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Okay, I know that I said that my next HOUSE fic would be an AU of the Date from All Seven Circles of Hell and it's still a go but I got hit with this story idea and I couldn't resist! I mean, come on, as soon as I got the title in my head, ideas and plot lines and hot, sweaty Hameron sex surged to the front lines of my writer's battlefield.

"Front lines of my writer's battlefield"…I'm going to keep that in my pocket. Anyway, I'm going to take a typical Hameron fic cliché and give the ol' CMW2 spin on it.

There's a gala for MS research going down at PPTH and it sucks. I mean, like Blowhard Central with Mr. Swirly Man in the DJ Booth sucks. Now, in response to this suckitude, Cameron, along with the boys and some slightly familiar OCs start their own little shindig up in Diagnostics…a shindig that will go through the entire hospital and rip a certain lovable blue eyed bastard's blinders off when it comes to his "lobby art", leading to a much needed change between them.

This should be fun.

Oh, and I've changed my formatting from my Star Trek: 2009 fic on. The centered is gone but my whacked out A/Ns and dark, smutty humor will never be replaced.

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She had not come here for this shit.

Dr. Allison Cameron was realistic. A hospital sponsored function was not going to be completely fun. There would be posturing and Cuddy squeezing rich bitches and bastards to the rind for cash. But this…this just wasn't right.

The food belonged in a cafeteria. The music belonged in an elevator. And the bureaucrats belonged in a meat grinder Monty Python style. Well, except for Cuddy. Despite forcing her and the others to attend, Cuddy was still her friend and friends don't want friends to end up in meat grinders. The rest could go. They'd probably taste better than this excuse for steak, anyway.

Stabbing it once more with her fork, she stood up and headed towards Dr. Eric Foreman and Dr. Robert Chase.

She had not come here for this shit and for once in her life in Princeton, Allison was going to show some backbone and do something about it.

Where this newfound defiance had come from was actually quite simple. It had come from her covert sessions with Dr. Daphne Marbury, her counselor. The kind African American woman had taken her on as a patient 2 months before and it had been beneficial.

Daphne had encouraged her to open up, to let her coworkers see the Moore woman badassery she had inherited from her mother and her sister. She had warned her that if she didn't, then she would never have a lasting connection with anyone, that she'd drift through life like a boat loose from its moorings, alone and unhappy.

She didn't want that. Brian's tragic death had made her shut down and now the time had come to rise from the ashes like the Phoenix tattoo she kept carefully hidden.

Out with the old, in with the new. Viva la revolución and all that good stuff…

It would start now.

Stopping in front of her teammates and friends, she simply gestured for them to quietly follow her towards the elevators.

If this worked, then this night would go from failure to success, not just for her but also for the hospital.

If it didn't, she'd probably be fired but she would cross that bridge when she got to it.


"Do you think we have a case again?"

"No, then House would be up here instead of getting plastered with Wilson."

"It would be awful if he dropped from alcohol poisoning."

"No, it wouldn't. Then, we'd actually have something productive to do."

Eric Foreman was happy as hell to be out of that "party" downstairs. Cameron had been tight lipped about what they were doing but it was already way better than the MS gala. It had been a wonderful idea in theory, a surefire way to raise money for research and PPTH. But, as time wore on and he heard the same lawyer joke nonstop, he had definitely considered taking a syringe full of meds so he could get out with a seizure.

Mandatory attendance could never hold up to a seizure…or Cameron apparently.

When they had stopped near the locker rooms, she had instructed them to go change and then wait for her in the conference room. When Chase had asked why, the look she gave him could've felled a red oak. In the interest of solidarity and to avoid witnessing a murder, he had dragged Chase in and told her to hurry up with whatever she was going to do.

The door opened and she stuck her head in, checking if the coast was clear. She had ditched her red gown in favor of more causal attire. Namely, a black tank top that left her navel exposed, a pair of pajama pants with DC Comic characters all over them, and grey sneakers, topped by a waist length purple hoodie.

At that moment, Foreman was reminded rather forcefully that Cameron was not just the librarian chic Duckling but a girl….a hot girl.

"House isn't up here nor is Cuddy. Cameron, what's going on?" Chase asked with his usual confusion.

The grin on her face belonged more on a cat in the cream than Allison Cameron but Foreman couldn't help but smile back. It seems that the Real Cameron had finally come out to play with the other kids…

"You'll see. Come on!" she whisper yelled behind her, gesturing for whoever was there to haul ass.

4 people came in with electronic equipment, bags of food and decorations, and the same impish gleam grin on their faces. Foreman could see elements of Cameron in all of them, spotting her hair, eyes, nose, and coloring in all them. Plus, they all had the same jewelry on, a simple gold necklace with a green four leaf clover at the end.

She never mentioned having family around here…

"Guys, this is Miranda Moore, Scott Moore, Alexander Moore, and Phillip Moore, my older siblings. Siblings, this is Drs. Robert Chase and Eric Foreman, my teammates."

"Allie, where's the genius pill head you work for?" Scott asked in a thick Irish brogue.

"You'll meet him later, Scotty. Let's do this." Cameron replied in her own, surprising both men. Cameron was Irish? Cameron was Irish enough for a soft sexy brogue?

What else had she been hiding from them? And just what the hell was going on?

As the siblings darted around pushing furniture out of the way and setting up equipment, comphrension and admiration filled Foreman. Cameron was going to start a party of her own, one that would supplement and eventually replace the tepid one downstairs. It was a bold, potentially job killing move that he would've never expected from her….

