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"I took a step back
As the room was filling up
And I was packed against these people
And they were tossing up a strong vibe."

~"Neighbors" by The Academy is...~

5 Years Later

Sakura stepped off the plane and took in a deep breath. The airport in Konoha was still the same though she had thought that there would be a small change to it after five years. On the other hand she shouldn't be that surprised that it stayed the same. She had been to this airport numerous times. Juggling her large leather bag on her shoulder, Sakura made her way over to baggage claim to get the rest of her stuff. It was difficult to try and grab her stuff with all the other airplane passengers doing the same thing as herself. Before long, Sakura had fought her way through to get her three suitcases. She found a small cart to put them on and directed the cart towards the airport entrance where she was supposed to be picked up by a friend.

Once outside, the rosette looked around for her driver and once she spotted them, she beamed. She called out Ino's name and ran towards the young woman that she had not seen for so long. The blonde turned at the sound of her name and ran at Sakura with open arms. They collided into a hug; both girls squealing and hopping around. Holding Sakura at arm's length, Ino inspected her long time best friend from top to bottom.

"Just look at you Ms. Hottie," Ino teased, touching a strand of Sakura's longer pink hair. "Only took you five years to blossom up into a bombshell."

Sakura laughed, swatting Ino's hand away. "Oh please, I'm nothing special. But what about you? I mean, talk about the perfect waist Ino."

The blonde stepped back and twirled around like a model on a catwalk. She blew a kiss to the sky and then winked at Sakura.

"Yeah I know I'm goregous," she said. "So tell me about this outfit of yours! Its so stylish and fits perfectly against your body."

"That's because you made it for me Pig," Sakura told her, straightening the simple olive t-shirt like dress. "And you picked out the boots for it too. But is that a ring I see on your finger?"

Ino lifted her hand to let Sakura inspect the small diamond ring on her finger. It simmered when the sunlight hit it just right.

"Shikamaru really did it huh? Well, it's simply beautiful Ino," Sakura said. "I better be a bridesmaid."

The two of them laughed as Ino pushed Sakura's luggage cart over to her car. After packing it away in the trunk, Ino started driving Sakura home. The scenary was pretty much the same will only a few minor changes. Some old stores that Sakura had a faint memory of going to were now gone as was the ice cream palor Sasuke had taken her to after graduation. Then it hit her. She hadn't thought about Sasuke for so long. What was he up to nowadays anyway? She didn't want to ask Ino about it because the blonde would get the idea that she still liked her ex-boyfriend. Well, that wasn't entirely true. There were some reoccurring feelings slowly oozing their way out of Sakura's heart. Maybe there was another way of asking about him that wouldn't set off Ino's love meter.

"So how is everyone? I mean all of our friends?" the rosette asked.

Ino smiled at her friend and then stared back at the road.

"I figured that you would ask that eventually," she said. "Hm, where to start. Tenten and Neji got hitched. They're currently on their honeymoon right now. She's a police officier and he's a lawyer. The perfect pair right there I'll say. Hinata is a preschool teacher and lives with Naruto who is an event planner for high-classed members of society. I'm sure he's going to propose to her anyday now. You already know about me: fashion intern with a businessman fiance."

"Wow, sounds like everyone's got their lives in order," Sakura replied.

She sinked into her seat and watched the buildings fly pass them as they drove by. Furrowing her brow, Sakura pointed at the window and glanced over at Ino. The blonde smirked and put on her right blinker.

"This is not the way to my house," Sakura stated with a curious glare.

"I know," Ino said. "We're taking a little detour."


"It's a surprise."

Groaning, Sakura went back to staring out the window. The place they were going started to look familiar and soon the rosette was positive she had an idea of where she was. Ino parked her car in the parking lot of their old highschool. As the blonde got out of the car, Sakura remained inside wondering why on earth her best friend would bring her here. Her side door was roughly pulled open and Ino stood outside with her hands on her hips.

"You getting out or what?" she asked.

Giving in, Sakura got out of the car and followed Ino inside. No matter how much Sakura begged for Ino to tell her what they were doing, Ino wouldn't even give her the slightest hint. She waited outside the main office as the blonde went inside to talk to the school secretary. Meanwhile, Sakura looked at the clock on the wall ajacent to her. There were only five minutes left before school would be let out. The sound of sneckers on the floor caught the young woman's attention and turned out to be a student hurrying back to class. Sakura noted that the teen did not wear the uniform that she had known to always have to wear for school. Why didn't they get rid of uniforms when she was in school? Ino came back out with a sticker with Sakura's name on it. She put it on her friend's chest and smiled.

