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Okay hi everyone here's another chapter. This may be my toughest chapter yet. I really like Devlin, so writing this may seem kinda odd but the idea came from watching the first Pokémon Movie. Yeh yeh I know what loon watches Pokémon movies? ME! So get over it and you'll thank me later for it. Oh and I want everyone to think of who might be able to bring Devlin to life. Get your answer in a few…

Recap: Once his work was done, Shino slipped through back into the Corridor of Time and looked for Paradox. It took a moment to find him, but the thing that bothered him was that the normal chipper doctor had a glum and gloomy look on his face.

"Hey doc, what's wrong can't think of a way to save Devlin," Shino asked since he hadn't been able to think a way to do that either.

Much to Shino's relief the doctor shook his head no. "I've found a way to make sure the boy is born but I'm not sure if he'll be the same even with Devlin's soul as a part of him."

"What do you mean by that doc?" Shino asked, nervous to hear the doctor's answer.

Shifting Times

Chapter 10: What The… Devy's Gone?

Paradox looked at his young companion and released a sad sigh. "Shino I'm afraid there's only one person I can think of that can create Devlin, but I'm afraid that person will turn the boy into a weapon of revenge. "

Shino swallowed thickly before asking, "Who?"

Closing his eyes Paradox answered, "Dr. Aloysious James Animo."

Shino shook his head and started ranting, "Hell no! There's got to be someone else what about Azmuth? "

Paradox sighed knowing that the young Timeshima would respond, "Unfortunately Dr. Animo, is the foremost expert in genetic modification in the universe, not even Azmuth can touch the man in that subject. "

Shino growled knowing what Paradox words was the truth. In almost every timeline Shino had searched through sense he met Kevin, the mad doctor was the foremost expert, but in this timeline the guy was mad and was obsessed with destroying Ben and Kevin, and with Devlin's soul starting to heat up, he knew that they had to hurry.

Reluctantly, Shino agreed and asked how he could help. Paradox looked at the younger boy and said, "Well I'm going to need a sample of Kevin's DNA, a blood sample would be best."

Shino nodded and opened a portal and exited the Corridor of Time, with Paradox right behind him. They landed outside of Animo's least lab a year and a half before Kenny was born. Shino flew off quickly to find the Kevin of the current time and snatched a blood sample quickly.

Returning to Paradox's side, Shino told the doctor to make himself invisible. Paradox nodded and soon faded from sight. Shino smiled as he used his mana to change his physical form. Shino's silver hair began to grow and his teenage features began to sharpen into that of an adult. Once he was satisfied, Shino walked into the mad man's lab. Animo, at the time, was nothing more than a head attached to one of his animal carries. The doctor soon sensed Shino's presence and went to attack. However Shino stopped the doctor and said in a deeper voice, "Dr. Animo you shouldn't attack your guests, especially those that come bearing gifts."

Animo looked arched his eye brows and retorted, "And what could you offer the great Dr. Animo that would keep me interested?"

Shino smirked and shook his head. 'This is too easy,' Shino thought. "I know you wish to destroy Kevin and Benjamin Tennyson, and that is my wish too. I have something that no one has had before, a sample of Kevin Levin's DNA. Now doesn't that sound interesting?"

Animo's eyes nearly popped out of his head at the boy's claim and asked for proof. Shino pulled out the vial containing Kevin's stolen blood and used a portable DNA scanner to show its authenticity. Animo nearly took off the boy's arm as he reached for the vial. Shino smirked and said, "It could be yours as long as you follow a few instructions."

The doctor sneered at the boy but with such a prize just a few feet away he restrained his temper. "And what are these instructions?"

"First of all when you create the clone you should mix the DNA with a woman named Alice Maza, she lives on a Saturn colony and her DNA is more than compatible to create a perfect replica. Also when the boy is to meet Tennyson's son when the replica turns eight years old, and lastly wait until Tennyson's brat turns ten to unleash your revenge on them."

Animo looked at the younger man strangely but agreed to his terms. The timing for the meeting would be important and they also worked well with his plan to be rid of the Tennyson family once and for all. Shino handed over the vial and left the mad man's lab. As he got outside, he told Paradox to follow Animo.

It took Animo about three days before he acquired Alice's DNA sample and was pleasantly surprised that the two samples would create a fine replica of Kevin. Smiling to himself, he joined the DNA together with a container of blank cells. As the process started, Paradox released Devlin's soul and allowed it to float to the forming infant form.

Shino went back to the Corridor of Time to watch Devlin take shape. It hurt him to watch Animo smile at the forming life, but it was the only thing he or Paradox could do to insure Devlin's birth. A moment later Paradox returned with his shoulder sagging with a crestfallen expression.

