The Becoming

"Oh my gosh!" screamed Bod. "Everyone is a ghost!" I started to back away now. It was strange how I just noticed that.

"Bod, you knew that. Have you forgotten again?" Silas asked in concern.

"Boy, you must obey me. Now stop loli-gagging and eat what I have brought you!" Miss Lupescu yelled.

"Silas, she's horrible! I want you to look after me! Not her! You!" Bod yelled as he started to cry.

But he had no choice.

What will happen next? You decideā€¦

Bod will run away

Miss Lupescu will punish Bod and he will never escape her horrible ways

Silas stays and Miss Lupescu must leave the graveyard forever

Thanks for reading my short story! The chapters will be short, but there will be a lot! So you decide what happens next (as long as it's an option). And I do not own anything.

(To tell you the truth, I haven't even finished the book)