Author's Note: After I watched I Will Remember You let's just say that I was a little angry. Ok, I was furious and I decided to write a story fixing everything so that our favorite couple would end up together again! There is a song that inspired the title and it's from the anime Mew Mew Power and the song is called Don't Wake Me Up. It inspired the title of this story and is a wonderful companion song to this piece. Enough of me babbling though enjoy!

"And that's all there really is to say."

He looked away from her pure blue eyes and decided it would be best for him to stare at his broken clock. There was shattered glass all over the floor. Funny, he thought. The glass was like his life and now it had been shattered again. His life was broken because of the sacrifice he had made to save her.

"Yeah," He mumbled, trying to suppress the pain that was threatening to consume him. He lifted his gaze from the ground and saw the last wisps of her golden hair whip around the corner.

She was leaving.

He didn't want her to go!

His body acted before his mind could process what was going on. He sprinted out the office and called her name. She turned around though she kept one of her hands firmly placed on the doorknob.


She looked so frail in his eyes and he could sense the sadness rolling off her body. What right did he have to stop her when he had made the choice to erase her memory? He had chosen and now he would have to live with the consequences. She had to go; he had to let her go.

"Have a safe trip." He finally managed to reply.

Disappointment shone in her eyes, but she smiled anyway though Angel could tell it was a forced one.

"Yeah, thanks." She replied and then she was gone.

As soon as she was out of his line of sight, he punched the nearby wall, breaking it. She was gone and he knew that their moment of bliss had passed—once again. He could hear his heartbeat so clearly in his mind and he could feel her silky, warm hand on his chest. He could taste their sweet kisses on his tongue.

Their moment of bliss did happen. It hadn't been some dream, it had been real! For one glorious day—a full 24 hours—he had been alive and he had been together with his soul mate. It had been a perfect day and he would treasure it forever.

And now it was over.

All that remained were the memories and the pain.

As he headed back to his office, he wished for a brief second that she remembered. He wished that she remembered and that they could overcome the pain and be together. But within a fraction of a second, that wish was gone too. He supposed he probably deserved this punishment. He needed to atone for all the sins he had committed as Angelus. That thought; however, did nothing to ease the pain that he felt. The only things that were keeping him going were the treasured memories and the fact that Buffy would live now. She would live now and be safe.

The pain remained.

He sat down at his desk, not caring about the glass, and sighed. The Powers, he thought, certainly were cruel—cruel enough to let him be human and then even crueler to force him to give it up.

"Buffy," He said her name as if it were a prayer to the only thing keeping him functioning right now.

He heard the door open. Doyle and Cordelia were back. He closed his door in hopes that they would both leave him alone. He just . . . needed time.

Given enough time we should be able to . . .

Her voice appeared out of nowhere, but he was glad. At least in his mind, she was still here. And he would never ever . . .

"Forget." He completed. He shut his eyes and knew he needed to do something—anything—to keep himself from thinking about her and what had happened.

Slowly, he got up and opened his door. Turning back towards his desk, he smiled sadly.

"I'll never forget." It was just him that said it, but her as well. He quickly shook his head to dispel the memory. Then, without another word, he left his office pain pounding through his veins.

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