Chapter 1

It is evening, before dinner and the sun is just starting to set. We stop to make camp about an hour ago and now have all settled in. I watch from across camp as Inuyasha sits with his back against a tree, Kikyou in his lap.

They cuddle together, ignoring everything and everyone around them. Inuyasha let Kikyou join our group about week ago. I wanted to leave right then, I wanted to be anywhere but here, with them. The only reason I have not already left is because of Sango, Miroku, and Shippo, they had done nothing wrong. They had been considerate of my feelings and had all tried to keep Kikyo and Inuyasha away from me, but now I am re-considering my position.

I watch as Inuyasha frames her face with his hands mindful of his claws, he bends down and when he finally kisses her, I cannot help but shake my head in disbelief and disgust. I quickly stand up and grab my pack, bow, and arrows I have to get out of here. Sango notices my movements and looks up at me.

"Where are you going Kags?" she says.

"To the hot springs, "I answer quickly.

"I will come. . ."

"No Sango, I need some time to myself"



I quickly walk out of camp and head towards the hot springs I had found earlier in the day. On the long walk there, my mind races as I think about all the things that have happened recently.

Inuyasha lead me on for 2 years! Why? Why would he say that he wanted to be with me and then suddenly break it off and bring Kikyou into the group? He told me that he loved me.

He lied, he never loved me. I was just his replacement until he could get the real thing, Kikyou. I look up at the setting sun and cannot help but feel alone. I have held all of my tears from the past week in. I refuse to let Inuyasha, or Kikyo for that matter, think they have the upper hand and see me cry.

I am alone now and my unshed tears come to my eyes. This time, I let them fall. I start to shake and sob, letting all my frustrations out. I go over to the nearest tree, set my pack, bow, and arrows down, and sit down my back against the tree. My legs up to my chest with my arms wrapped around them, I lay my head down on them and start to cry softly releasing the pain I feel.

"Why Inuyasha, why did you do this to me? Why did you hurt me?" I say to the wind out loud.

So engrossed in my pain and resentment, I am not aware of my surroundings. I do not notice that now, I have company.

Sesshomaru's POV

My group and this one are following Naruku's path, going to the places that he was last seen. Rin chats to Jaken about flowers and the toad pretends to care, although the toad could care less. We continue on our way, following out mission to destroy Naraku when a familiar scent hits my nose. I stop in mid stride and turn in the direction of the scent.



"Yes my Lord"

"You will stop here for the night. Make camp."

"Yes my Lord"

"Protect Rin. If anything happens to her, I will kill you."

I start to walk towards the north, towards the miko's scent. I have always been able to pick out her scent, especially around those other humans. She bathes regularly, unlike most of the humans. When she is clean, her scent is of sakura blossoms in the spring. However, now her scent is marred by the smell of salt. She cries.

'What has the half-breed done now?'

I quickly break into a sprint towards the Miko. I do not understand why I feel the need to go to her, but I have never denied myself anything, and at the least, I am curious of the miko.

'More than Curious'


'We are one, you wish to silence yourself'

'Curiosity, nothing more'


'Nothing more, nothing less'

'She is powerful, we seek power'

'Yes, but this one does not require a petty trinket'

'No, we are more powerful, but who seeks her power?


'You understand'

Naraku will be dealt with and the ** is dead

'She is not'


'They work together to bring down the Miko'

'The half-breed?'

'Unaware of the miko's plans'


'We can save her, and keep her. She can help destroy Naraku. Rin will need her, she is becoming mature.'


My beast fades as I agree to its proposition. Another scent is picked up by my nose.

'The half-demons wench'

I can feel the miko moving towards her. I will get there soon.

Kagome's POV

My sobbing soon turns into hiccups and I wipe the tears from my face with the back of my hand. As I finally regain my composure, I notice a strong spiritual energy right beside me. I look up find Kikyou standing beside me with an arrow pointed straight at me.

She smirks at me, evilly. I don't know what the she wants but I am not going to wait here unprotected and find out. I reach for my own bow and arrows when she blasts her arrow into my shoulder.

I bite my lip to keep from screaming out in pain and I end up breaking my lip and blood runs into my mouth. I do not want to give Kikyou the satisfaction to hear me scream in pain.

"I thought you would die with that arrow copy," she says.

"Why do you want to kill me?" I ask.

"Because Inuyasha still love's you. I guess if I want him all to myself you are just going to have to die. The shikon shards you possess will be mine also but, they are just extra"

"Then go ahead and kill me, I have nothing left to live for," I scream at her.

I have been betrayed and left to die by the one person I loved the most. I have nothing and no one. Kikyou readies another arrow to shoot at me but before she can fire it, a green whip knocks the bow and arrow right out of her hand. I turn to look where it came from and standing there, right in front of us is none other than Sesshomaru. He is on Kikyo in an instant, holding Tokijin at her throat. She seems not to care and does nothing but smirk at him.

"Miko you will leave now or I will kill you where you stand.

Kikyo nods her head and Sesshomaru pushes her away. She turns to look at me and smirks again.

"This is not over copy."

"It is dark miko, you will not come near her again."

She bends down and picks up her bow and arrows and turns to look at me again. After giving me glare she turns around and quickly leaves. I finally give in to the pain I am feeling from my shoulder.

I try to hold my shoulder around the arrow to try and stop the bleeding but it's not helping but before I know it, Sesshomaru is kneeling beside me. I give him a weird look and can't help but wonder if he is going to kill me. I start to feel a little dizzy, probably from the blood loss. Sesshomaru hand closes around the arrow and pulls it out in one move. I moan in pain and soon everything goes black.

Sesshomaru's POV

The miko faints after I pull the arrow out. I throw the arrow aside it is no longer important. I feel compelled to help her. I reach into my hariko? and pull a big piece of cloth of and wrap it around her shoulder and tie it. It will stop the bleeding for now at least until I get her back to my camp and Rin can undress her to clean it better.

I pick up her bow, arrows, and the strange pack I have seen her carry and swing them onto my shoulder. I am careful picking her up, I do not want to hurt her.
She is cold. I pull her close to me and I start to run back towards my camp. We will be there quickly. I reach my camp in a matter of minutes. Rin and Jaken are sitting across from each other at the camp soon as they hear me come Rin greets me.

"Lord Sesshomaru welcome back" Rin says with a smile.

Her smile fades when she see's the miko in my arms.

"What happened to Kagome-Chan?"

"She is hurt; you will see to her wound"

"Of course Lord Sesshomaru"

I take the Miko over and lay her down on Rin's blanket by Ah-Un and set her things down next to her. I walk over to a tree and sit down at the base of it.

'You will heal miko, and you will live.'

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