"Go to room 307," she ordered the rosette. "Quickly now."

Sakura did what she was told and walked down the halls she never thought she would be in again. There were so many memories linked with this school, it brought a grin to her lips. Reading the directional signs on the walls, Sakura eventually found room 307 and looked through the window on the door. She could see students inside taking what looked like to be a test and noticed math equations on the board at the front of the room. So far there wasn't a teacher that she could see, but figured that they must be in there somewhere.

The dismissal bell rang over head and Sakura moved out of the way of the door in fear of being hit with it by the exiting students. It was then that she heard the voice.

"Turn your quizzes in at the front when you get done. Remember to go over chapter 3 section 2 so that you aren't lost during Monday's class and stop by my desk if you have any questions about the extra credit assignment," the monotone voice lectured. "Have a good weekend everyone."

No, it couldn't be. Sakura wasn't sure about who she had exactly heard speaking and waited for everyone to exit the room before investigating. When the last student left, she slid inside the room. There was nothing to prepare her for who was standing in that room.

"I'm guessing you're here about the extra credit assignment?" Sasuke asked, not even looking up at her as he leaned over his desk to shuffle papers together.

Sakura couldn't think of the right words to say to him, but decided to say in her best fake accent, "Yes I am."

She was in front of his desk now, twirling her fingers in front of her like a nervous schoolgirl. Sasuke took a leather expandable breifcase off of the floor and removed a piece of paper from it. He pushed it across his desk and pointed at the paragraph at the top.

"It explains it at the top in what you're supposed to do. Just pick a problem out of the three shown below and solve it. Then write a brief description on how you solved it to get full credit," he explained, still oblivious to her presence. "Does that make sense?"

"Yes, thank you Mr. Uchiha," Sakura said, then she took in a deep breath. "Do you know who I am Mr. Uchiha?"

Sasuke snorted and shook his head. "Playing games with your teacher is never a good idea is it?"

"Then why don't you just look up?"

When he did, Sakura knew that he was just as blown away as she was. He looked pretty much the same as he did the last time she saw him. His hair looked a little shorter and his face framed with a more mature structure. The thing she did not expect him to have was glasses though the black frames worked well on his face. Sasuke slowly sat up from his desk and looked completely confused on how to react. He opened his mouth to speak only to close it soon after. His actions made Sakura slightly smirk and she tilted her head to the side.

"Hi," she softly muttered.

"Hey," he replied. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm taking a few weeks off from Kaji for vacation and Ino surprised me by taking me here right after my plane landed," Sakura explained. She began to walk around the classroom and ended up in the center of the room when she asked, "So, you're a math teacher."

Sasuke nodded. "Advanced Placement Statistics teacher."

Sakura whistled and sauntered over to his desk to look at the picture frames he harbored there. She saw one with a little kid who looked to be about two reaching up to the camera with grubby fingers. The child had onyx eyes and dark hair. A true Uchiha spawn. She picked it up, studied it, and then showed it to Sasuke.

"Cute kid," she said, believeing it to be his.

"That's my nephew Yuji. He's going to be three this year," Sasuke told her. "Itachi's wife is expecting another one sometime in the spring."

The rosette smiled at that and put the picture down. She was about to ask something else when Sasuke said, "Do you want to go grab a cup of coffee?"

"I would love to."

Sasuke was surprised to see Sakura in his classroom. The sheer sight of her made him want to collect her into his arms so that he could kiss her. It took everything in him not to do so. Now he was across from her at Casydi's, sipping a cup of coffee. He was staring at Sakura, taking in all her beauty that he never knew that she had possessed. Her hair was longer which he liked and there was this spark of accomplishment in her eyes that he felt envious of. He did love his job, but he felt jealous of how successful his ex had become.

Sakura held her mug close to her face after taking a sip, the steam curling around her face. She played with the mug and looked around the establishment.

"Wow, I haven't been to Casydi's since forever," she said, putting the cup down. "Coffee's still as good as I remember."

"I go pretty much every morning before going to work," Sasuke said. "I'm glad you turned me on to this place."

She smiled and took another sip. Despite being broken up and apart for five years, Sasuke still wished to be that cup touching her lips. He thought that he was over her and believed that she was over him as well. But having Sakura in his classroom must be a sign of some sort. Sure Ino had made her go to the room, but Sakura could have turned around and left after seeing him. Instead, she stayed and went inside as if to say, "Here I am again. Let's try again." He also noticed that she was wearing the earrings he had given her on Valentine's Day.

