Title: Orchid Blue
Summary: Deans thoughts on the eyes of angels.
Setting: Takes place during episode 4.20 Raptures
A/N: the inspiration for this was the song Orchids by Maria Taylor and a lovely picture I found on Google called Orchid Blue.

Orchid Blues

Dean was unsettled by the fact that the body that Castiel had once been inside was now only occupying some guy named Jimmy. At first glance Dean would think it was Cas in there but then the guy would talk and his voice was all wrong, too high, to flat, to human. Then there was the way Jimmy carried himself, less stiffly, less restrained power and intimidating strength. But it was in his eyes that there was the most difference. Dean thought that if he looked at any other vessel that Castiel resided in, he would be able to tell that it was him.

Without Castiel residing within him Jimmy's eyes were brown. It seemed odd to see what Dean thought of as Cas with brown eyes; now that he thought of it all angels had those same deep Dark blue eyes. Each were slightly different as each angel was unique, the few Dean had seen, Uriel with blue eyes like a stormy sky, Zachariah with his blue eyes so dark they were almost black. Castiel's eyes were like a flower dean had seen once before in a florist during a hunt.

The single flower had been sitting there amongst others of it's kind but it's shade was the perfect correlation to Castiel's eyes. Looking at the display Dean had seen the name Orchid and some fancy Latin name he didn't recall.

Thinking of that flower now, while Jimmy slept in the bed across from his Dean was getting unsettled again. The thought that he might not get to see those deep blue orchid eyes again made his chest hurt. Dean placed his hand there and squirmed a little. The feeling was too similar to the feeling he felt when Sammy had died, when Dad had died; it was too close to the grief of loosing someone he loved. Shaking his head violently to disperse the disturbing thought Dean closed his eyes, determined to fall asleep.