Shino looked at him and said, "I didn't want to do it either Paradox, but like you said Animo is the only one who would be able to do this, and with Devlin being raised by him, I'm afraid everything now is gonna be riding on Kenny's feelings."

Paradox looked at the young boy, and gave a small smile. "You're right of course, from what I can sense, Kenny is the only one who can save Devlin from himself. Strange how that happened last time as well."

Shino nodded and turned to watch as both boys were born on their correct birthdays. Devlin, who lived with the doctor, went through several years of experiments that gave him another genetic form, as well as training on how to use his powers, while Kenny grew up in a loving home with his two dads. The one major difference to Devlin in this timeline was that Animo created a bio-tech earring for Devlin to wear. The device was created to feed on the negative emotions Devlin gave off when he thought about his dad, Kevin. From these negative emotions, the device would create a pseudo-personality that would take Ben and Kevin on the day of Kenny's tenth birthday.

As instructed by his mysterious benefactor, Devlin was introduced to Kenny at the age of eight. The two boys hit it off great. They quickly latched onto the other as they did in their previous timeline, something Paradox and Shino were grateful for, but when it came down to going over to each other's home, Devlin had always refused. Devlin still retained his charm as a Levin, but he knew that his adoptive father didn't want him to go over till Kenny's tenth birthday for some reason.

The years passed and finally the day of Kenny's tenth birthday had arrived. Kenny was far more excited about this birthday than any other before. This year his parents could meet the boy he was crushing on since he turned nine. Ben and Kevin knew almost everything about Devlin that Kenny did since anytime he was brought up in a conversation Kenny would talk about him nonstop.

In Animo's lab, the doctor was briefing Devlin on his plans. "Devlin it's time to finish what I started years ago. You are the key to Benjamin Tennyson's demise and you shall fulfill your part."

Devlin looked at Animo with an incredulous look and yelled, "I can't do that! Kenny is my best friend, I know it's his dads fault that my dad left me and my mom alone, but I can't hurt Kenny like that. He's too precious to me to do that to!"

Animo was disgusted with Devlin's word, but figured this would be the outcome after watching the boy grow for the last eleven years. "That's okay Devlin, you don't have to do it," the doctor said if calm voice.

Devlin sighed in relief, but started to panic when the doctor turned to him and gave him an evil smile. "The reason you won't have is because Devin will. Bio-tech program number 4 online, pass code 'you who broke my mason plate!'" As the phrase rang in Devlin's ears, the bio-tech earring was activated and released the pseudo-personality into Devlin's body. The true Devlin was soon sent into the depths of his subconscious. The pseudo-personality that Animo call Devin awoke and smiled at the doctor.

"It's about time you got me out of the stupid earring. Now I can do the job that the little weak brat couldn't do," Devin said with heartless smile on his face. Animo nearly jumped for joy once Devin was in control of the boy he's created. With instructions to wait until they served the cake to strike, Devin was sent to the party and told to have fun.

It was around three o'clock when Devin arrived at the Tennyson compound, and he was welcomed by none other than Grandpa Max. The elderly man smiled at who he thought was Devlin and said, "Welcome you must be Devlin, Kenny's told me a lot about you son, come on in." The older man showed Devin to the living room where the party was taking place mostly. Devin cracked a crooked smile at being able to get in so easily. However once he saw the youngest Tennyson his heartbeat sped up and he instantly felt his cheeks get warm.

'What the hell is this? Don't tell me I've got that brat's feelings in me as well,' the pseudo-personality yelled mentally. With this new information, he knew with Kenny around it would be harder to kill the brat's parents, but he would cross that bridge with the time came. He smiled at Kenny and told him happy birthday. Kenny smiled and ended up giving the older boy a hug. Devin's blush got worse as Kenny proceeded with the contact, but he forced it away as well as the armful of the ten year old Tennyson.

Kenny looked at Devlin and noticed that something was different. The younger boy looked him over three times and noticed his eyes were no long their regular light blue, but an eerie yellow now. "Hey cool contacts you got on. I didn't know you needed them," Kenny said with a smile.

Devin cringed at the smile but turned it into a sheepish laugh and scratch to the back of his head. "Yeh well I lost my regular pair so I ended up having to wear these. So where are you dads? I wanted to meet them," the imposter said. Kenny shrugged and asked his great-grandpa where the two heroes were.

Max smiled and said they had a little bit of trouble in Sector 7A, but they would be back soon. Kenny nodded and took Devlin by the hand and lead him to where all the other party goers were. It was an hour before Kevin and Ben returned, and Devin was mentally thanking them for coming back so soon. He was being forced to watch some horrible old cartoon that came on in the early turn of the century and it was driving him nuts.

