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Pre Authors note: At long last the sequel is upon us. I loved writing Ninja Nightmare so much that I couldn't wait for the sequel to get started. So just sit back and enjoy.

The Quest for a cure


"*Pant* *Pant* I've escaped for now, why are they after me." A girl with red hair and a black shirt jean combo said. The men that where chasing her saw her "There's the beast kill it."

Suddenly she stared at the full moon her skin grew white hair on her skin her had change to a canine snout. She had turned into a werewolf she even had blue canine eyes to prove it. The men saw her new form "See I was right. Kill her."Suddenly a mighty roar came from the side of them a black being started to maul the attackers "What are you doing to my girlfriend pal"

It was a black furred werewolf with green canine eyes. Suddenly a red bolt of lightning struck the being but instead of ash it disappeared. The men dismissed this and came forward to the female werewolf. They took an axe lifted it… it came down "Noooooooo! *Pant* *Pant*"

The girl was awake now her nightmare over. Her scream however woke up a white male with a black hooded jacket brown hair and red eyes*. "Sonara the same dream again that's the fifth time this week."

"I'm sorry Ulvon. It's so strange it keeps coming back**."

"Well lets hope it stop after we find a cure for you."

"Lets just hope there are more than one Dragon Balls. We found one but I still think it's a toy."

"Sonara listen it's late I'm tired you're tire lets go to bed. I know we will find more soon."

"Lets hope so" Sonara didn't go to sleep the nightmare was to great.

Authors note:

* For all those who asked what Ulvon and Sonara look like there happy

** No Freddy is not in this this was just a subtle tribute to the first one and this will be important down the line.

1. Okay then more chapters soon