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"Chief? Chief… CHIEF, WAKE UP!" Komui's eyes flickered open from where his face had settled in the mist of half-finished plans and schemes that the Chinese man had created.

Reever had to admit that the man was a bloody genius, though there were times when he simply got sick of the said 'genius'. Giving up, he walked over to the window, looking out upon the dark streets as rain pattered against the panes.

He ran a hand through his hair and released a silent heave of defeat; he took out a cigarette from the case in his front pocket. He had started the revolting habit back up again after the Black Order had fallen.

Komui didn't like him smoking in the house, and in a recessive of his brain he hoped that the smoke would wake the dazing man from that goddamn comatose that Komui had himself in.

Who was he kidding?

With a snarl of disgust he tossed the unlit stick into the trashcan, and walked out into the pouring rain.

Closing his eyes he felt the droplets hit his skin in an uneven rhythm. Memories flooded his head. It always happened on nights like this one.


"Chief!" he called as another round of bullets shot through yet another row of Finders. Tiedoll was fighting to his left, trying cover all the wounded that he could with Garden of Eden, though nothing that the old general did seemed even remotely staunch the loss of live that surrounded the ruins that used to be the Science Department.

The inhuman screeches of Lau Shimin had long since died out. Though that thought had yet to enter the scientist's mind as he scrambled off to search for his supervisor… his best friend... goddamn it.

Debris flew everywhere as Reever trudged through stacks of paper, using them as shields as he continued on his trek.

"Komui!" That was not desperation ringing in his voice… was it? Hell.

He tackled both Lo Fau and Rikei who seemed to both be choking back sobs. Oh… he looked at the pile of ash that had once been the boy Shifu. Poor kid. They didn't have time to mourn, not now at least. Mourning for the lost now would only get them all killed. Light of the Akuma bullets surged above them as the trio crawled toward the exit. Thankfully all the Noah seemed too busy to take notice.

The three took off down one of the sewer lines, traveling in the near dark toward what they presume to be an exit, only to run into a dead end.

Reever cursed and fumbled around in the blackness for a door handle. Locked. No.


Next to him Lo Fau was trembling and he knew that she was probably going into post-traumatic shock. He couldn't blame her.

Suddenly the door burst open, and the trio was collided with two others. Black straight hair was blended with curly brown and thick glasses.

"R-Reever? Is that you?" Reever looked up at the dimly lit shadow taking note of the fact that he didn't see of feel glasses that never left their master's face.

"Chief. Come on, we have to get out of here." He turned to the teen that was beside the supervisor, "Johnny? Are you alright?"

A thick voice answered, "Cash is dead." Reever wanted a chance to feel sorry for the girl that he had only known for such a short time. But if he took the time to mourn he knew that he would break in two.

"Come on. I know a way out." Rikei said.

His voice choppy was as he tried to express his thoughts in the English tongue.

He led them into the dark once again.

They ran down hallways that Reever never knew had existed. They created a complex network that led to the channel.

The group was soon exposed to the night air, though the fighting was still going on strong: the Exorcists were still fighting. They hadn't lost yet. They couldn't have. Please.

Reever only looked back when he had followed the few survivors that he had found into the dark woods.

What he found would be burned into his mind for as long as he lived.

The black sky poured buckets though that did nothing to quench the fires that had started in the tower. If he hadn't lost hope then, all of it had fled him when he saw the Millennium Earl soaring through the sky, his voice raised in lurid glee. A figure was clenched by the neck in his right hand. Silver hair was bloodied and white cape was in tatters. That youth-filled boy that he had once been so fast of friends with was limp and unmoving as the thousand year duke flew higher.

"Allen…" His voice was scarcely above a whisper even though he felt like screaming until his throat when raw.

No. No. No. No… no, no, no, just no. This wasn'thappening. This couldn't be happening. They were all dead. Oh god. Lenalee, Lavi, Marie, Kanda, Chaoji, the generals. Everyone was gone. As the Black Order survivors scattered for the cover of the woods, the blond man fell to his knees and let out a piercing wail that was only to be covered with a clap of thunder.


Blue eyes opened to look up at looming clouds and the tall man turned at the sound of footsteps coming toward him. Those steps were accompanied by a loud yawn and rolling his eyes he said, "Good morning, Chief."

The Chinese man looked at him through his glasses with bleary eyes.

"What are you doing out here in the middle of the pouring rain?" The sleepy question skipped blankly over the fact that Reever had once again called him by his once-title. At first he hadn't liked it, seeing as it forced him to look back into the past. But he had just gotten used to it.

The blonde man always called him that when the there was one subject clouding the Austrailian's mind.

Neither of them had been able to get over that day. Truth be told none of the survivors were able to. It as burned in to their minds like a grotesque sideshow.

Komui could still hear Lo Fau's screams of terror and denial when they saw the Earl. He remembered Johnny going pale as a ghost, the boy's brown eyes going wide as dinner plates.

He could imagine Rikei's face so clearly when the boy had reached down in order to comfort Lo Fau. That sense of hopelessness that had surrounded them all.

He couldn't find Johnny at fault for fleeing into the depths of Poland.

He couldn't refuse Lo Fau's request to help her obtain her money in order for her to find her family in the East.

Hell, he couldn't even blame Rikei for finding everything too much to bare. He did blame himself for leaving the alcohol near the draw with the matches.

They were surviviors, ones with scars that would never fade away. Scars that would ache for eternity.

Still, they got on with life. Thank god they did. He was able to see Lenalee and Lavi and Kanda... he was even able to set his eyes upon his own niece.

How much pain had that teenage girl gone through? How much had Lenalee been forced to bare? He didn't want to think about it.

Though he had seen it in his sister's eyes when he had seen her again. It had hurt him. Hurt him so much.

So he had attempted to make himself act just like he had. To show her that he hadn't changed. That he would always be the same.

He reached down to his once-subordinate, placing a small smile on his lips. His palm was out-stretched toward the other man.

"Let's get inside, I think that storm's only going to get worse."

Those spiky blond bangs were plastered to pale skin. Those weary blue eyes looked at his.

Finally, the smile was responded to, and Reever got up from where he had been sitting on the ground.

Komui walked beside him matching his long strides as they stepped back into the old Victorian as the sound of a kettle sang into the night air.

The rain only poured down harder.

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Character Charts: Alma Kanda

Hair Color: He has light brown hair with darker strands mixed in.

Eye Color: brown

Looks: He is fairly tall and it pretty muscular from all of the fighting that Kanda has him and Cheri going through. His hair comes down to his ears and he has fairly long bangs so that he has to brush them out his eyes quite often. You cannot see his forehead easily.

Clothes: Alma often where's short sleeved shirts and either jeans or dress slacks. There are times in the winter when he will wear a vest, though he does not like to wear jackets of any kind, seeing as he believes that they are too hot and stuffy. He says that they also restrict your movement. He carries his Innocence in his back or side pockets. Like the rest of the group, he is wearing the colors red and black at the moment.


"Je m'en fous."-Like I give a fuck~French

"Ouais." Yeah~French