Green Snakes

Summary: 12 year old Harry is so badly abused that he misses the train to Hogwarts for his second year. Hedwig, being worried about her young ward, goes to Dumbledore. Dumbledore, being truly worried about the boy, decides that he needs to be somewhere safe. Next thing Harry knows, 2 men and 2 women are coming to his rescue!

A/N: This was kind of random but the muse took control and I just had to write it!

Pairing: Salazar x Harry

Warning:!!!! Harry is 12!!!! Salazar is like in his 20's!!! I do not condone child and adult relationships but the actual relationship does not happen until Harry is 15! Mentions of child abuse and rape!!! Very Graphic and Scary!!!! Angsty as well!!!!

This is a time travel fic as well as AU and Mpreg!!! Hope you like it!!!

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Harry's PoV

"Boy, you will never leave this house again and you will never see that school again!" my uncle bellowed as he came deep inside me. I had learned long ago not to fight back or make a noise. When he pulled out he grabbed my legs.

"This time I will guarantee it!" I screamed as I felt my ankles snap. He finally left the room. It wasn't twenty minutes later and my aunt came in crying.

After I had left last year, Vernon Dursley had taken his anger out on her. Since she knew now she and Dudley had become really nice. She was holding a first aid kit but when she saw my ankles she walked out of the room.

I thought she was abandoning me but she came in with my wand and books.

"Harry, do you know any healing spells?" she asked. She smiled slightly when I nodded and gave me my wand.

I had been doing healing charms since I got the wand so that I could mend broken bones. I could also do wandless healing but that I only used for internal injuries.

She watched silently as I healed my legs and the tearing in my anus to stop the blood. I was to tired though to heal the lesser injuries so I let my aunt do that.

Hedwig was in her cage next to the bed cooing softly. My aunt smiled at the bird. "Harry, I am going to send word to the headmaster." She whispered as I started to dose off.

An hour later, Hedwig was flying into the headmasters rooms. Albus looked up at the bird in wonder as she glared at him and dropped her package. It was a photo album labeled "Harry's Abuse" Albus cringed as he lifted the book.

He only needed to look at the first few pictures to realize how bad it really was. He hadn't realized how bad thing were until now. Now all he had to do was figure out how he could help. It was then that he heard a knock.

"Come in." He called.

Albus Dumbledore had never been more shocked in his whole life then he was then.

Standing in front of him were the founders themselves.

"Albus, I have come to inform you that we will be taking the young Potter boy into our custody." Salazar Slytherin told him. The man was tall with silver hair tied with a leather strap and silver eyes.

"What do you mean you are taking him, he is needed here?" Albus argued though he did feel that Harry had to be somewhere.

It was Rowena who stepped forward.

"Sal is claiming him under the creature law concerning mates and where they are placed. Harry is now old enough to be brought with us back to the past. He will though, come back with us to defeat Tom but not yet."

Albus sighed but nodded in acceptance. There was nothing he could do to stop them and Harry needed someone to protect and love him.

"Fine, but I must ask, what kind of creature are you and what is Harry?"

Sal smirked at this question.

"I am a full blooded veela. Harry is truly my little snake seeing as he is some kind of dragon I think." Sal answered. Godric huffed.

"Come on, at this rate the boy will be dead before we can rescue him!" Sal nodded and the 4 left for the address on the letter.

Sal could feel the pain coming in waves from his mate. That pain was what had called him from the past to save him. As he neared the house, the scent of blood overwhelmed his senses.

The sun had already risen but the Vernon Dursley was still at home. The reason he knew was the fear he could feel radiating from the house.

Rowena, Godric and Sal would enter the house first. Helga would follow them as the healer if the boy had any life threatening injuries. Rowena decided that they would probably let her in because of her looks.

The long red hair and blue eyes made her a lovely creature and the Victorian style dress in bluish purple silk was positively divine. She knocked carefully.

The door opened to reveal a wale like boy. He smiled at her and then at the others before turning grim.

"You guys must be here for Harry. He is upstairs in the room with all the locks. My dad is in there right now and from the sounds of it, it's bad this time." The boy let them in.

Sitting at the bottom of the steps sobbing was a rather horse like woman. She looked up at them.

"Please save him. I can't take seeing him like this anymore." Sal nodded to the woman. Godric said he would stay down stairs incase the man tried to attack his family. They all felt that the women should help Harry because of the situation at hand.

Sal saw all the locks on the door and cursed under his breath. The smell of blood and sex filled the air. He unlocked the door quickly but only saw red when he opened the doors.

A fat man was thrusting in and out of Harry's body while the child screamed himself raw. It was Rowena that sent the man flying away from the child. Sal nodded to her his thanks and Helga and he rushed over to Harry's side.

"Oh Sal, this is terrible!" Helga whispered as she ran her wand over him. Sal looked on without any emotion displayed on his face.

Harry's body was covered in bruises, cuts and burns. As Sal surveyed the damage done he cringed when he saw the blood leaking from the boy's entrance. Helga started casting her healing magic when Sal realized the child was staring at him.

"Child, we are here to help you." Harry watched Sal before smiling at him and raising his hand to touch Sal.

"Sssir?" he hissed softly. Harry's throat hurt too much to do anything else. Salazar smiled at the boy.

"I ssspeak asss well. You may call me Sssal." He hissed back. Harry smiled at him again and looked him full in the eyes. Sal's breath hitched in his throat. He had never seen someone with such beautiful eyes. The glasses though, they would dispose of.

Sal watched as Harry passed out from everything that had happened before touching the child's face. Helga smiled as she cast a cleaning charm to rid Harry of all the blood. "He is such a sweet thing. Here he is in a pool of his own blood and he can smile at you because he already knows you are his as he is yours." Helga said as she set to work on the broken bones and open cuts.

Sal turned to Rowena now that he knew Harry was going to be just fine.

Rowena was glaring at the fat man and had her wand pointed at him so he could go nowhere.

"Who are you people?! This is my house and I want you freaks out!" Sal sneered at the man.

"Harry Potter is mine! Now tell me who you are?" Sal wanted the name of the bastard before he killed him. The fat man huffed.

"I am Vernon Dursley and if you want the little freak you can have him! Just get out of my house!" Sal leveled his wand at the man.

"I should kill you under creature law but I feel that that would hurt Harry more since he is so sweet. Instead you will forever feel the pain he did no matter what drugs you take to try and dull it. You will also never be able to have sex again! If you ever try then you will only feel the double the pain he felt during his rape."

Sal cast the spell and turned away from the evil man. He turned to Harry and Helga to see that she was just finishing up. Sal raped his cloak around the boy's shoulders and they went down stairs with Harry securely in Sal's arms.

Rowena drug Vernon down the steps.

Godric was talking with Dudley when they came down stairs and smiled at Sal before leveling his wand at Vernon.

"You have caused both a friend and a child undue stress and harm. For this I curse that all food you consume will taste like trash and cardboard. You will never find food that tastes good as long as you live. I see Sal already cursed you so I will let it go with that."

He turned toward Dudley and Petunia.

"You two had tried to protect Harry and for that we are thankful." He smiled at Rowena who sighed.

"I will bless you guys with good fortune and love. I will not give anything else because for 10 years you stood by and did nothing, even helping in some cases. You two did help though and as Godric said, we thank you for that."

Sal with Harry still in his arms, pulled the portkey from his pocket.

"let us go before I feel the need to kill these Muggles." Every one held on to the Silver chain that hung from Harry's neck and removed Harry Potter from the year 1993.

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