Now that everyone was official there, Kenny was given his presents to open. Many of the gifts Kenny loved but the one gift he wanted could only come from Devlin, but it seemed that Devlin was more interested in his parents than him. 'Great after all these years Dev only wanted to get to know me so he could go all fan girl by my parents. I thought Devlin was into me?' Kenny thought miserably. He looked back at Devlin and saw he was still talking to his dad.

Devin smiled once more at Ben and decided it was time to finish off the Tennyson family once and for all. Telling the hero he'd be right back, Devlin ran towards the bathroom. Stopping in front of the door, Devin started laughing manically and came back into the living room. "Hey Kenny, you wanna know something funny," the imposter said with a more harsh voice than before. Kenny looked at him, right before Devlin said, "I never liked you, I just got close to you so I could get close to your dad and his stupid ox of a lover." With that Devin began his transformation. The scrawny, but lean body soon expanded and started changing to different parts of Ben's original ten aliens.

Once the transformation was finished, Kevin looked at the kid and came to a horrible realization. The kid had changed into the creature from a nightmare he had a few years ago. Kevin shivered at the grotesque form in front of him. The other kids ran screaming but Kevin and Ben went into action after hearing what the monster had said to Kenny. Kenny was used to monster attacks, but this one had played him. For the last few years Kenny had thought he made a true friend, but that thing was just using him so he could get close to Ben. Tears fell down the young boy's face, but he quickly wiped them away and looked at his former friend. Taking the gift his dad had given him, an Omnitrix of his own, Kenny turn into Echo Echo. While his parents were fighting and holding Devin off, Kenny ran over to them and looked at Devin.

"Hey jerk, this is what happens when you mess with a Tennyson," the scratchy robotic voice said and he fired a sonic wave of sound that force Devin through the living room wall and into old containment room.

Devin groaned as he sat up, still dizzy from the fall. 'Damn that brat has an Omnitrix of his own now. Fuck! I gotta watch out for him now too,' Devin thought, but that would be a simple matter or so he thought.

Kevin, Ben, Kenny, and Max came through hole he made and surrounded him. Kenny was still Echo Echo, while Ben took on the form of Swampfire, Kevin now covered himself in titanium, and Max turned his arm into a blaster. Devin growled at and turned to attack the old man first. This proved to be his best option as he was able to dodge Max's shot and punched the old man unconscious. As Kenny ran at him, Devin used XLR8's speed and dodged Kenny's attack and grabbed him by the throat. "You know I could just kill you right now, and end you right now, but that stupid Devlin stopping me. Too bad he can't save you," Devin said with a twisted smile on his face.

Kenny tried his best to break free from himself but the monsters grip was to strong. When Kenny heard that he wasn't the real Devlin, he looked at him and asked, "T-then who are y-you?"

Devin laughed as he tightened his hold on Kenny. "The name's Devin, Devlin's other half; his anger and pure hatred of you and your fucking family. I'm the part of him that hates you and your dad for taking mine away from me," Devin spat at Kenny with nothing more than loathing in his voice.

Ben looked on at the monster that held his son, but he knew if he tried to attack it would he could miss and hit Kenny. When he heard that thing in front on them wasn't Devlin, Ben started to wonder what was really going on. "Devin put Kenny down. Your problem's with me, not my son," Ben yelled hoping his tactic would work.

Devin turned his head in Ben's direction and snorted, "That's what you think. Like I told your loving brat here, I'm Devlin's other half, the side of him that Devlin hides away from the world. He was afraid to do this to kill you all, knowing how much you all meant to Kenny. However my father decided it was time for me to take over so now this body is mine and you're going to die taking my birth parents from me!"

Devin threw Kenny to the ground and charged Ben. Reacting quickly, Ben released a huge torrent of fire at the mutant, but to his surprise, the mutant merely absorbed the flames with his Pyronite arm. Smiling wickedly at Ben, Devin missed Kevin coming at him with a giant hammer as a hand. Just before Kevin could get his attack to make contact, Devin grabbed his arms and threw him into a wall. "Stay there dad I don't want to have to hurt you." Devin then turned his attention back to Ben. He charged again, but was ready for him as he changed into Four Arms and grabbled with Devin. Ben freed one of his arms and quickly used it to punch the boy in his midsection. The mutant sneered at Ben and broke free from the older hero. Clutching his side, Kevin released ten intense fireballs at Ben, who dodged them and still made his way to Devin.

