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Ginga Densetsu Weed: A New Legacy

It was a bright sunny morning, the flora coloring the landscape with many hues of color. Fauna, prey and predator, roamed the mountain pass known as Futago. This place was the territory of a legendary pack, a pack that had come together to defeat a giant, demonic bear by the name of Akakabuto. This pack, led by a silver tora-ge by the name of Gin, all lived together under the ways of peace and justice. Each and every one of them were brave males who had helped in the giant bear's destruction, though not all of them had chosen to stay in paradise. Others had come from distant homelands in Japan, and had bid their farewells soon after the war ended. They remained allies of Gin and were willing to come to his aid if necessary.

But, soon after a brutal war between two wolf packs, Gin had decided to pay all of his friends a visit and to express his condolences along the way. He left the pack in the safety of three kagemusha in hopes that paradise would remain safe until his return. These kagemusha were identical to the three leaders, Akame, John, and Gin themselves. But they were not nearly as skilled as their counterparts, but were thought to be ample protection against any enemies. This mistake soon proved to be fatal.

"What? What the hell is going on?!"

The demanding call of Smith, one of the chiefs of Ohu, sounded into the night air. A brown mutt dashed out into the open to meet the English Springer Spaniel, escorting a female white Kishu mix. Smith listened intently as the mutt gave his report in between gasps. A trickle of blood ran down from his shoulder, dripping steadily onto the ground.

"A large monster is attacking paradise, chief! We are holding off as best as we can, but it is stronger than we have seen since the fall of Akakabuto!"

Smith irritatedly barked back,

"Fool, then why are you standing here? We should get back there and fight it, no matter how strong it is!"

The mutt nodded towards the Kishu mix, who timidly stepped forward. Her eyes shone with distress and fear as a cry of anguish pierced the air. The brown mutt continued,

"Sakura is pregnant with the leader's pups! We have to get her to safety for the sake of Gin-sama's legacy!"

Before the officer of Ohu could reply, a roar sounded through the air and a monster burst into view. It was a large monster, unlike anything he had ever seen before. Blood poured out of its open mouth as it tossed the carcass of a soldier to the side and let out a joyful roar. Flames that seemed to appear out of nowhere outlined it silhouette, but the most distracting feature was that the eyes seemed to glow red... with fury, rage, and blood lust. However, it seemed to not have noticed them as a group of young soldiers immediately went into action, clawing and biting at the monster with vigor. Smith snapped out of his stupor and then barked out orders,

"I...I understand. I would never forgive myself if Gin came back and found his mate and children dead... Sakura, follow me."

With a grunt of agreement the Kishu mix ran past Smith, and he followed. Over his shoulder he cried out,

"I will escort Sakura to safety, hang in there!"

The male nodded in agreement and then yelled to the fleeing dogs,

"Chief! By the name of the leader... help us!"

His cry echoed into the night air, and then he turned and launched himself back into the battle, fire burning all around, soldiers dying left and right, and a monster more powerful than they had ever encountered...

- One Year Later, the Southern Alps -

A black-and-white English Setter was waiting in the bushes. He patiently moved his way closer to the flock of unsuspecting pigeons, not willing to let any escape his grasp. If he took a bird to Nero, hopefully he would gain the Siberian Husky's satisfaction. He remembered his master's words all too well, If you can't get a bird, don't bother coming back at all! Ha, if only he could leave Nero...but he was his slave now, and unless he wanted a beating, he'd better be a good little slave and catch his master's meal for him. He narrowed his eyes, preparing to leap out, when he heard a yell. He looked up in amazement as a silver puppy flew into the air, and then landed right into the middle of the flock. He watched as the puppy leaped back and forth, attempting to catch a bird. With a cry he leaped out of his hiding place, just in time to catch a bird that had attempted to escape,


He landed on his feet steadily and then glared at the silver puppy before him, who appeared to be three months old. His words sounding slightly muffled, he chastised the puppy,

"Idiot! What do you think you're doing? This is my kill!"