"So what else can you tell me about yourself?" Sakura asked him.

Leaning back in his chair, Sasuke used one of his legs as a pillar to keep him from falling back as he thought. What could he tell her? Should he mention how he had an apartment and keep a small potted plant of gardenias on the window sill in his kitchen? Or how about the fact that he named his pet cat Othello? He couldn't possibly tell her how much she had influenced his life or could he? In the end, he did the what he thought was right and that was to tell the truth. He had to since he realized that he was still in love with Sakura.

"I have gardenias in my kitchen and a cat named Othello," he started. "There is a mixed cd in my car that I play all the time and never find to be old. How about you?"

The young woman across from him blushed as she thought and then sheepishly spoke.

"Well, I have these awesome earrings that I love to wear on all occassions and there is a giant panda still in my room back home that I like to use as a pillow," she listed. "I also have a book with a dried gardenia bud taped to the pages that I like to look at when I'm sad. Plus there is this shirt that I wear a lot when I'm not performing."

So she had kept some of the stuff he had given her. It gave Sasuke hope that there was a chance that they could perhaps start over. He leaned closer towards her and let their eyes connect. Her perfect emeralds irises glistened and it was then he knew that there were still some feelings towards him left in her. He reached over the table and took her hand.

"After we broke up I thought that I would get over you in time," he said. "Not thinking about you seemed to work for sometime, but in the end it failed miserablely. I couldn't stop thinking about you and believed that there wouldn't be a chance to try again with you. Now here you are, right in front of me and it feels like I'm getting a second chance."

Sakura didn't say anything and took in a deep breath. There was something on her mind and she was searching for a way to get it off her chest.

"Sakura, I don't know if you feel the same, but I still love you. I haven't stopped loving you," Sasuke went on. "If there is a possiblity that you are willing to give us a shot again, please let me know so that I kiss you like I've been trying not to for the pass hour and a half."

Sakura removed her hand from his grasp and cupped his face with her hands. She leaned over the table as she brought his face closer to hers and planted a kiss on his lips. She pulled away for a moment and he wished that she hadn't. Sakura was his drug and he was getting the fix that he had been without for five years.

"Sasuke, I told you the first day I left on the plane with Kaji and when we broke up that I will always love you and I still do," she said. "Maybe it is fate that we're meeting again even if it was Ino's doing, but I am willing to try again with you. I don't think that I would be able to forgive myself if I said no to you right now."

With that said, Sasuke stood up from the table with Sakura's hand in his. He helped her up from her seat and smirked. Her long pink hair fell in front of her face and he pushed it behind her ear. His fingers brushed against the soft skin of her cheek as he did so. This was it, they were going to give their relationship another shot and he was positive that he was going to do whatever it took to make it last.

Tugging her closer to him, Sasuke briefly kissed Sakura. He wanted to kiss her longer than that, but he knew that he couldn't do so in Casydi. Wrapping an arm around her waist, Sasuke led Sakura out of the cafe.

"Where are we going?" Sakura asked him as they got to the exit.

Sasuke looked down at her and smirked. "Wherever life takes us."

The front door was pushed open and the couple was greeted with rays of sunlight as birds sang lovesongs to their neighbors across the way. Sasuke opened the car door for Sakura to get in and did the same on the driver's side. He started the car and drove off to wherever felt right. It started with a car rided and ended happily with one as well.

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- So why didn't Sakura tell Sasuke that she thought she was pregnant in Chapter 23 and 24?

Well after she took the pregnancy test, she felt like since it said that she wasn't pregnant that the situation never happened. She erased the memory from her mind so that she wouldn't have to go through with it again.

-Are you going to make a sequel?

Sorry, but no. Hopefully I'll make some one-shots, maybe not necessarily about Neighbors, but SakuSasu related.

- So is Neighbors based off the song "Neighbors" by The Academy is?

Nope. In fact, the song doesn't have anything to do with the story. If you listen to the lyrics, it sounds like he talking about a party in his apartment. I named the story Neighbors because of how Sasuke and Sakura start out. I did know about the song at the time and liked the idea of using it in the story at one point however, I wasn't sure of where to put it. In the end, using for the epilogue seemed fit because it is the title of the story though like I mentioned before it has nothing to do with the story or the epilogue.

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