Devin growled again and used his speed to charge Ben. Seeing that the kid was fighting in pure anger, Ben smirked and stopped moving. Believing Ben was mocking him, Devin sped up his charge at Ben. Ben merely took a step out of Devin's path and stuck his foot out. At the speed Devin was going he never had a chance to stop and tripped over Ben's foot. The fall caused the overgrown mutant to collide into the wall rendering him unconscious.

Ben changed into XLR8 and ran to grab a few energy cuffs. By the time Kenny and everyone was up, Ben was handing out bottles of water along with aspirin for everyone.

Kenny looked around and saw Devlin or should he say Devin bound with energy cuffs laid out on the floor. Kenny looked at his dad and asked, "Dad how can you beat him when he took me, grandpa, and pop out by himself?" Ben smirked at Kenny and told him that Devin was too caught up in his revenge and got really sloppy. Kevin grunted and pulled out a Null Egg. "Well no sense in letting him go if he's going to come after us again," Kevin said as he was ready to throw the egg.

Kenny jumped up and ran into front of the unconscious mutant and stretched his arms wide. "No you can't do that!"

Kevin scowled at Kenny's behavior and asked, "Why not he just tried to kill us I'm not letting that thing roam free."

Kenny returned his pop's scowl and retorted, "Well I want Devlin back and since he's in that body somewhere I'm not letting you near him!"

Kevin was shocked by Kenny answer, but he went to pick the boy up before he came face to face with Echo Echo. "Sorry pop, but if you make one move, you're going to be dead for the rest of your life," Kenny warned in his robotic voice.

Ben went over to Kevin and pulled him back knowing that both were serious about what they wanted to do. Kenny wanted to save his friend and Kevin wanted to protect his family. Ben sighed and told Kevin to sit down while he talked to Kenny.

Kevin did as he was asked, while Ben raised his arm up showing he came in peace. "Kenny I know you like your friend, but how are you going to get him back. From what Devin's told us, Devlin's consciousness may no longer exist."

Tears started to form at the boy's eyes, but he quickly glared at Ben. "I don't care, Devlin means everything to me I'm not giving up on him. Call Aunt Gwen' she might be able to help," Kenny said, believing that his aunt may be his last hope to save the boy he loved. Ben looked at Kenny and recognized the longing in his eyes and said he'd try and get hold of her to see if she could help.

Kenny relaxed a bit then heard a groan from behind him. As he turned, the mutant had changed back into his human form and was still unconscious. Kenny smiled as he looked at the peaceful form of Devlin, hoped against hope that he could save Devlin.

While Ben called his cousin for help, Shino and Paradox watched helplessly at the situation. Paradox looked at Shino and said, "This was what I was afraid of, the bio-machine Animo attached to Devlin is now in control of the boy and what's worse is that there's nothing we can do to help." Shino looked up to Paradox and smiled.

"You're right, this is out of our hands; but Kenny can, no, will fix this. Devlin's in there somewhere, Kenny just has to find him and the two of the have to beat that damn machine." Paradox looked into Shino's eyes and saw all the hope the boy had for the two down below. He sighed and began to hope along with Shino that everything would turn out alright.

It was another hour before Gwen showed up in the containment room. Kenny was the first one up and ran to hug his aunt. Gwen smile and she ruffled the brunette locks that reminded her of Ben's at this age. "Hey there Kenny, so how's your tenth birthday going," Gwen asked even though she was already aware of the situation.

Kenny frown and replied, "Well if you don't count my best friend going psycho, and that fact he wants to kill dad, and pop then it's fine so far." Gwen shook her head and looked at Ben, "I see you takes after you in more than just looks. I wonder if he got anything from Julie."

Ben smiled and replied, "Hey not all that bad." Kevin came up behind him and wrapped his arms around Ben's waist and said, "I'll say, he's one hell of a lay."

Gwen struggled to hold back her laugh, but had a horrible time with Ben elbowing Kevin in the ribs. Kenny smiled and thought it was nice to see his parents like that. His smiled faded as he looked at Devlin and hoped that his aunt would be able to help. "Aunt Gwen do you think you could help Devlin, I know he's not like Devin. Please you gotta help me save him. I don't want to lose him," Kenny said as tears rolled down his tanned skin. Gwen looked at her actual cousin but considered him more of a nephew.

"I'll see what I can do Kenny, but I'm not sure what's going to happen okay? Now stop crying, I'm sure Devlin wouldn't want you crying like this," Gwen said as he pulled him into a hug and held him till he calmed down. Once he stopped crying, Gwen walked over to the unconscious boy and noted that the kid look amazing like Kevin. She let her observations go as she let her powers flow. "Phasmatis inside is vultus ostendo mihi quisnam I'm vultus pro." Mana began to form around Gwen's hands, and her eye began to glow pink. As she looked at Devlin's body, she was shocked by what she saw. Instead of one being inside the body, she saw two. One was bound by chains and struggled to get free, while the other was that of a tall man wearing a black uniform with long raven colored locks. The thing about the older male was that his form seemed to be very blurry as if he was out of focus. Gwen closed her eyes and stopped the spell and turned to her relatives.

