This was wrong.

So very, very, wrong.

At first the visit to his friend, Estonia's house had been merely for him to visit and for the two to catch up. However the moment the other brought alcohol into the mix the visit proceeded to go downhill very quickly.

"Hey, Eddy, why do you have a dress in your closet?" Finland asked pulling the garment out. It was a light blue gown with numerous bows, lace trims, and frills. Finland looked over at his friend who had finished taking another shot.

"It's Poland's," Estonia explained, slightly slurring his words and his cheeks pink from drink. "He and Lithuania stayed over about a week ago and he left it here by accident. Said something about coming by later to pick it up."

Finland nodded and stared at Estonia, then at the dress, then back at Estonia, the wheels in his head turning, thinking… the brown-eyed blonde then turned to the other stating.

"I dare you to try it on."

The room was quiet for around three seconds before Estonia busted out laughing.

"W-what?" he choked out through his laughter, "You want me to put on a dress? Not just any dress, but one of Poland's dresses?"

Finland frowned slightly watching the spectacled boy continuing to giggle.

"So is that a 'no'?" The blonde asked pouting at his friend.

"Tino, why would I wanna wear"- Estonia stopped midsentence as he saw the look that Finland gave him. The Nordic nation was pouting and his brown eyes were huge and pleading, the whole look screaming 'please?'.

The Baltic sighed before muttering, "All right, all right go out in the hallway and let me change."

"Yay!" Finland cheered and handed the dress to his friend before turning around and leaving him to change.

- - -

"Hey, Eduard are you done changing yet?" Tino asked sitting outside the other blonde's bedroom door. It had been fifteen minutes since he started waiting for Estonia to come out to let him see him in the blue dress and Finland was wondering was taking him so long.

"I- I'm not coming out!" he could hear Eduard call through the door sounding completely embarrassed. Tino stood up and called back,

"Aw, come on. It can't be that bad, please open up and let me see."

There was a pause before Tino heard the doorknob turn and stepped back making way for the door to open up. He had to force himself not to let his jaw go slack and hang open.

Which brought him back to their present situation.

And how wrong the whole thing was.

Eduard stood in the doorway, his face a bright red and he looked like he was going to die from embarrassment. The dress fit perfectly, but looked so wrong on his friend, maybe it was the number of bows, or perhaps there was too much lace… or it might be the fact that Estonia was never meant to wear a dress…

That last option might be it….

"Finland, remind me to never, and I mean never let you talk me into doing anything like this again," Estonia said while shifting the heavy cloth of the dress. "God, how the heck does Poland manage to move in this thing?"

Finland was still staring at his friend, wondering on what to say. The blonde then cocked his head to the side and stated,

"You know, if you just grew your hair out a bit more then you could probably pull it off."

Moral of the story, never mix friends, alcohol and cross-dressing.

Okay, I'm sorry I just had to do this. I was wandering around in the Hetalia-kink meme and well I came across this request which was 'Estonia and Finland. Estonia in a dress, bonus if both are embarrassed even if the idea came from one of them.' So I couldn't help but try and write it and well this is the end result... And I would post it on the meme, but LJ confuses me, so I'm well it's short but I hope you guys enjoyed reading so if you want please favorite/review. ~ Sandshinobi00