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One true mate

Chapter Four: Now I know better.

She sat up on the edge of her bed, looking at him in the eyes. She looked so beautiful there, with the moonlight hitting her brown hair, making her skin glow. His breath caught at the vision she represented. He swallowed. Seeing her in his crystal and finally seeing her in person was very different. Had he known, he probably would be in his room, sucking on his thumb and rocking back and forth. He held in a whimper. The great and might goblin king is no whimpering child! I shall not be reduced to such by a mere- He looked her over with a raised eyebrow. Woman. He huffed to himself and felt like slumping his shoulders and dragging his feet back to his castle where he was safe from her charms. Where he knew he would have a better chance at intimidating her. He touched the area over his heart lightly and dropped his hand before she'd notice.

He wanted to pull his hair. She hadn't even done anything yet and he could tell she was starting to feel uncomfortable. Good, let her squirm. Even in his mind the words weren't as forceful as he would like. As they should be. He rubbed a hand over the nape of his neck and tried to think of something - anything - to say to this long lost enchantress.

He blinked as he remembered what the goblin had said just that morning. He wanted to know if he had been lying. "Higgle said-" He started.

"Hoggle." She said softly, smiling.

He smirked but felt like moaning at the sound of her voice. "Yes, well he said that you were planning on giving away that doll of me." He cocked his head to the side, hands on his hips and smirking down at her. All a front of course...

"Yes, soon." She didn't even hesitate or sound sorry at all. He pushed down his disappointment, not letting his trademark smirk falter in the face of her brutal honesty.

"Not yet?" He asked lightly, looking at his fingers idly, flexing them inside his gloves.

She laughed in her deep velvet voice, giving Jareth shivers. "Aren't you curious tonight." She noted and reached behind her to the pile of cushions on her bed. "I always keep my little Jareth close to me." She said in a small voice, blushing. She dove her arm into the pile and pulled out the doll.

Warmth spread through him at her words. Does she mean that she likes to think of me? Or is this only about the doll? He asked himself, unsure. He looked over the doll she held in her arms. "Not much of the real thing though." He noted dryly. "You know, in a way, it was me who gave you that doll."

She looked up at him, still sporting that blush. "Did you now?"

He smiled wistfully at her. "Yes. When I saw you for the first time. You were twelve back then and didn't have siblings."

She was looking at the doll with new eyes now. He gave it to me? "Yeah, Toby was born when I was thirteen. He was two and a half when I wished him away." She said absently, stroking her doll's hair almost reverently. "He's seven and a half now." She tilted her head to the side, looking in her doll's mismatched eyes.

Jareth should have felt miffed that she seemed so absorbed into her doll rather than in his grand presence, but couldn't quite understand why he didn't at this moment. Wonder why, huh? Her fingers stroked through the doll's hair tenderly and he smiled indulgently at her. "I saw you at the park and knew instantly you were special so I gave a doll in my effigy to your parent, to give to you." He announced proudly.

Sarah giggled at his self-importance. She finally looked back up at him, clutching the doll in one arm and her book in the other. She smiled at him and blushed when she realized she had been paying more attention to a replica of him, when the real thing stood within arm's length of her. Her fingers twitched momentarily at that thought. Sarah quickly got up before she decided to molest the King of Goblins and walked to a closet in a far corner. She opened the doors and put the book in a drawer from the dresser in her closet. "You know," She closed the doors silently. "It didn't escape me that tonight is the fifth anniversary of our..." She looked back up at him with a smirk. "...battle?"

Jareth smirked back and got up to stand in front of her. "Of course." He announced. He lightly touched the doll's hair, brushing his gloved fingers on her arm and watching as goose bumps immediately rose on her skin and a deep blush stained her cheeks. He let go of the lock of hair and touched his fingertips to her cheek lightly. It was barely a touch. He watched in fascination as she closed her eyes slowly and leaned into his palm, sighing softly. He swallowed hard. "Sarah..." He uttered in a husky voice that did not seem his own. So full of desire. "Why did you refuse me Sarah?" He whispered. The question was familiar to him as he had asked that very question to himself repeatedly over the five years he had missed his queen.

Sarah's eyes opened half way and looked so full of sadness that Jareth felt like swooping her up into his arms and will away her worries. "Oh Jareth..." She closed her eyes again and snuggled into his palm, walking forward and closer to his heat. She heard his breath hitch again and felt a hesitant hand fall to her waist. "It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do, even fighting for Toby can't compare." Slowly, her free hand came up and grasped his shirt tightly, shaking with so many emotions. I finally get my chance to tell him... She took a deep breath and looked into his eyes. He wore a frown on his face, contemplating her words and trying to understand their meaning. "But sacrifices had to be made." She looked determinedly into his eyes. "I had to save Toby at all costs even if it meant my dreams and happiness." She searched his eyes, waiting for him to realize her words. She didn't have to wait long.

