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Chapter 1: Leaving~

I was training the newborns for our next fight, ordering them to fight in pairs, when my friends, and second in command, Peter and Charlotte, came running up to me with all of our bags. I was curious, to say the least, and kind of pissed. They were interrupting training, you never interrupt training, "Peter, what are you doing?'' I asked, highly pissed off, once he and his mate got to me.

"We," He motioned between the two of them, "are leaving, Jasper come with us, you have been wanting to leave now is your chance, while Maria is preoccupied, and the newborns are fighting, we must leave now, or we will never get the chance again, I know it." He said, and I knew what he meant, Peter had this weird way of knowing things, but he wouldn't call it a gift, I sure as hell did.

I thought about all I have been through. All the torment, all the pain, the scars that covered my body, what Maria had put me through, and I knew. I had to leave.

"Let's go, now." With that said we ran, and ran, and ran, and I never looked back.

Once we got out of Texas we ran to South Carolina, stopping to hunt every other day. I wished I had no need, so I didn't feel the pain and torment of my victims, and it was then I knew I needed to remove my self from Peter and Charlotte, to not only give them

space but me. I needed to, I don't know, just.. Get away from all the pain.

A week later, I decided it was time to go. As I walked to the living room, I heard Peter mumble something to Charlotte about me. I sat down in front of them, on the sofa.

"I'm sorry guys but it is time for me to go." They didn't look shocked at all, I guess that was what they were talking about right before I came in. Peters gift did come in handy.

"Of corse Major. We'll see you soon. Just, and I can believe I'm saying this, be careful. And don't kill random vampires that cross your trail, okay?" The way he said that, was like he knew something I didn't, which of course was probable because he did. I nodded and gave them each a hug. I would truly miss them both.

60 years of killing humans, 60 years of guilt. I could feel it creeping over me every time I hunted, every time I thought of going out in public. But what could I do? I'm a vampire and there is no other way of life...

Or so I thought.

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