ask me this…"

"Sorry, I, I just can't believe it…"

Cody bit his lip, his eyes sincere but a trace of consternation apparent on his face, "I haven't put you off, have I?" he asked quietly, to which Randy actually looked shocked,

"No! No…" he peppered his face with kisses to make himself quite clear, "Quite the opposite in fact…" he sighed happily, pulling Cody close and smiling into his hair, nuzzling his face into the soft strands, "Forever huh? That's quite some time…"

"Yeah…" Cody sighed into his neck, hands clasped tightly around the broad shoulders, "About as long as I can remember…"

There was a long silence between them, lost in each other's arms and their new found love. It was calm, comfortable - perfect.
"I wanna see you." Randy murmured into his ear, almost pleading.
Cody rested his cheek on his shoulder, his hands trailing along the other side of his neck. "Are you asking?"
"Yes, Cody... I'm asking." He answered, his tone earnest. "Can I see you?"
He nodded, guiding Randy's hands to the hem of his shirt, sighing in content as the fingertips were all over his stomach, greeting each new spot that was revealed as he removed the shirt over his head. "More?"
"Yes, more." Randy said before he kissed him again, urgent this time. "More."
Cody didn't even know why he was suddenly blushing, he had been naked in front of Randy quite often within the last day but somehow this felt different. Completely different.
To his surprise Randy dropped to his knees without a word, thumbs gently pushing his boxers down to the floor. A heavy fore-head leaned against his own stomach, the hot breath making his senses go into overdrive.

Cody was feeling as though he'd been transported onto some kind of higher plane of consciousness. It was incredible to think that just the touch of someone else's fingers on your skin could make you feel this way. Well, not just anyone else's fingers… And to think, only yesterday, this was the stuff that dreams were made of… And it was the knowledge of exactly where Randy's eyes were looking, like purposely looking, not having to hide, and he was willingly putting himself out there on display, it was so intimate, so…

Just as his body was arching off the bed in ecstasy, his phone rang loud from somewhere in the deep in the recesses of his jeans pocket, lying in a crumpled heap on the floor, startling them out of their real life fantasy world. An instant unspoken agreement to ignore it sent them back to exactly where they were only moments before, the invasive noise abruptly coming to an end to be followed by the singular beep of voicemail. Just as Randy's fingertips resumed their position on the warm skin, barely two seconds later, the incessant ringing began again. They groaned in unison, Randy resting his face against Cody's naked hip.

"Nooooo," he moaned, "Everything in the world hates me…"

"Yep, the world is conspiring against us…" Cody went to get up as it went off again, but Randy begged him to leave it, "Please? Just ignore it? C'mere…"

"Let me turn it off…" Cody kissed him on the nose, reaching down to fumble around his pockets, "Then we'll have no more interruptions, okay?"

"Okay," Randy sighed in defeat as Cody looked at his phone in confusion.

"What's wrong?"

"It's Kirsten…"

"Kirsten? What …"

But the words never even got the chance to leave Randy's mouth as the door was suddenly almost pounded off its hinges.

"CODY!" Ted's voice bellowed angrily into the room, and they both knew their peaceful little interlude was at an end.

Exasperated, Randy moved to get off the bed,

"Don't you fucking dare!" Cody pushed him back down aggressively, climbing on top of him quickly to place a hard kiss desperately to his lips, "We're not finished yet! You stay exactly where you fucking are!"

Randy nodded, "Okay…" settling back in awe, he stared at this enraged vision before him that stomped over to the door, peering through the spy hole and rolling his eyes at the ceiling in frustration. Randy was just about to tell him that he might want to put some clothes on first, but he wrenched open the door, standing completely unashamedly naked, face to face with a swaying Ted.

"What the fuck do you want?"

"……." Ted just stared at him, opening and closing his mouth like a goldfish,

"Well? I don't have time for this Ted!"

"You've got no clothes on!" Ted squeaked, as if Cody might not be aware of the fact.

"Uh yes. And what does that tell you? Hm? That maybe you're fucking interrupting something!"



Randy had to bite his tongue to not burst out laughing at the complete look of disbelief and utter shock on Ted's face but sobered up quickly when he realised that Cody was only seconds away from chasing him down to the elevator in his current state of undress.
'Not gonna happen' something inside of him growled possessively.
He stood up, slowly crossing the room, his eyes never leaving Cody who slammed the door into Ted's face, using the momentum to pin him against the wall, trapping him with his own body.
The gasp the left Cody's lips at the cold wall against his bare back and the warm, clothed body against his chest sounded heavenly to his ears, kissing him deeply.
Cody was panting when he pulled away, somewhat calmer after his outburst at Ted, his hands on Randy's shoulders as he held him at arms length.
"Why aren't you naked yet?"
Randy licked his lips, rolling his neck as he stretched. "I was waiting for you."

Without another word he lifted his arms, letting Cody take off his shirt.

They were together. They were alone.