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"She's fuckin' gorgeous, mom…no, she does not look like me…don't curse the kid coming out the gate, this isn't Sleeping Beauty…you showed the picture to him? I suppose you had to but I'll be damned if she calls him Grandpa. Because A) he wasn't much of a father to me and 4) she's already got a Grandpa and his name's Gideon Moore…", House declared in the chair right outside her hospital room.

Allison felt her lips curve in a tired smile at that. And she continued holding their 45 minute old little girl. She had stopped crying as soon as she was swaddled and now, she was just looking at her with unfocused infant blue eyes, blinking slowly every 20 seconds. Greg was wrong. Jacqueline Anise had his bone structure and her eyes already had her father's pop out characteristic. She had her lips, though and her double jointed fingers. She had also spotted the Moore family birthmark: a light red patch where leg met torso. As she grew up, it would be on her left hip. She had also inherited the feet. The big toe could move on its own, the three middle toes had their own tendon and the pinky toe looked like a mini Cheeto curving inward. Under the cap was dark brown wispy curls that would thicken into a near unmanageable mane and she had her coloring, making her eyes whatever the color they would be (she hoped his) stand out in stark relief.

She was beautiful. Their daughter was beautiful and warm and she was already willing to push the envelope to the fray just to protect her…

The bundle shifted and Allison could see her lips start to move, indicating hunger. Small grunts and rooting started soon after and she opened her front knotted gown to help her. Jacqueline latched on immediately and began to suckle, the slight pain worth the knowledge that she was nurturing their little girl, that she was as close to her as possible.

I will protect you. I will love you and your father until my last breath. I love you, baby girl…

He sat down in the plush chair next to the bed and ran a gentle pinky over their baby's jaw, his eyes full of wonder.

"She's so small…I know she's supposed to be but…damn…"

"She'll grow, Greg. She'll grow and we'll love her."

He nodded and pressed a kiss to her brow.

"My mother's coming down tomorrow morning and your family has taken over the waiting area with the others. Do you want them to come in now?"

"No. I…I want it to be just us for a little while."

Warm silence fell between them, broken only by the soft sound of Jacqueline drinking her fill.

"I love you, Allie."

"I know that, Greg."

"I know you know. I just wanted to say it anyway."