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Glee Club.

Quinn Fabray grinned to herself as she took in her appearance; quarter length jeans, a pink strappy tank top and matching dolly shoes. But the best part? Her long blonde hair cascaded around her face. Oh how she loved weekends, the only time she was able to wear her hair down instead of shoved up in a ponytail and dress freely. I bet everyone at school thinks I'm a tramp constantly wearing my uniform.

Today she was going to do what she spent all of her Saturday's doing. Go to the local ice cream shop; Laprestis. There she would buy herself a chocolate 3 scoop cone with loads of nuts and devourer it before coming back home and lazing about in front of the T.V.

Saturdays were her favourite day of the week; the only time she could be normal teenager. Her parents left Quinn home alone every Saturday, leaving early hours every Saturday morning to go and visit her older sister Lynn and her husband Trevor, once there, her Mother and Lynn would prepare dinner and catch up whilst her Father and Trevor went fishing up the local lake, they usually didn't arrive back home until around 9pm.

And her Sundays were spent at the Church through out most of the day, then they would return home and prepare and eat dinner together before settling down in front of the T.V to watch the God channel. She didn't mind this, it was the only time she really felt attached to her parents, it's just, she always had to put on a facade and be who they wanted her to be; perfect little Quinny.

And then through out weekdays she had school, socializing with her friends and her soon to be boyfriend Finn, celibacy club and cheer practice. So, on Saturdays she would spoil herself and laze around, like she did, every Saturday. Suddenly her door bell was being excessively rang.

Except today it seems. She thought irritated

"Oh hey San, what you doing here?" she said to her friend and fellow Cheerio, trying to not sound pissed.

"My life is ruined!" the Latino cried stepping around Quinn and inviting herself into the Fabray's small but cosy home.

"Why whats wrong now? Broke another nail?" Quinn said slamming the door and following the other girl into the front room.

"No! Clearly you haven't got one, lucky you!" Santana replied sharply throwing herself down on the couch and waving an A4 piece of paper.

"What is it?" Quinn asked curiously.

"A death sentence, here read it, I swear if it's in my hands any longer they might just burn..or fall off!" the other girl exaggerated shoving the paper into the blondes hands, eager to get some gossip, Quinn snatched it and began reading through it, by the time she finished she was stifling laughter. You poor, poor girl...

"Oh..urm, I'm sure it's not going to be..that bad!" she replied biting back a laugh but not being able to contain it she burst out out laughing whilst Santana shot her death glares from next to her.

"Yeah yeah laugh it up, just remember karma's a bitch." she spat out angrily.

"San, I'm sure you'll be fine. Just keep it on the low down, and do you really think anyone would say something to you? Please, their to scared to walk down your road, even that Frizzy Lizzy chick, and she lives down your road." Quinn said trying to reassure her best friend.

"That may be so, but seriously, if anyone finds out about this my rep will dissolve! And next thing you know, the math geeks will be saying hello to me when I pass them in the hallway, and then before you know it, I'll be sitting with...the nobodies!" the Latino cried out putting her head in her hands, and Quinn once again stifled a laugh, just as it was becoming to much she heard the letterbox flap.

Saved by the bell! She quickly got up biting her lip and made her way out to the hallway, softly chuckling to herself she bent down and picked up the mail and paper, and taking a few deep breaths before resuming her spot on the couch.

"Mom, Mom, Dad, Mom, Dad, Dad, Dad, yay me!" she grinned as separated her parents into two piles and placing them down on the coffee table beside the paper. Picking up her letter she tore it open with excitement and ripped it out of the envelope, but her face paled when she saw a similar heading, reading through it, she found it was exactly the same as Santana's, only the name and address were different.

Santana who eventually lifted up her head, looked across at her friend noticing a letter in her hands and her friends pale face.

"Say, whats the letter say Q?" she asked with a grin, knowing full well what it said and showing no sympathy.

"Karma." her friend whined.

"Aw Q! I'm sure you'll be fine. Just keep it on the low down remember? Seriously, who would say something to you?" the Latino mocked her friends previous speech with a smug smile on her face, secretly thanking the heavens that she was not in this alone.

"Har-de-har-har!" Quinn dead-planned, shooting Santana a glare.

"You know what? Screw it Q, were hot popular cheerleaders,and not to sound too conceited but we got great vocals and we can move." Santana replied truthfully, trying to cheer both herself and her friend up and think positively.

"Yeah, and what can people say to us? I'm captain of the Cheerios and your co-captain, they'd have to have a death wish." the blonde grinned.

"Yeah and if anyone tells, whos going to believe them? We'll just get the jocks to throw them in a dumpster or give them wedgies!" she grinned.

"Well at least we're in there together, huh, I wonder who else is?" Quinn thought aloud only receiving a shrug for a reply, before Santana pulled Quinn into a hug and bid her goodbye with a promise to call later and let her know if she hears anything.

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