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General PoV

2 weeks before school would start; Rowena came to them with a problem.

"Sal, don't you think we should bring his loved ones here for him? He is going to want friends and that will mean bringing people from his time here."

Sal looked at Harry who had been playing with Elmira and Shetan when Rowena asked.

"Would you like to bring some people here for you to be closer too?" Harry nodded emphatically and Sal grinned.

"We will need a list and this could take a week." Sal explained as he pulled out a piece of parchment.

"First we will want to collect your godfathers, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin. After that we should collect any friends that might want to come. Luna Lovegood, you have not met her yet but you will like her. Neville Longbottom and anyone else you can think of."

Harry agreed and packed some of his stuff for the next week. Rowena promised him that she would have everything ready for when his friends would get there. As they prepared to leave, Shetan and Elmira came up.

"We are your guardians and must be with you. We are extensions of yourself and we will make sure that no one that could hurt you comes on this trip." Shetan spoke.

Sal agreed and allowed Elmira to coil around his arm while Shetan wrapped his tail about Harry's waist. They used a silver dagger with an emerald hilt as the portkey.

Harry felt the pull at his stomach and closed his eyes. When he opened them he was standing in the headmaster's office. "Harry, my boy!" the headmaster exclaimed.

Harry turned to him but looked at Sal. "Harry and I are only here to bring certain people back with us so that he will have friends. First we will be picking up Sirius Black before starting a search for Remus Lupin."

Sal led Harry out and when Albus went to grab for the boy, Shetan rounded on him.

"You, will leave my ward alone!" Shetan snarled in perfect English.

Harry grinned at the large demon cat.

"I didn't know you spoke English. You should have said you did. Anyway, he is right headmaster. You meddle way too much for your own good. I will be back to fight Tom but I will not be listening to any more of your 'for the greater good' speeches."

With that Harry led Sal from the room. Shetan followed after one more snarl directed at the headmaster and a grin for Fawkes who was trilling happily.

"We shall apparate to Azkaban. The dementors are allies of mine and will release him if I ask."

Harry nodded and held on to Sal and Shetan as they apparated to the island prison. When they landed, Harry shuddered slightly at all the gloom. Sal led the way and Shetan curled his tail around Harry's waist to reassure him.

"Dementor, I am Salazar Slytherin, your master. I demand the release of my mates godfather, Sirius Orion Black." The head Dementor nodded and led them into the prison.

"Follow me and stick close, Harry." Harry agreed and followed with Shetan snarling at every shadow. They were led into a cell that housed a large black dog.

"Sirius Black, I am Salazar Slytherin and I have something you want." He motioned harry to step forward.

"I present your cub, Harry Potter." The black dog jumped up and transformed into a man with shaggy black hair but had still maintained most of his looks. The man, Sirius, lifted the hair from Harry's face and saw the green eyes and scar.

The man took him into a large bear hug.

"My cub! Harry you are okay, I am your godfather but what are you doing here?" Sirius asked.

"Well, I am Sal's mate and since my uncle was abusing me it called him from the past to save me. He took me back to the past but I will need allies and friends so we came back to bring the necessary people back with us. You are one of those." He explained.

Sirius grinned and although not happy about the mate part or the abuse, was willing to go with them.

"Sirius, do you have any idea where Remus would go off to?" Sal asked as they walked out.

Sirius thought for a moment before remembering that Remus would have still gone to the shrieking shack even if he was in Azkaban. It just so happened that the full moon was that very night so all they would have to do was wait till morning and they could speak with him.

So that was what they did. Sirius knew that Remus would be out so they felt comfortable going in few hours before dawn.

This would be why they did not expect to find the werewolf lazing on the bed. The instant they saw him, Sirius transformed in to Padfoot and slunk on his belly to the alpha wolf.

Remus or Moony in this case, watched the grim walk up but their attention was drawn to the two at the door along with the two guardian beasts.

The demon cat ignored him for he was no threat and the snake was more interested in conversing with the tall man. Moony growled but made no move to attack. He looked back at Padfoot and leapt on his pack mate joyfully.

He and Sirius wrestled for a bit before Moony beat him and stood to walk up to the young boy.

He could recognize the scent of his pup anywhere and happily hurried the boy into the room before pouncing on him and licking his face. This was his pack and he was happy to have them back.

He looked back at the strange man as the sun came up. When he transformed back Sirius changed back and accioed some clothing for both of them. Remus stood and stared at the man as Remus hugged his pup.

"It is good to see you again pup. I have missed you for so long." Harry hugged the werewolf back before going to stand by the older man who introduced himself.

"I am Salazar Slytherin and I would like to bring you to the past with Harry and Sirius. Harry was abused and the pain called me, his mate, to the future to rescue him. I realized that he would need allies so we are now bringing those who are needed to the past with us."

"He has already been once and we will go back in a week's time."

Remus nodded and agreed to go for his pups sake.

Sal told them that they should get to know each other because they had the rest of the day to rest before they started to collect the other ones.

Harry was happy to get to know his godfathers and they were just as happy to meet him. He told then all what had happened before Sal rescued him and the day went by pretty quickly.

The next morning Harry said that they should see the Weasley's because he had a feeling the twins would love to know Rick and Siri.

Sal agreed and they headed for the Burrow.

"Harry!" Ron greeted in shock.

Harry smiled and Ron led him in where the rest of the family plus Hermione was eating.

"Harry, why is Salazar Slytherin, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin with you?" Hermione had read all about them.

"Well, Sal is my mate and the abuse my uncle did caused me to call out for help which brought my mate from the past. He took me to the past so I could heal but I will need friends. I came to ask if any of you would like to come with me?"

Harry looked at the shock on all their faces but smiled when the twins stood.

"A chance to meet Godric Gryffindor and hang with Sirius Black? Who wouldn't go!"

Hermione thought about it and agreed that it gave her a chance to find out everything she could about the four founders.

Harry though was shock when Ron glared at him.

"I have only known you for a year and you are already taking Hermione and my brothers and you want me to just waltz off into god knows what dangers!? You are an idiot!"

Before anyone could say anything Shetan pounced on the unsuspecting boy.

"Yell at my ward again and I will eat you for breakfast. I don't like it when harry is upset so I suggest we leave now Salazar before I am forced to kill one of these idiots!"

Sal nodded and they left the house as soon as the boys had their stuff and took Hermione to her parents' house.

Her parents were saddened that she was leaving but she explained that it would be for the best and they agreed. Their next stop would be the Lovegood's.

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