The puppy bared his teeth and shouted back,

"No way, this is mine!"

To his surprise, the young male ran straight towards him, attempting to snatch the pigeon in his jaws. He moved his head left and right, watching the pup fail again and again. Still he was persistent, and he was annoying. Loosing his patience, he dropped the bird and grabbed the pup instead by the scruff of the neck. Growling, he threw the pup hard, in the direction of a tree.

"First, never fight anyone bigger and stronger than you! That's your first lesson!"

But as he finished speaking, the pup was already back on his feet, and heading straight towards him! He watched in bewilderment as the puppy raced forward with amazing speed, snatched up the kill, and proceeded to run off. He snapped to his senses and chased after the silver puppy, crying out,

"That tears it, you brat! No more kid stuff!"

In no time at all, thanks to his breed's endurance and speed, he had caught up to the silver pupy. He grabbed the back of his neck in his mouth and slammed the smaller dog to the ground, careful not to sink his fangs too deep in what was probably too soft puppy skin. He did, however, sink them deep enough in to give the pup something to remember him by. He listened in amazement as the pup stubbornly cried out,

"No, this is mine! I won't let it go!"

Angered a little by this puppy's persistence, he bit a little harder, causing the other dog to drop in the kill as he cried out in pain. He grunted and then barked,

"Shut up and take your medicine, brat!"

Still the puppy struggled beneath him, growling as best as he could at the English Setter.

"If I were a little bigger, I-I-I'd..."

Then, the puppy trailed off and sagged a little, as if he were giving up. He heard a little sniffle and what sounded like a sob as the silver puppy whispered, almost to himself,

"I'm sorry mother, I don't think I' making it back."

His eyes widened as he realized, that this puppy was a mother, and taking the food back to her. He dropped the puppy more out of shock than anything, remembering a repressed memory that had involved puppies he had attempted to raise...and then they were killed mercilessly for a crime they hadn't committed, neither him nor Nero...

I won't be like him... I could never...

Then, he remembered the silver puppy was still on the ground, panting. He prodded the pup with one paw, and then questioned,

"What do you mean mother? Where is she?"

In tears, the silver puppy cried out, more angry than sad,

"She's ill, and can't move! She hasn't eaten or had a drink in days!"

In his heart, he felt pity for the young puppy, and his unknown mother. His subconscious was demanding something, something he very well shouldn't do if he didn't want to encourage Nero's wrath. So he reasoned his thoughts aloud,

"That gives you no right to take my kill. What you just did is called stealing."

He put extra emphasis on the word, watching as it sunk in. The silver puppy drooped his ears, as if seeing the sense in his words. As much as he didn't want to admit it, the sight plucked at his heartstrings. With a grunt and a thump, he tossed the pigeon in between the younger male's paws. Turning to go back the way he had come, he said flatly,

"Take it and hurry up, before I change my mind."

The three-month old pup happily picked up the bird in his mouth, and then offered him a smile as in thanks. He was just turning to leave before he remembered something.

"Wait, before you go... get off of this mountain. This is Nero's territory, and it doesn't matter if you're a woman or a child, he will kill you."

The puppy let out a grunt in acknowledgment and then asked,

"Oh, what's your name mister?"

"GB, GB the English Setter!"

He replied, watching the puppy dash off, but not before the puppy had smiled and said,

"GB... okay, I can remember that. Thank you, GB!"

GB watched the tiny male dash off, and then began to return back to where he had come. Then he remembered, that he hadn't asked for the kid's name. Then, he was a stray. Perhaps he didn't even have a name. Before he could put much more thought on the matter, a loud, annoying call sounded for him.

"GB! Where the hell are you? Get your ass back here!"

Oh, damn, it was Nero. What a pain in the ass. Putting on a facade of obedience, he rushed forward calling out,

"Was my name called? I'm coming!"

He skidded into an open clearing and was instantly surrounded by Nero himself, along with three of his guards. The Siberian Husky wore an irritated look as he barked,

"What do you mean 'was my name called'? Such insolence!"

