You didn't expect me to be serious for ever, did you? This is just for shiggles (shits and giggles, isn't it beautiful?). Purely dialogue, simply because I felt like it and I've never done a dialogue only fic.

Disclaimer: Today, I rescued my roommate's sock from the hallway, and I still don't own the Ninja Turtles. MLIA.

"This is his fifth time breaking those ribs, Raph! The fifth time!"

"So? Its jus' 'is ribs, ain't it? S'no big deal."

"Yes, it is a big deal. The more times you break a bone, the weaker the bone will be once it heals. If he doesn't allow himself adequate time to rest up and take it easy, then the next time he takes a kick to that area, the damage to his ribs will be worse. If they're weak enough and he's hit hard enough, he could take a rib to the lung!"

"You need to calm down."

"A rib to the lung, Raph. That would equal a punctured lung. He could puncture his lung! I can't fix that!"

"Well then instead of gettin' all worked up about it, why don'tcha jus' go strap 'im to his futon an' tell 'im ta stay?"

"That's not a bad idea."

"I was kiddin', Sir Geeks-A-Lot. Why can't you jus' tell 'im ta drink more milk or som'in?"

"He's already taking vitamin supplements, Raph. We all are. Which reminds me- you haven't come to me about a refill yet."

"…how often am I supposed to need a refill?"

"I have a feeling that I shouldn't tell you because you'll abuse the knowledge. Have you not been taking the vitamins that I gave you?"

"What happened ta talkin' about Fearless and his oh-so-breakable ribs?"

"If you don't start taking those vitamins, I'll be forced to start giving you shots instead."

"Not gonna happen."

"And If I find any in the trash, you can kiss the upgrades to your Shell Cycle goodbye!"

"But that's not fair! How would ya even know they were mine?"

"What do you mean how would I even though they were yours?"

"I mean, we all throw ours away, 'cept for Splinter."


"You know what those things taste like, Donnie? Shit flavored chalk. That's what. Nothin' tropical fruity about 'em. I took one and I think it almost killed me."


"Have your eyes always twitched like that?"


"Yeah bro?"

"After I finish tying Leo to his bed, I'm coming for you."

"Don, if you come within twen'y feet of me with rope in your hand, I will hog-tie your death-wishin' shell to your bo and hang you off of one of the pipes in the dojo."

Have I lost my funny mojo? I just think that the relationship between Donnie and Raph is so cute! Mos' def' my favorite brotherly interaction pair.

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