"Kenny's right, the guy you were fighting isn't Devlin; he's even a true part of him. I think that whoever created this kid may have attached a bio-tech mind controller to him. With it the creator could make a personality that could enter and take over the body without hurting it. Devlin's the victim in all of this, whoever created him is holding the grudge against you two, and he must've found a sample of Kevin's DNA to create him," Gwen explained.

Ben looked at Gwen and asked, "How do you figure all of that?"

Gwen smirked and answered, "Simple Ben, when I looked at the kid's spirit there were two of them in the body instead of one. The first one was tied up and chained so he could control his mind and body again. Also the second spirit seemed to be older; the first proving he doesn't belong, and that he was out of focus like he was getting bad reception. The only way to save the real Dean is to free him and help him beat the fake one."

"His name's Devlin not Dean!" Kenny shouted at his aunt. "Whatever," Gwen said rolling her eyes as she walked back to Devlin.

Everyone followed her to the unconscious body and waited for Gwen to go on. "Okay so right now I need someone to volunteer to share their consciousness with Devlin in order to search his and find him," Gwen said knowing who would volunteer first. Kenny approached his aunt and said he was ready.

Before Gwen could cast her spell, Ben pulled Kenny back towards him. "NO! I'm not letting you get any closer to that monster than he has already," Ben said holding onto the young Tennyson.

"Dad let me go! I have to save Devlin! None of you know him like I do. I have the best chance at finding him and getting him back," Kenny yelled as he struggled to get loose. Ben still refrained from letting the boy go, but Kevin intervened on his son's behalf. Kevin quickly found one of Ben's hot spots and rubbed it affectionately. Ben suddenly lost control of his body and let Kenny go. Kenny looked back at Kevin, who smirked and told him to get going.

Kenny smiled and ran back to his aunt so she could start before Ben got control of himself. "Lungo mens illorum ut diligo unus alius permissum suum mens iam misceo in ceterus!" As she finished, her mana spread over Kenny. Kenny's eye soon lost the spender that made them shine, but his body seemed to move on its own. He went close to Devlin and knelt beside him. The younger boy closed his eyes as bent over and pressed his lips against Devlin's. The pink mana soon spread over Devlin as well covering him in the same weird energy that incased Kenny.

As Kenny opened his eyes, he wasn't in the old containment room for the Null void Projector. He looked around and saw a dark and blank world. Kenny knew something was wrong when he looked around and noticed there was no ground beneath him or a sky above him, everything was a mix of dark colors swirling into the other. Kenny took a few steps before he heard a harsh and evil laugh. Kenny looked around, but couldn't see where the voice was coming from.

"Aww look at poor Kenny. He's come to my world, to try and save his boyfriend. That really is too sweet," the voice echoed as he laughed again. Kenny was slowly getting crept out as he continued to search for the body that the voice belonged too.

"S-show yourself coward!" Kenny shouted, but all he got in return was another laugh.

"Very well if that what you want," the voice said as a tall man started walking out of the darkness. Kenny watched the man carefully and noticed he was a suit like his pop normally wore, but his hair was much longer than his. An "X" scar appeared on the man's face just below his lips. One other thing Kenny noticed that scared him was that the man had the same eerie yellow eyes that he saw Devlin with earlier.

"Devin! Where's Devlin?" Kenny yelled as he pieced together that in this place that this must be Devin's true face.

The older-looking male clapped his hand as he continued walking over to Kenny, "Bravo Kenny, I didn't think you'd figure out who I was so fast. Well not that I don't have to introduce myself I guess I could tell you where your lover is. Right now Devlin's trapped in the very edge of his, I mean our mind. And your aunt was right about me; I was created by bio-tech, and that's why Devlin's been forced into darkness. Now let me explain a few things to you before I decide to kill you kid. First off, I was born not only because of the machine, but also from Devlin's negative emotions towards your pop. You see Devlin is almost a complete genetic replica of Kevin Levin, but he doesn't know that. He was raised to think that he raped his mother and she died giving birth to him. My master gave him the answer he wanted and so far Devlin's negative emotions formed me, the monster he thought his DNA donor was, but after he met you, the anger that once fueled me died. For some reason he fell for you and you helped soothe away the energy that created me and give me power. That's my reason for hating you, and the only reason I need to want to kill you."

