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Beauty and the Beast—Sailor Moon style

He is alone with a few exceptions. It is as he has decreed. He isn't going to let any of his subjects suffer the way he does. He won't chance their lives with the wizard. He doesn't know why the wizard did this to him, but he won't risk his tenants becoming pawns in a game in which HE doesn't know all the rules.

He sighs in frustration. He knows his advisors aren't happy with his decision, but they are under his protection. They are just as much at risk as the tenants. He has to make them realize that fact. He has to make them leave. He won't take no for an answer.

Kaleb, the Captain of the Royal Guard, comes in with his wife, Mina. The two have been crucial in making certain that the tenants made it to the mainland safely. Neither of them are happy with his decision. Mina starts to protest, but Kaleb draws her off to the side and whispers something in her ear. She still isn't happy, but accepts whatever Kaleb has told her. She curtseys to her king and waits for Kaleb.

Kaleb has a plan in mind, but he isn't about to share it with his king. After all, he is supposed to protect his king, not run at the first sign of trouble. He murmurs his goodbye and shakes the king's hand. "I will be back to check on you old friend. Nothing you do or say will prevent me from doing so." With that, Kaleb escorts Mina out the door, whispering his plan as they leave.

Ned and Lita are the next couple to lodge a complaint. Ned cautions him against throwing out all of his allies, while Lita fumes about the wizard. She is one of Kaleb's guards and also a great cook, but she is as upset as Kaleb when she finds out that the king intends to make them leave the island. She and Kaleb started making plans the instant the king told them of his intentions.

Ned knew of Lita and Kaleb's plans, but he also knew that the king was seeing things from a different perspective. The king was scared, but even more than that, he was angry. Angry with himself, for trusting someone to such an extent they'd betrayed him…worse, they'd turned him into the beast he was now. And he didn't want anyone close to him to have a chance of being turned into the creature he was. Or of being turned into something worse, and then having that person cast out of the villages that were in his domain.

Jason and Raye enter the hall as Lita and Ned leave. As they pass each other, the ladies make plans to meet on the mainland later that week. The two men nod as Jason and Raye continue to their destination. Raye demands to know "What in the name of all that's holy are you going to accomplish by sending us away! We're supposed to be your advisors, and help protect you…even from yourself!"

The king looks at Jason who shrugs and says, "You know it's true. We are supposed to be here for you and now that this has happened, you're sending us away for our own protection. I hate to break it to you, but if he found you on this remote rock, what makes you think he can't find us on the mainland?"

The king replies, "Because he's been to the mainland and as populated as it is, his powers are more limited there. I'm convinced that I'm his target. I'm just not taking chances with your lives."

Jason nods thoughtfully and gently leads his wife out of the room. When she starts to protest, he silences her first with a kiss, then with the information the king had given him. "Come on, we need to tell Kaleb what we've been told."

Amy and Zander are the last to visit the king. They both serve as physicians while in the castle. Amy is into herbal lore while Zander learns of new advances in the health field. They both watch over the castle and take care of the villagers. They exchange their knowledge with each other as well as the king, because he had wanted to become a physician prior to taking over as ruler of this small island.

They did not come to protest the king's decision, they only came to give him some herbs and other remedies he might need during their exile. They fully intend to return to this castle someday, and they want a healthy ruler when they come back.

Two more days pass, and then he is truly alone. No one is left; he'd seen them all leave. As much as he'd wanted to ask them to stay, he is relieved that they are finally out of harms way.

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