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"I don't understand how this could happen," Willow muttered, as she glanced over the unconscious form of her best friend. "I thought her super healing powers would—"

"They should've," Giles muttered, taking his glasses off and cleaning off—a motion that meant he was clearly stressed. "Buffy should be okay."

"And yet, she's not," Xander told them darkly. "Why the hell would you even think of taking her with you to patrol?"

"I'm sorry!" Willow shouted, tears forming in her eyes. "I know, it's my fault and I'm so sorry!" She began to sob quietly and Giles sighed.

"Oh, Will, look, I'm sorry," Xander mumbled as he placed a hand on her shoulder. The redhead met his gaze and he embraced her. "It's not your fault."

"Indeed," Giles agreed. He tried to keep his eyes from gazing at Buffy's sleeping form. It hurt him to see the girl he considered his own daughter injured and know that he was powerless to help her. He had already been all of the books he kept at his apartment and nothing mentioned anything about the demon that he and Buffy had fought. "Blaming ourselves won't help Buffy."

Even though Giles did blame himself for Buffy's condition.

He should've been quicker or more alert or something! He should've been able to prevent this from happening. He knelt down by the couch that they had laid Buffy on. She was resting peacefully—her eyes shut and the rise and fall of her chest as she breathed looked almost graceful. Buffy reminded him of that fairy tale, Sleeping Beauty for even in her unconscious form, she was no less lovely. If only the way to save Buffy was as easy that fairy tale—he let his hand move a strand of her golden hair from her face and then frowned as his skin came in contact with hers.

She was burning up.

"Willow, get me a damp rag," The witch quickly vanished. "And Xander some ice!" Moments later, both returned with the items requested of them. Giles took a piece of the ice and gently moved it over Buffy's flaming skin—it melted within seconds. Alarmed, Giles tried with another ice cube only for it to melt just as fast.

"Giles, how could she have a fever?" Willow asked cautiously.

"I don't know," The former Watcher confessed. "I need to go get some more books and call up some old colleges of mine. Perhaps, they can identify who this demon was and why Buffy is in this state." He reached for his car keys, but Xander grabbed them first.

"I'll go," He said gently. "I need to get some air anyway." Giles met his gaze and nodded his head as Xander left. Turning around, he saw Willow had taken his place by Buffy's side and was now wrapping ice cubes in the wet cloth.

"It's going to be okay," Willow soothed her best friend, gently dabbing the cloth on her head. "We're going to save you, Buffy." Giles nodded his head in silent agreement as he reached for the phone.

Hopefully, someone had the answers he so desperately needed.

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