As Devin finished, he let his eye take over and envelop him in the eerie yellow light. Kenny shielded his eyes from the blinding light and took a few steps back. When the light subsided, Kenny looked upon the monster that was once known to be Kevin 11,000. Kenny swallowed thickly and asked, "So why tell me all of this? What was the purpose?" The gigantic monster laughed and said, "Its simple; you're no threat to me so I told you everything so you at least would know why you were killed."

Kenny paled a little, but none-the-less took off running, wish he could lose that thing before it caught up with him. As he continued to run, Kenny knew that thing was behind him, but what surprised him was that monster never came close to matching Kenny's speed. Kenny looked over his shoulder and saw Devin behind him and was gaining on him. Kenny looked around and wished that he could find a weapon or something to fight back with, since the Omnitrix wasn't on his arm at the moment.

About two seconds later he saw a red box that read "In case of Monster Attack." Kenny stopped once he reached the red case and looked inside of it to find his Omnitrix. He jumped for joy and the watch latched itself to his arm again. Kenny activated the watch and slammed down on the first alien he thought would help him out against Devin.

As Devin reached the spot where he saw the little runt head, he noticed the red box and it the sign that read "In case of Monster Attack." Giving the box a strange look, he heard a voice he had never heard before. "Hey Devin, looking for someone?" Devin turned around and saw one of the aliens Ben got during his teenaged-years and remembered it being called Big Chill. "Tennyson I don't know how you got the watch but it ain't gonna save you here," Devin roared flying up to where Kenny was.

The young Tennyson just smiled and said, "I don't know about that, but let's play freeze tag." With that the Necrofriggian flew at Devin with a great deal of speed and went intangible. Using his freezing ability, Kenny froze the evil mutant inside and out. Smiling at his handy work, Kenny changed into XLR8 and ran off to find Devlin.

After what felt like hours Kenny changed back to his normal self and began to feel like he had lost. Kenny really didn't want to lose Devlin but he'd searched the entire place, but couldn't find him. Sitting down for a little rest, Kenny started to cry. As his tears landed on the supposed ground, small white lights appeared where the tear had landed. More and more tears fell from the little Tennyson until he had to open his eyes due to the brightness surrounding him. Kenny stood up and looked down and was shocked at what he saw. On the other side of the light Devlin sat floating in a strange-looking tank of water. Kenny dropped to his knees and went to see if just imagining this, but when he went to touch, his hand went through the portal. Kenny's eyes went wide and pulled his arm back. He tried again and his arm went through the floor. Kenny thought this may be a trap but he didn't care. He stood up and closed his eyes as he took a jump and fell straight through the portal.

When Kenny opened his eyes, he was standing in the middle of a forest. He looked around and in the middle of a grove of trees, he saw the strange tank again and Devlin was still inside. He ran through the weird forest until he came to the pod and looked it up and down. At the bottom of the pod was a little plaque that read, "Here lays Devlin, one who was taken too soon." Kenny read the plaque over and over again not wanting to believe it. Devlin looked as if he was sleeping but so did a lot of people who died.

Kenny frowned and started banging on the pod, hoping it would break. He continued banging on the glass that kept him from the real Devlin, but it only shook. Kenny stepped back and looked for something to try and break the glass with, but then he heard a voice that stopped him dead in his tracks.

"Oh Kenny! Why don't you let Devy sleep, and come play with me? Trust me, I can do thing for you that Devlin would be too shy to try," Devin's voice sounded from behind Kenny. The young Tennyson turned around and saw the evil version of Devlin standing a few feet away. Kenny shook his head no as he back up against the pod.

"Kenny, believe me when I say this. He can't get out of there unless I break that thing so just come here. If you do as I say I'll let you live let you have Devlin once I've taken care of your family," Devin said trying to sound as nice as possible.

Kenny listened to the offer and he had to admit it was tempting. Without Ben and Kevin around Kenny could do just about whatever he wanted, and he would have his Devy back as well, but then he thought about how many people his parents saved on a daily basis. Could he really do that to all the people that counted on his parents to protect them…No he couldn't so with a heavy heart Kenny said, "I-I can't take your offer. Devlin means the world me to me but I can't sacrifice the lives of innocent people just to keep one person safe." Kenny turned to the pod and looked at Devlin. "I'm sorry Dev I want to save you but I can't; people are counting on my dad and pop to protect them, but I will say this. If it frees you I'll sacrifice my life." Kenny turned back around to face Devin.

Devin frowned at the boy's stupidity and shook his head. If the kid wanted to die for the brat in the pod so be it. Devin changed his arms into blades and ran at Kenny. Without as much as taking a step back Kenny stretched out his arms waiting for the blades to hit him. After a moment Kenny opened his eyes and looked around to see what happened. Once his eyes were completely open, Devin was gone and the sky above him was now cloudy and the winds were wiping through the forest.