Her hoodie hit the floor and so did Chase's jaw, much Foreman's amusement.

Cameron had an intricate tattoo of a scarlet and gold phoenix on the small of her back, standing out easily on the creamy skin.

She smiled at them and plugged in an original black iPod, completing the circuit of musical power.

"Send out a page to Nurse Brenda, telling her that there's a better option upstairs. She'll be sure to spread the word." she instructed him before pushing play.

Weezer's Buddy Holly blared into the corridor, turning the Diagnostic department into a club.


Something was going on.

Cameron had started a slow exodus from the train wreck and his curiosity was peaked.

Intercepting an intern with his cane, Dr. Gregory House asked for an explanation.

The preteen glanced quickly around, probably making sure the Dragon Lady and her Flesh Melons weren't eavesdropping. Hmm…this was better than he thought.

"Dr. Cameron brought her siblings here and they've all turned the Diagnostics area into a party. Mosh Pit for Charity, they're calling it. It's 10 bucks a head to get in and it's going towards the MS stuff that this bullshit's supposed to…" he explained with a dismissive gesture to the emptying gala.

House couldn't help but chuckle at that.

"…only it's way more fun. If you want in, you need to change and go to the 3rd elevator on the left. Dr. Foreman is collecting the cash and there's a poker tournament going down that I'm getting in on."

And then the kid was gone, leaving House with his thoughts. Mosh Pit for Charity, huh? It sounded like one of those pseudo rock bands that were out. What got him thinking was that Cameron had started it. Straight-laced, meek little kitten Cameron had blatantly disregarded Cuddy's mandatory threat and came up with something better.

And siblings? That was new. Other than the worm food husband, Cameron had never mentioned her family and they all lived in Princeton? What puzzle pieces did they hold about their sister? Just how much had Cameron fooled him for these last 2 years?

He must know.

Spotting Wilson talking to the Dragon Lady, he made a beeline for the door and the locker room.

It was every man for himself and besides, with him upstairs, it would be ample opportunity for the two idiots to get their act together.

God knows that Jimmy and Cuddles had wanted each other from Day 1.

The very idea made House want to hurl.


He was up here.

She could tell. Her body always knew when he was near. Her spine straightened, her nipples hardened, and faint warmth came between her legs, just waiting for a mere touch from him to stoke it into an inferno. Only he had that sort of power over her, not Brian and certainly not Chase.

The blonde man had been trailing her like a shadow since she dropped her hoodie and she barely suppressed the urge to roll her eyes. It took him that long to notice that she was a girl with sex appeal? Maybe House wasn't too off about the density of British…Australian men.

"So, I was wondering…well, if you're seeing anyone at the moment." Chase finally asked awkwardly.

It's not that he wasn't attractive and in another life, she would've hit that with the fist of an Angry Goddess but things were different. Gregory House had ruined her. Any man that tried to get with her would forever be compared to him and never measure up. Chase didn't deserve to be a surrogate or a fling. He deserved better.

He must have realized her response because his face had fallen and he was looking over her shoulder.

"Chase, I…"

"Nice party, huh?" a voice behind her greeted smoothly.

She jumped as a firm hand came to her narrow waist possessively and she was dragged back against a long, lean body. A long lean body with a cane in his hand…

He's touching me…he's touching me and he smells nice and he feels nice and ohgoddon't faint!

Swallowing thickly, she turned around to meet his curious sky blue gaze. He had ditched the tux and had shown up looking hotter than fire. Dark wash jeans, a black graphic tee with a intricate green dragon on the side, and a leather jacket. An image of her tongue running over the leather made the warmth blossom into heated honey on her thighs.

"House.", she breathed.

"Hi, Cameron. Nice party you got here. Nice, unauthorized party. You're in trou-ble.", he sing songed.

Snapping out of her House Haze, she rolled her eyes and let her Moore woman attitude and brogue show in her tone. She was opening up, damn it! She couldn't let him rattle her into old habits.

"No, I'm not and even Cuddy does get mad, I've gotten over 500 bucks from the head charge, plus the checks that some donors have given me. The representative from Mayo's playing Root Beer Pong over there."

She pointed out a ruddy faced man laughing with the Boys, riveted by tales of growing up in Dublin. House's eyes narrowed and he cocked his head with confusion.

"That's not a fake brogue. You're from Ireland?"

"Mm-hm. I moved to the States to go to U of M in '96 and I never left. My siblings which I know you're oh so eager to meet followed me shortly afterwards. Protect Allie and all the good crap. Fat lot of good it's done." she explained with a small sigh.

She had actually surprised him. She could tell and she silently relished her victory.

"Food's over there. The iPod's hooked up to iTunes so if you've got a request, just go type it in and the Poker game's in your office. I picked the lock and I'm not sorry."

"You will be if any of my stuff's messed with." he threatened.

"What are you going to do, fire me?" she sassed.

He chuckled darkly and leaned right into her personal space, putting their lips mere inches apart.

Valiantly, she fought off the Haze but his eyes were hypnotizing her, making her weak in the knees.

"I can think of better ways to hurt you, Cameron." he replied with eyes that fucked her raw.

Yes, please. Torture me…have me…please, please have me… her traitorous heart whispered yet again, urging her stubborn brain to give into him.

He moved even closer and survival instinct kicked in, remembering being burned before by him. She didn't want it to happen again…

Moving away quickly, she could feel his gaze following her as she put on her hoodie and as she moved towards the door.

He would follow her eventually but until then, she was going to take refuge on the balcony.

It would give her enough time to regain control.