This story will continue to be on hiatus while I work on my thesis for graduation.

Sadly, that is the fact. I will be graduating in May 2013 and I'll be working hard on my thesis. I stopped writing this because I started working full-time to pay for school and eventually bumped up to full-time in school as well. Life was so easy while I was working on this. I was taking 15 credit hours in school without any other worries besides school and updating my fanfic. I love this fanfic dearly and I had these fantastic ideas (or at least I thought they were fantastic) for the continuation of this fic. I outlined many chapters in. I continue to have in mind the rest of the story line and have always wished I could continue, but have not found the time to focus on it.

I've spent the last 2 years working as a staff member and as editor of my university's literary magazine. This is the last time I work on it and in a week it will all be over with. I have gained a tremendous amount of experience as an editor, writer and book producer along with experience dealing with other authors, printers, and reviewing proofs. I won't continue to work on it in January because it's thesis time and it'll show to the school and everyone else who decides to attend that symposium, what I've learned and accomplished in the last 5 years of my college career. I really have grown as a writer. My style has changed significantly since I last wrote what I now think is a silly fanfic that I want to continue. I miss writing with two things in mind, having fun and sharing.

Lately I've written original fiction that I hope I can share soon. I have these original characters that I'm growing very fond of and I've started to develop their history together and other characters as well. I've written a story that I cut short because I couldn't publish more than 10 pages, but the story has more potential because it's obviously a cliff hanger. I've begun writing another story based on the same characters that I need to complete to submit for a competition Monday. I've also written a lot of poetry. Recently I wrote a JongKey poem that is going to be published in the literary magazine. It's one of my favorite pieces of writing from this year aside from my original character short stories.

The plan for the Spring semester is to stop working full-time and work part-time. The job search is on, hopefully with some responses from potential employers and of course, interviews. My job is just too stressful for my thesis that sadly I have to leave it, but all for the best.

My last final exams are 12/13 and I'm hoping my vacation request goes through allowing me to to take off 12/12 through 12/18. The plan then is to start a blog that is related to this fic. It doesn't mean this will be updated, but that blog will be updated regularly about the progress in other projects and projects related to this fic. At one point while I was writing this fic I wanted to do more. I wanted to make this greater, but sadly I didn't even have the time to complete this sequel and I had to continue writing other things that while they were fun and interesting, were written for a grade. So those that are still with me, please continue to look for an update here on 12/14/12. I'll be putting it in my calendar today before I forget. Done. So if you're willing to wait patiently for the completion of THIS sequel (which I HOPE will be before the year 2013 ends) then wait for my update here, or if you have a twitter, follow me xkuroxhimex

I wrote this as a response to Guest. I wanted to reply to you directly, but you're a guest, so I couldn't. I'm sorry about dropping it, but here's why. I really hope you follow me on twitter, or check back after my final exams. I'll definitely pick this up and revamp the first one. I didn't mention I do artwork so as a hint, that is also part of the idea. I'll draw to my heart's content again, hopefully starting in December, but if all I can do is re-edit ESNIM and continue writing Remnants, then that's all I'll be doing in December and when I find free time during the Spring semester. Graduation is the key to freedom from way too much work. I'll definitely be working a full-time well paid job that allows me to breath better financially speaking. I've planned a lot of awesome things in my head for December so I may be way over my head and plan to do more than I can manage, but I'll try to keep to the schedule and if I can't manage my mental schedule, I'll push things back a little, but at least I'll be making progress.

And guest, thanks for AKTF in the completion of this fic. If at least one person wants to see the end of it, I'll have to see the end of it with them as well. Slowly but surely!