Kenny looked around and saw a kid with silver hair sitting on top of the pod. "W-who are you," Kenny asked. The silver haired kid smiled and said, "Think of me as your fairy god-brother, and I'm here to set Devlin free. Kenny you risked everything to protect this kid, so I'm going to give him to you, and together you two can beat Devin. Now stand back." The kid jumped down from the pod and balled his hand into a fist. Pulling it back he sent it slamming into the glass of the pod. The glass began to crack at the impact of the silver haired kid. Taking a step back from the pod, the cracks soon spread all over the tank and soon the pressure of the water forced the glass to give way.

As the water and Devlin flowed free from their containment, Kenny ran to Devlin and looked him over. Once he looked Devlin up and down, Kenny relaxed a bit and pulled him into his lap. It was a bit awkward with Devlin being taller and a bit bigger than Kenny put the young brunette didn't care. Kenny hugged Devlin close and whispered for him to wake up. After a few minutes Kenny noticed Devlin lips were slightly puckered. Kenny grinned and decided that maybe Devlin would wake up with a kiss.

As Kenny attached him lips to Devlin's soft and plump lips, he felt arms snake their way up and around his neck. He opened his eyes, never remembering closing them and looked into Devlin's baby blue eyes.

Pulling away a weak smile graces Devlin's face and he say weakly, "Hi Kenny, I'm sorry I missed your party." Kenny started crying as he looked at Devlin's beautiful face. He smiled and answered, "Its okay some jerk crashed it anyway."

Devlin then pulled himself out of Kenny's lap and sat next to him. He looked down at the tired and weary boy and started off, "Kenny I'm sorry I never told you about me. Ever since you entered here I could hear every word that was spoken but I couldn't do anything. I'm just glad you're here."

Kenny smiled as he laid his head on Devlin's arm. "Don't worry about it Dev, I love you, I'd go to hell and beyond to get you back." Devlin smiled, but stood up and stretched out his hand for Kenny. Kenny took it and pulled himself up wondering what Devlin was up to.

"Kenny, I'm sorry to ask this of you but will you help me get rid of Devin? He's haunted me since before I've had memories. I want him and his fucking master out of my life," Devlin stated, as anger and hatred reflected on his face. A shiver ran down Kenny's spine as he felt the aggression pour of his lover. 'Okay this is not the time to get turned on. Damnit I'm only ten and I'm already getting hormonal,' Kenny thought as he shook away the other ideas of what Devlin's aggression could be used for. Kenny took Devlin's hand and smiled at him telling him that he'd be happy to help.

Devlin looked back at his short brunette and smiled. Devlin and Kenny started walking away from the middle of the forest until they saw the scenery start changing back into the blank darkness Kenny had entered the first time. As the last stretches of the forest vanished, Devlin started to growl as he felt Devin's presence.

"My, my looky here. You actually got the brat out of the pod. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to kill you both now," Devin said as he faded into existence from the darkness. The bastard still wore his smirk as he looked at the two young lovers.

Kenny reached for the Omnitrix and soon realized it was gone. Kenny looked around but then he heard Devin cough. He looked at the twisted bastard and his eye grew wide. In Devin's hand was Kenny's Omnitrix. "Looking for this? I took it from you right before something forced me out of Devlin's consciousness," Devin said, sounding bitter about being forced out.

Devlin smirked and said, "Oh well, how about you just get out of my body and we won't have to destroy you."

Devin began to growl at Devlin and said, "You see, I thought it was over and I'll just kill you and keep your body to myself that way I can do whatever I want with it since you won't be returning." Devin then began his transformation and crushed the Omnitrix as he grew in size.

Kenny gulped at the brutish looking monster he froze before. "Um…Dev how we gonna beat him," Kenny asked nervously. Devlin smiled at Kenny and said, "Simple angel, heroes always beat monsters right? So just think about a few powers and we can beat him."

With a kiss to Kenny's forehead, Devlin closed his eyes and created white wings and took off to fight the pseudo-personality.

Kenny watched as Devlin held out his hand and a glowing white sword materialized in his hands. Kenny looked down and wondered how he could help. Then an idea popped into Kenny's head. 'Thank you Saturday morning cartoons!' Kenny thought as he smiled and started to work. Kenny soon created five swords and started stabbing them into the ground all around Devin and Devlin.

Devlin busied himself with slashing his evil twin all over the thug's gigantic body. Due to his size, Devin couldn't get to Devlin as fast as he wanted, so the slashing kept going on while they both forgot about the sneaky Tennyson.

