Things To Do When You're Bored
By Keelywolfe

Summary: This is set after the series, in some weird AU where Jet is around and Zuko is Fire Lord.

"I hate meetings," Sokka said morosely, slouching against the closed door. The long hallway that led to the main meeting room was echoing and empty, servants having much better sense than to linger in the boring center of the fire nation universe.

"You get bored too easily," Jet chided, leaning against his own side of the door. "We've barely been standing here fifteen minutes."

"Fifteen of the most boring minutes ever," Sokka sighed, letting his head fall back to thunk lightly on the hard wood. Not that he wanted to be inside, hell, no. He'd been to council meetings before and they were probably barely past all the formal slobbering required when one met the Fire Lord in the meeting chambers. Frankly, Sokka thought that someone came up with all these rules a thousand years ago as some sort of drunken joke that had stuck, but Zuko had just ignored him when he suggested it. Geez, you try to tell a guy his entire culture is weird and he gets all annoyed about it.

All that formal bullshit was how he and Jet ended up out here. After declaring that neither of them had the manners of a decently housebroken gopher-dog, Zuko had finally said that if they just had hang around playing bodyguards, then they could watch the doors. From the outside, thank you very much. It was just a shame that the long-suffering sigh that had gone along with his speech couldn't be transcripted for posterity because seriously, what guy could complain with such eloquence that his boyfriends were trying to keep him alive? Oh, sorry, his consorts, in the Fire Nation lingo which a lot of nobles seemed to think rhymed with whores.

Hey, it was a dirty job but someone had to do it. Unfortunately, doing it didn't take up nearly enough time so they had to improvise. Not that guard duty was a boatload of chuckles but hey, like they were going to trust the guard clones to keep watch on their own? Not a chance.

"This won't take long, anyway," Jet said idly. He had a small knife in his hands, neatly paring his nails and pausing to admire the effect. "He said maybe a half hour and then they have to--" he waved his freshly groomed hand idly, "I dunno. Do something else. I wasn't really paying attention."

"Yeah, me neither," Sokka turned to press an ear against the door and could barely hear the murmur of voices on the other side. "Probably something stupid and boring that--hey!"

Jet could move entirely too quickly for Sokka's continuing health and he'd taken advantage of that little quirk to come up behind Sokka and press him firmly against the door, his hips snugging themselves against Sokka's.

"Are you crazy?" Sokka hissed, squirming against his pinning weight. It didn't have quite the effect he was hoping for; Jet made a pleased little humming sound against the back of his neck, the hard ridge of his cock very obvious against Sokka's backside.

With his head practically mashed against it, he could hear faint movement, voices, just on the other side of the door. Could they be finished already, were they already going through the various bows and formalities?

It was hard to think with Jet's hand squirming beneath the layers of his clothes, into the front of his pants where he was already hard, the heat inside was like a furnace, like the way Zuko's hands always felt just after firebending and fuck, that was hot to think of, hands freshly steaming from holding flames stroking over Sokka's bare skin. Or over Jet's skin, yeah, like the night before, Jet over Zuko on their knees and Sokka had been watching, stroking himself as he watched the two of them writhing together. Zuko was even paler against Jet's darker tones and he'd watched them fucking, watched the sweat dripping on the fine silk of the sheets as Zuko had choked and tipped his head back against Jet's shoulder, biting just the tip of his tongue as he came.

That was the image in his mind as he thrust into the tight circle of Jet's fingers, his cheek sliding sweatily over the smooth wood of the door as Jet rocked hard against his ass.

"When he walks through that door, he'll be able to see it on your face," Jet breathed damply against his ear, riding against him as if their clothes were no more substantial than smoke, "You'll be all flushed and pretty, and he'll see it and he won't be able to do a damned thing. Can you picture it?"

Spirits, yes, he could, the faint widening of Zuko's eyes before they would narrow abruptly, glaring at Jet's smirking play-innocence and Sokka's blush. He'd have to walk on with his advisers even though he would be hard under his robes, walk on and leave Sokka and Jet to follow and maybe later, finally later, alone, they could push those robes aside and the two of them could find that hardness with their mouths, their tongues gliding together over hot, taut skin, they could--

"Mmph," Sokka moaned, shoving his wrist against his mouth to muffle it as he came into the warm cup of Jet's hand. He felt the soft exhalation on against the back of his neck, the faint shudder of the other boy and had to swallow against the bright surge of lust trying to struggle weakly back into him.

Suddenly, he was jerked away from the door, half staggering as Jet yanked him backwards and he barely managed to catch his balance before it opened, first the guards, their blank faces like mirrors of each other, and then the richly groomed nobles that Zuko had been meeting with. If he'd looked at their faces, Sokka could probably have guessed how the meeting went but as it was, he could barely stay upright much less play mental espionage.

Last, always last, save the safest place for me, baby, was Zuko, resplendent in Fire Lord finery that was a pain in the ass to get him out of and it was like déjà vu, the split second widening of his eyes, the shine of frustration that lit within them. The only thing Sokka hadn't pictured was Jet flicking a sly glance at the retreating backs of the nobles before lifting a hand to his mouth, licking it obscenely so that his tongue dipped between his fingers.

Okay, yeah, that? That wasreal fire in the Fire Lord's eyes before he swept away, his expressionless guards trailing after him and they were both so going to pay for this. Not housebroken, neither one of them, but if you were going to lay down with gopherdogs, well, even a Fire Lord should prepare to get dirty.

Sokka sent a mental promise towards the rest of his fantasy, falling into step behind the guards and he even managed not to jump when Jet discreetly pinched him on the ass. Oh, yeah, Zuko was going to get plenty dirty tonight but later? He was making plans to show a certain earth kingdom pain in the ass exactly what kind of plans a water tribesmen could come up with when they were bored. Oh, yeah.