E/O Challenge: Curl – WeeChester drabble loosely inspired by "The Song Remains The Same" (tentative spoiler for that episode)

Okay I got carried away with this one and couldn't stop so it's not 100 words (300 actually, which makes it a treble drabble I guess, if there is such a thing). Hope Enkidu and Onyx forgive me!


Down To Sleep

"What's the matter Sammy," I murmured as I lifted my crying son from his crib and sat down. "Time for another feed huh."

Leaning back wearily into the rocker I offered up the demanded bottle. The warm milk soon placated him as he guzzled hungrily on the soothing liquid.

"Mommy is Sammy okay?" Dean whispered sleepily as he stood at the nursery door rubbing at tired eyes.

"Sure honey … he's just a little hungry," I smiled. "Why don't you go back to bed ... it's very late."

"Can't … not till Sammy's sleeping," he yawned as he stood beside me.

Reaching out Dean stroked away stray curls from his brother's face and giggled when Sam, in response, wrapped tiny fingers around his outstretched hand.

"Your brother loves you Dean," I laughed quietly.

"Yeah … and I love him too," he smiled. "So I'm not gonna let anything bad happen to him."

"I know you won't," I whispered as I looked into his young, determined eyes.

Sammy dropped the teat from his mouth and batted the bottle away with his small hand.

"I think your brother's done," I yawned as I placed Sam, now sated from the feed, back into his crib. He smiled up at me, wriggling happily as I pulled the blanket over his warm body

"Let's sing him a lullaby Mommy," my oldest son whispered excitedly "Like you do for me."

"Okay," I grinned. "But how 'bout you sing it to him on your own this time, he'd like that."

Dean leant over into the crib and kissed his baby brother on the cheek. "Hey Jude," he began singing softly, "don't make it bad …"

Sammy, listening to his brother's soft refrain, curled tiny fingers around his blanket and closed his eyes, drifting slowly off to sleep.