While Devin and Devlin were bust, Kenny finally created his pentagram. Kenny smiled as he looked up to Devlin and Devin. "Devlin! Move your ass out of my way unless you want to be killed too!" the young Tennyson yelled. Devlin heard his lover's rant so he quickly flew away from his evil twin. Devin soon looked down where he was and noticed the five small points of light.

Kenny's smile continued as Devlin soared next to him. "Okay what's this big attack of yours?" Devlin asked raising one of his eyebrows at the brunette. "Oh you'll see in just a sec," Kenny replied with a devious smile on gracing his features. Kenny then held out his hand and a bottle of blue liquid materialized in his hand. Turning to face Devin, Kenny yelled, "Hey jackass! This is imprisoning Dev," as he open the small vial he poured its continents on the energy blade. A second later, the five blades began to glow better and fired their light high into the sky.

Devin didn't know what was happening but as he try to fly past the pillars of light, he hit a powerful energy field and sent millions of volts of energy into his body. "Next, for what you tried to do to my family," Kenny then kicked the energy blade forward forcing the other four forward as well. The barrier that held Devin began to shrink as the blades moved until all five pointes pinned the bastard in. The energy was still flowing, ripping the insides of Devin apart. "This last one is for ruining my birthday!" Kenny yelled. Devlin looked at the ground below as Devin began to glow, but a moment later the glow released a beam of energy that filled the entire barrier and hit Devin as well.

'Mental note...never give Kenny explosives,' Devlin thought as he watched Devin's body vanish in the beams of light. Even though Devin couldn't be seen, he screams filled the void of darkness. As the barrier began to fade, Devlin looked at Kenny and noticed the brunette was sitting on the floor panting heavily. "Kenny, what's wrong?" Devlin asked as he went to his knees to check on Kenny.

"Tired, attack drained all angry, hate, love, sorrow, and pain out of me," was all Kenny was able to get out as he fell into Devlin's arms.

Kevin, Ben, and Gwen watched the two boys, wondering what was taking so long. After an hour of watching, they saw the earring on Devlin's left ear discharge and then fade from gold to black. "Well at least we know where the bio-tech is now," Kevin said with a smile.

The three adults waited another ten minutes before the pink aura began to dissipate. Once it was completely removed, Kenny's eyes began to open and much to his family's relief. Before even thinking of his family, Kenny looked over at Devlin. A moment after Kenny woke up, Devlin opened his baby blue eyes and focused on Kenny's beautiful toxic green eyes.

"Hey Kenny, thanks for coming to get me," Devlin said weakly. Kenny smiled and said, "I go to hell and beyond to bring you back."

Everything from then on fell into place for those two after that, except for Kenny getting grounded for cursing. After a few days of rest, Devlin told Ben and Kevin about everything he knew about Dr. Animo, and his labs.

The happy couple decided to have a chat with the good doctor and let Kenny play nurse while they were out. It turned out that Devlin wouldn't be considered Kevin's son due to the fact that he was basically a clone with another bit of DNA added to his own. Ben and Kevin asked Devlin to stay with them since Kenny went through hell and back to keep him, so they figured why not.

All in all, the Tennyson family was like it was before Shino messed with it, but now it was much happier. Kevin and Ben had each other, Kenny and Devlin would never let anything separate them, and the universe's oldest most wanted criminal was now working to catch the other ones.

From the Corridor of Time, Shino smiled as he and Paradox watched events pass along. Looking away from everything Shino looked at Paradox and said, "Thanks, doc, for all your help. If you want, why don't you come back to Timeshimos with me for a vacation? You certainly earned one."

Paradox thought about it and smiled. "That's a wonderful idea Shino. I haven't had one in about 34,000 years or so."

Shino smiled again and said to hold on a moment while he checked the overall flow of time. Shino eyes began to glow white once more, but as he came back he groaned.

Paradox looked at Shino worried and asked, "What's wrong, did we mess the flow of time?"

Shino sighed and replied, "No, it's more when we moved Devlin and Kenny, we dropped a depth charged in time. A lot of timelines are branching off now. The thing I find weird is that in the new ones, Kevin and Ben fall in love with each other. It ranges from Kevin getting punished by Ben for what he did to Kenny, to Kevin getting jealous of Ben wanting to check out something called Bang babies? The worst part is I know my dad's gonna make me responsible for of all the new timelines." Shino's shoulders sagged as he looked down at the floor, while Paradox got a good laugh out of it.

"Well if you ever need a hand just call me and I'll be happy to help," Paradox said with a wink. Shino blushed and nodded his head okay as he and the doctor headed for his home world.

-The End-

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