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The DracoTera still hovered over the body. A ton of soldiers were scattered around the place. Jets and helicopters landed while the tanks and rocket launchers still kept their distance, but the soldiers in them got out and went towards Togera. Blood still dripped from Togera's mouth. The helicopter containing Killday, Mike and Dr. Theron landed and the three men got out. The three men slowly approached the body of Togera.
"Well," Mike said, "Its' over. Togera's menace has ended."
Killday nodded. "Indeed," he said, "He is no longer a threat to humanity."
Killday reached into his breast pocket and pulled out a walkie-talkie.
Reggie still sat in the DracoTera. He looked down at the body of Togera.
"I save from the world from you," he thought, "I ended your threat and now you will never take another life."
He heard his walkie-talkie buzzing and reached into his left pants pocket and pull it out.
"Hello," he said into it.
He heard Killday's voice. "Reggie," Killday's voice said from the walkie-talkie, "Do you see the white button?"
Reggie looked at the platform and saw a small white button next to the gray one. He pressed it. From the bottom of the DracoTera, a large metal claw lowered down and grabbed Togera's body than brought a few inches towards the DracoTera. Seeing this, Killday talk back into his walkie-talkie.
"Get him out of here," he said.
Seconds later, The DracoTera flew off with the body of the dinosaur.

The DracoTera was now out on the Pacific Ocean.
"This looks like a good spot to deposit of you," Reggie said.
He pushed the white button again and the claw dropped Togera into the ocean. Reggie watched as Togera sunk down into the ocean, disappearing from his sight.
Reggie sighed out of relief. "Hopefully," he said to himself, "You'll never return."
With that, the DracoTera flew off.

Mike, Killday and were in Killday's office. Killday sat at his desk while Mike and Dr. Theron stood in front of his desk.
"I must say," Killday said, "That was one sweet victory. Togera is no longer a threat to humanity."
"What makes you so sure?" Mike asked, annoyed at Killday.
"Well," Killday replied, "You saw the battle. There's no way, anything can survive an attack like that."
"Actually," Dr. Theron said, "Mike has a good point."
Killday looked at Dr. Theron. "Are you saying that Togera isn't dead?" he asked with confusion.
"Not exactly," Dr. Theron replied, "What I mean is that the attack could of just stunned him."
"So is there a chance that Togera could return?" Mike asked.
"Indeed," Dr. Theron said, "If the human race isn't careful, Togera may as well come back."

Deep in the Pacific Ocean, Togera laid on the ocean floor. He lay perfectly still with shut eyes as if he was actually dead. Suddenly, his eyes opened up with glowing green pupils. Togera wasn't dead...and he will return.

The End?

Well, I hope you enjoyed the first entry in the Togera series. Stayed tuned for the second entry, "The Return of Togera". This time, he will fight another monster and the monster is...RAPTROS!