Togera: World's Deadliest Dinosaur

The year was 1954. A small US military headquarters had a top-secret space program for Earth's defense against outsiders like aliens. The program includes weapons for space such as spacecrafts, laser guns and so on. However, this secret program would be responsible for attracting someone or something that would cause trouble for mankind, but not from space. That trouble lies on Earth in the Arctic Ocean.

In space near the planet of Earth, a military spacecraft known as the Dracotera was battling a flying saucer. The flying saucer kept spinning around the Dracotera and kept firing average-strength green lasers at pilot of the Dracotera was getting real stressed out.
"How can I defeat this damn saucer?" he thought.
He pushed a large blue button and radioed Military HQ. He was answered by rookie, Michael Maes.
"What's that problem, Reggie?" Mike radioed.
"I need to know how to defeat this...saucer." Reggie replied.
Before Mike could reply, General George Killday grabbed him and threw him against the wall.
"This is no job for a damn rookie," General Killday told Mike as he fell to the ground.
Mike laid on the floor looking angrily at Killday.

General Killday was a tall gray-haired man about the age of 65. He had served in the military since he was 18. He was a man who no one dared to mess with. One false move...and you're not among the living anymore. Mike was black haired and was short for his age (24), but was a bit muscular for someone his height. He's a rookie soldier, but is good with a gun. Mike wanted to be higher rank (he was currently listed as an E2 Private). The highest rank he wanted was Lieutenant General. He has doubts that he'll be a Lieutenant General, but hasn't given up on his goal.

Back to HQ, General Killday radioed a message to Reggie.
"See that damn green button?" he radioed.
Reggie looked at his controls and saw the green button. He pressed it and a green energy barrier surrounded the ship. The saucer fired its green energy beam at the Dracotera, but because of the barrier, the beam was reflected back at it. The saucer was now weakened. Reggie press the button again and the barrier disappeared. He then pressed a small yellow button and a from the top of the ship, a small cannon appeared. The cannon fired a yellow energy ball at the saucer. The saucer began to wobble and fell towards Earth. Reggie then radioed HQ.
"The saucer has been defeated," he radioed.
General Killday got the message and radioed back. "Good work," he radioed, "You may return to Earth now."

"Roger," Reggie radioed back and began to fly towards Earth.

Mike began to rise from the floor and gave General Killday an angry look. General Killday saw Mike's look and stood there silently.
"You are an idiot!" he shouted.
"Why?" General Killday asked in a soft almost whisper voice.
"Was that saucer completely destroyed?" Mike asked.
General Killday gave a evil smile and chuckle a little. "No," he replied, "That cannon's energy balls can't completely destroy that thing. In fact, the saucer's wreckage should land on Earth somewhere in a matter of seconds."
Mike's eyes widened and he began to clench his fists.
"Do you of all people know what's in the saucer?" he asked angrily, "There might be something in there that can cause trouble for mankind!"
General Killday's evil smile faded and gave a more serious look to an angry Mike.
"You have a good point there," he said and turned around to walk away.
Mike unclenched his fists and began to think. "Indeed I have a good point," he thought.

The saucer has reached Earth's atmosphere. He landed in the Arctic Ocean near Russia. A ship carrying 12 Russian merchants saw it land.
"What was that?" A young man in his late-twenties asked.
He and the rest of the Russian merchants stood at the ship's railing and watched as the saucer sank 'til it was out of sight.

As the saucer sunk, green liquid began to ooze out of the saucer. A green dinosaur with small yellow spikes on his head, face, back, shoulders, arms, tail, and legs slept at the bottom. The dinosaur abdomen was also yellow, his tail was long and ended in a spiked ball like a mace and his hands and feet were webbed. As the alien liquid oozed near it's nostrils, the dinosaur inhaled it. Few seconds after the liquid was inhaled, the dinosaur awake, his pupils in his eyes turned green. He then got up and swam to the surface.

Back on the ship, most of the merchants left the railing, except for two young merchants who were in their early-20s.
"What was do think that was?" the first one asked.
"I don't-," The second one responded, but soon saw something was coming towards the surface.
The two merchants back away in horror. Soon, the dinosaur emerged from the ocean and roared signaling his appearance.
"Oh my God," the first young merchant said in shock. The other merchants froze in terror as the dinosaur stared down at them.

The dinosaur roared again and began to exhale a stream of green flames (one of his new abilities) into the sky. The dinosaur extended a spike (natural ability) from his right arm and cut the ship into two. The merchants, all, fell into the ocean. One merchant tried to swim away, but the dinosaur fired a green energy blast (Another new ability) that stopped him in his tracks. The rest began to swim away when the dinosaur's back was turned, but the dinosaur managed to see them trying to escape and exhaled his stream of green flames at them. The merchants screamed in pain and were reduced to skeletons. The dinosaur stared at the skeletons as they shank out of sight. The dinosaur gave a loud roar of triumph and went underwater. While underwater, the dinosaur began swim towards another direction: the United States of America.

*Note: The human characters were made up by me. None of them appeared in the game. Mike Maes will serve as the main human character for most of the series' fanfics. General Killday will serve as an anti-hero who wants to kill Togera for world fame and not for the safety of mankind.