The Siberian Husky circled GB menacingly, and then angrily barked out,

"You will show respect when talking to your superiors!"

Then he stood back, waiting for GB to cower in submission. Which was exactly why he did. Hell, it was the only thing to do, if he didn't want to get a beating.

"I'm sorry, sir. How can I be of service?"

He almost sighed in relief after he finished his apology, maybe now he would have Nero off his back. But no, his superior had noticed he had come back empty handed.

"Worthless piece of shit! The sun's almost gone down and you're still empty-handed?"

He flinched, visibly. Why, why, had he had to be so generous? Thankfully, Nero was giving him another chance.

"You'd better bring me flesh before sun-down, or else you'll be the kill of the day!"

He stood up quickly and then uttered,

"Yes, sir!"

GB turned to leave, but then he was stopped by the sound of Nero sniffing the air. Oh, crap...

"Huh? What's that? I smell something odd... something suspicious..."

A guard lifted his muzzle to take a sniff, then nodded in agreement.

"I smell it too.. it smells like another dog..."

Another dog... oh no, they smell the scent of that kid! What am I going to do if they find out?

Thankfully, the suspicious scent was overpowered by a more disturbing one. Nero and his cronies covered their noses in annoyance as the awful smell of GB's gas hit their nostrils full-force.


"ARGH, GB! Dammit, you could have at least been down-wind!"

GB licked his lips nervously, then replied,

"I don't have much control when nature calls..."

Thankfully, Nero seemed distracted by a bunch of birds flying into the distance. He grunted, looked at GB, then ordered,

"It seems the crows have found a kill. GB, go get it! That's your job!"



"Y-yes sir!"

As he made his way to Okega-Hara, GB ranted angrily in his mind. Who do they think they are? Jerks... But otherwise he continued to run speedily, hoping to beat the crows to the kill. Then, he finally reached the spot, but what he saw there amazed him. It was none other than that stray without a name! He was fighting off the crows gallantly, muttering a string of childish curses and yelling as he attempted to catch them.

Is his mother...dead?

Then he watched silently as a crow took the pigeon he had given up eariler. Dismayed, he watched the crow make its retreat, but then, the stray leaped high, demanding the crow give back the kill. GB narrowed his eyes, crouched low to the ground, and then leaped high into the air, intercepting the crow in mid-flight. He snatched the bird and landed gracefully onto the ground, a smirk on his face as he held the dead black bird in his mouth. He spat it onto the ground, then began to attack the crows one at a time.

"The crows will take your precious kill away from you! They know how weak and helpless you are!"


The stray cried happily, pretending not to hear the insult. GB continued his assault, offering advice as he did so,

"One at a time their nothing, but together they're murder! They're obnoxious, but if you stand your ground they'll leave you alone!"

Then, as if to emphasize his words, the crows began to back off, flying in some other random direction. The stray watched for a few moments before taking the pigeon and running off to a motionless shape lying on the ground. GB followed, a frown on his face as he thought his assumption was correct. However, the female dog then raised her head and then looked at her son with loving eyes before laying her head down again.

"Mother, he's helped us again. This is the one I've told you about."

Then he turned to face GB, a smile on his face.

"Thank you, GB!"

"You're welcome, kid. How's your mother doing?"

" you're GB?"

He watched as the female dog rose into a comfortable position, but still lay on the earth. She raised her head and looked him in the eyes as she spoke,

"Please excuse my son's brashness. He is only three months old and has a lot to learn, but I do not know how to thank you enough."

"Oh please, you're lucky to have such a courageous son!"

A tired look seemed to reflect in the Kishu-mix's eyes as she began to speak again,

"I know that this maybe a bit much to ask, but can I ask one more thing of you?"


He inquired, wondering what this strange woman could want from him. Again the tired, sad l ook swamped her gaze as she lowered her head a bit.

"If I die..can you..."

"Whoa, hang on lady! I don't understand what you have in mind...but are you sure I'm what you're looking for? And what's this about dyi-"

He was interrupted by the female, who had begun to cough uncontrollably. Her son let out a couple of concerned cries and cuddled next to her unhappily.