Jareth could not believe what he was hearing. The woman he had revered for so long was admitting to him that she - She what? Wanted me to grant her her dreams? Wanted to be with me? He snorted and narrowed his eyes in contemplation, staring deep into her emerald gaze. He gasped and looked more frantically, not wanting to hope. He remembered her dreams suddenly. He had glanced at the crystal briefly and caught sight of - Us dancing. I saw myself holding her in my arms. His hand on her waist tightened. I thought I was fooling myself, I thought I was seeing my dreams instead of hers. He hadn't thought more on it after, so convinced was he that he thought he saw his own desires. But now he realized that her dreams mirrored his own. "Sarah." He said in a strangled voice.

She tilted her head to the side and smiled shyly. "I thought you saw my dreams in that crystal, I thought you knew." She sighed and walked away from the circle of his arms and sat on the edge of her bed, patting the area next to her in invitation. "You know, for the longest time, I just thought you hated me and really didn't mean all you said." She turned to him as he sat so close to her she could smell his scent. "But then I figured that maybe you were simply very sore from losing, for the words I'd said." Sarah touched her hand to his knee lightly and saw his muscles there jump at her touch and she giggled. "Now I know better."

Jareth felt like he was in a dream, Sarah's face lulling him and making him light-headed. Slowly, he bent his head, his lips coming oh so close to hers when he felt the hand on his knee dig into his flesh for a moment before coming up to push lightly against his chest. Jareth had to try very hard to suppress his disappointed groan at her refusal. He got up stiffly and walked to the center of her room, looking out the french doors. Sarah giggled softly, almost nervously. "You remember the ball?"

He blinked incredulously and turned sharply to her. "Of course I remember the ball!" He scoffed indignantly at her but smiled as she laughed. He crossed his arms over his chest in a mock pout. Although, inside, he felt like stomping his feet and throwing a fit for being denied.

"You tried to kiss me then, too." She wagged a finger at him but laughed again as he scowled darkly.

"Yes, tried indeed. If only these efforts would come to fruition." He sighed in self resentment. Sarah giggled again and he brought her up close once more, stopping her giggles. "I could always use spells thought..." He mused out loud, tapping a finger to his chin.

She shrugged, and walked out of his arms again. Sarah turned around again and faced him after she had put little Jareth to bed. "That's why I ran from you at the ball, because you had tried to kiss me." She clarified, gouging his reaction.

Jareth didn't know what to think. "Quite the fulfilling night, what with all these revealed secrets and such." He made a rotating gesture with his hand, his indifferent mask slipping in place.

Sarah could tell he was slightly hurt by her revelation and she bit her lip. She was never good with words she meant. "I didn't run from lack of interest, Jareth." She laughed at herself. "I was young and thought too much of myself back then."

Jareth blinked slowly, unimpressed as he took a step back to put distance between he and the elusive green-eyed nymph. "And now?" His words were whispered in a very low, emotionless tone. He seemed more and more distant and Sarah felt like she had shoved her foot deep into her mouth.

And simply kept on shoving it down her throat.

"W-well...," She started in a nervous giggle. Sarah looked around for inspiration. How did something so innocent as an attempted kiss turn into this?! She thought frantically. She looked out the window, still looking for things to say. "Oh look, it's the full moon tonight!" She gasped and walked to her window, pressing her hand to the cool glass and looking out with genuine enthusiasm. "Don't you just love the full moon?" She gushed and turned as she asked but didn't see the goblin king anywhere. "Jareth?" She scanned the room but didn't see a trace of the blond-haired man anywhere. "Jareth?" She called again, her voice cracking slightly on the last syllable.

That's when she saw it. Glitter... She thought dismally as she watched the last wisps of his power fade into nothingness in the middle of her room. Her heart sunk and her eyes kept glued to the very spot he had stood last. "Did I hurt his feelings so much?" She tilted her head to the side sadly, still looking in that same spot. "It was only a kiss..." She mumbled.

What Sarah hadn't known was that a kiss meant a whole lot more to Jareth than just the contact of lips on lips. To Sarah, it meant acknowledging her feelings outwardly and proudly showing them in the open. Not that she had never kissed anyone, but she had a feeling that kissing Jareth was much more important than kissing just anyone. She bit her lip, finally realizing how bad she'd done him in.

Needless to say, she was not ready to let everyone but Jareth know of her feelings for him. She wanted that particular talk to be private and at the right timing. Her eyes narrowed and darkened with new resolve and determination.

Too bad Jareth forgot he had given her the power of wishes.