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Chapter 12 – A Trip and A Kiss.

I had just waved off Emmett and Rosalie when I spotted Edward walking towards me. I waited on the pavement for him to reach me.


"Hi, was that Rose and Emmett in that cab?" He asked.

"Yeah, I packed them a picnic for lunch. You coming in?" I turned to go inside.

"Sure." He followed me into the house and the kitchen. "Thanks for introducing Emmett to Rose." I turned to face him. His amazing eyes twinkled with unshed tears. "He's just what she needs."

"It was my pleasure. Maybe she can help him finally grow up. You hungry?" I pulled open the fridge.

"I could eat. I've actually got something for you, a thank you gift actually." I was shocked. I'd never been a thank you gift before.

"You really shouldn't have." He held out a carrier bag to me. Nervously I took it off him and looked inside. "Oh." I pulled out a velvet covered photo album. The blue was so deep it was almost black. It was absolutely gorgeous. "Wow. Thank you. You really didn't need to get me this."

"Believe me, I did. Rose had such a good time last night. Not many people would have been so welcoming and natural around someone who had been through what she has."

"It was all Alice's idea though. I should not be getting all the credit." I felt bad for my cousin.

"I know, I got her a little something too." His crooked smile made my breath catch in my throat.

"This is perfect. I was just printing out the pictures from last night. They can go in this album." I grabbed his hand without thinking and pulled him to the pile of pictures I'd left on the floor. Just as we got through the door, I caught my foot on the upturned edge of the rug and fell. I felt Edward's hands try and grab my waist but they were too late. I spun in his hands and landed flat on my back, naturally, I still had hold of Edward and the next thing I knew was I was being crushed as he landed on me.

"Oh God, are you ok?" Worry flashed in his beautiful eyes. He lifted himself onto his arm, ready to stand. I grabbed his face in my hands and pulled it towards my own. Our lips met with a bump and were soon in perfect synchronisation. I moaned as his tongue ran across my bottom lip almost hesitantly. I parted my lips to allow entry.

My hands wound their way into his hair. I was surprised at how soft it was. The bronze colour had been misleading, making it metallic looking. I wrapped it round my fingers and pulled him closer to me. Reluctantly I pulled away for much needed air. We were both panting slightly.

"Wow!" His voice was deep and husky. His eyes never moving from my own.

"Mmm." I didn't have anything else to say.

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