"Please... I beg of you... take my son to see his father, the noble Gin of Futago Pass, in Ohu!"


The legendary Gin of Ohu? The silver tora-ge bearhound that decapitated Akakabuto? That guy is this kid's father?! And he's still alive for that matter? But if this kid is Gin's son...then why are they living so far from Ohu? I thought it was paradise there!

However, he was soon torn from his thoughts by the tiny puppy's cries.

"Mom, please don't leave me!"

"I'm sorry... but you must live, my son. Tell your father... when you meet him..."

Sadly, the female never finished, instead she trailed off and died, leaving the silver puppy, alone. The puppy let out a long, mournful howl that sounded long through the night. Then, when his throat had grown too hoarse to cry out once more, he and GB, began to dig. They dug a shallow grave for the dead mother, then sat silently for a bit. The kid was mourning, crying for his mother, but GB, was fearfully thinking of what he should do. This lady he had known for barely a minute had asked too much of him, a lowly slave of Nero. There were plenty of reasons he shouldn't go to Ohu... it was too far away for one thing. Then there was the consequences of leaving Nero... and being found out... besides, how would he and this little puppy make it all the way there anyway?

He looked at the little male, still sniffling. This really isn't any of my business, and I'd better think twice...being nice doesn't count for anything these days! I'm no fool, I'm outta here!

Then, with a quick dash, he was gone and out of sight, ignoring the puppy calling his name. Finally, they faded and he was back on the route towards Nero. Nero... the very thought of that dog made him skid to a stop, then look back at the forest. I'm such a fool. A worthless, cowardly fool. This is my one chance to escape from him, and I'm too afraid to even take it! But I can't help it... no. I won't run back to him...never again.

He stepped out into the clearing, watching the young dog turn to look back at him. He nearly ducked his head in shame for abandoning the kid. With a sigh, he said,

"I can't just leave you alone, kid... oh, that's right, you don't even have a name."


The puppy cried happily, now realizing that GB was going to keep his promise. The silver dog eagerly ran up to him and nuzzled him affectionately, causing the older dog to wear a confused expression. How could the kid forgive him so easily, and change moods so quickly? With a shrug, GB began musing aloud for a name for the puppy. After all, he couldn't think of the young dog before him as a kid forever...

"Something powerful and strong, but still small... no, that's not right... hmm.."

"Anything will be fine as long as you choose it, GB!"

The silver male said with a wag of his tail, tongue lolling out of the side of his mouth.

"Wait, that's it! Your name will be Weed!"


"In the country I was born, wild plants were called weeds! Just look around, weeds are everywhere! Now you'll know you're never alone, or far from friends!"

He exclaimed with a smile. The newly dubbed Weed smiled in return and without a word, they began their journey towards the utopia.

- Meanwhile, at Nero's Territory -


A young Shiba male cowered as his meager offerings-a couple of frogs, accompanied by a snake and lizard-where thrown into his face with disgust.

"This is barely fit for the crows! I even gave you three extra days...and THIS IS ALL YOU CAN COME UP WITH?!"

"B-but Boss..."


"But Boss! You sent me to the swamp, and... and this was all I could find!"


Nero growled, silencing the young Shiba Inu. The much smaller dog cowered visibly, tail tucked between his legs, as the Siberian Husky continued.

"The town is nobody's turf, and I have a craving for bird meat..."

Catching on to the demand, the Shiba Inu, known as Saskue, opposed fearfully,

"But, if I roam around the town, I'll be put into a pound for sure!"

"Ugh... Saskue, you are as stupid as you are useless. There's a farm at the end of the mountain stream. Lots of geese. So, you will take GB as a guard. Tell him it is my orders and he will follow!"

"But GB is a coward! What good will he be as a guard?"


He lowered his head in obedience, and then scurried off before he, somehow, managed to Nero even angrier than he already was. As he ran off to search for GB, Saskue couldn't help but wonder, why me?