Our Dirty Little Secret

Chapter 1 - It Begins

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Summary: Deep down, Harper holds a desire to be accepted by society. However, getting drunk and pregnant by her best friend's 16-year-old younger brother may have hindered that goal. Max/Harper from Harper's POV.


I remember how cold it was that day...

Winter in New York was always exciting, but very cold. I, for one, was bundled up from head to toe. Not only did I have my multi-colored button-decorated peasant top, and bright red leggings; but also the green and gold polka-dot overcoat my mother had bought me two years before, to make up for missing my shining moment, in the 22 mile marathon I ran and won.

I really didn't care that my parents weren't there. There were so many other things going on. Like the fact that Alex had fixed the marathon with magic so I would win, which led to me finding out all of my other achievements in life were because of her, too. But I'd forgiven her for that, because she was my best friend. And because she would probably end up doing something way worse than that, and I'd forget all about it anyway.

But anyway...now that I think about it, I probably did look like a Christmas tree that day.


"You look like a Christmas tree," Max snickered at me, as I made my way into the Russo loft. I shot him a contemptuous look, before taking my coat off and hanging it with care on the coat rack.

"And you look like a chipmunk," I replied, in a softer and more playful tone than I'd intended. Max put his hand over his heart and flinched, pretending to be offended.

He was sitting on the side of the couch closest to the door, with his feet propped up on the coffee table. I slid his feet off of it by walking into them, before collapsing beside him and ignoring his annoyed expression.

"So, where's Alex?" I asked him with a yawn, the cold weather having made me feel a bit groggy.

"She's at the mall with Justin," Max said indifferently, indicating to me that he had wanted to go and they had left him behind. I felt sort of bad for him. They did that to him a lot.

I made a small 'mmm' noise, before turning my attention back to the television. He was watching infomercials...for some reason. But I had learned a long time ago not to question the things Max did. No answers would ever come of it.

I glanced at him secretly, to take in just how much he'd grown over the past few years. He was now at least six inches taller than me, and he was becoming an exceptionally good driver (though Mr. Russo wouldn't let him have his own car yet). His hair was curly and unruly, as always, and his face held a vacant stare in the direction of the TV. His bottom lip poked out in a slight pout, which I had always secretly thought was adorable.

I let out a content sigh, which I thought would go unnoticed, but I was mistaken. Max looked at me as though seeing me for the first time.

"Are you staring at me?" He inquired in a curious voice, with that half-smirk he always wore. I didn't expect to be found out, and was now searching for words.

"I...no--I was just, you know--I--" I managed to get out, before my police siren ring tone interrupted my calm reaction. (Thank goodness.) Police sirens meant Alex was trying to reach me. You can probably figure out why I chose that one for her...

I finally forced my eyes away from Max's confused expression, and answered my cell.

"Hello? Alex?" I greeted her, trying to sound as normal as possible, and failing miserably at it.

"Oh my gosh, Harper! You've got to get down here to the mall! Left-handed Sal is gonna fight that new kid from Canada!" Alex informed me, excitedly. I didn't exactly share her enthusiasm.

"Why would I come down there for that?" I asked, noticing Max's attention had turned back to the TV, and feeling a lot more comfortable now that it had.

"Well, there's also a sale on kitty cat fabric at 'In Stitches'," Alex added, knowing that would grab my interest. I gasped with zeal, and hopped up and down excitedly on the couch.

Max once again stared at me, causing me to make an effort to regain my composure.

"Um...o-okay. I'll be down there soon. See ya," I said, before flipping my phone closed with my chin. My eyes remained glued to the floor, as I got up and made an attempt for the door. Little did I know, Max had once again propped his feet up on the table. Needless to say, I took quite a spill on the floor.

"Ow!" I exclaimed, rolling onto my side.

To my surprise, Max jumped up and kneeled beside me, taking my hand and helping me up.

I blushed as he did this, hoping he wouldn't notice.

"Thanks. Um...That was Alex on the phone. She wants me to come down to the mall, so I'm gonna head out now. Okay?" I explained, feeling I owed it to him to let him know why I was leaving. Not that it mattered to him. He was probably glad I was getting out of his hair.

Surprisingly, his face fell when I said this.

"Oh..." he trailed off disappointedly. Then I figured out his reaction. Someone else was leaving him behind, so how else was he supposed to react? Then, I got an idea.

"Why don't you come with me? It'll be fun," I offered, smiling as warmly as I could. He returned my smile.

"Sure," he replied, grabbing his jacket, which had been slung over the back of the couch. I retrieved mine as well.

"We just have to stop at my house first. I have to get my wallet," I informed him, remembering that I would need money if I wanted that kitty cat fabric. And I did. I wanted that kitty cat fabric.

"That's cool," Max responded, following me out the door.

So, this is our story. Or at least where it begins.

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