Tales of the Abyss Conflict of Fonons

Chapter 1 The Return of Luke Fon Fabre

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"You didn't come. I believe your presence was requested at Luke's coming of age ceremony at the duke's manor." Spoke a woman with green eyes and blonde hair as she looked at a brunette sitting on a rock just finishing her family's song.

"I'm not interested in some ceremony in front of Luke's grave." spoke the brunette with sadness in her voice.

"That's why the both of you came here isn't it." Spoke a little girl wearing a pink shoulder less uniform of the oracle knights standing between the blonde woman who looks like a princess and a man with brighter hair than the woman.

"He said he'd be back so let the others sit there and tell stories at his grave, but I won't be joining them." He said as he boldly held his head up his green eyes having a small shine in the light of the full moon.

After that was said those four and a man with long brown hair in a blue uniform belonging to the Malkuth military gazed at the ruins of an island beneath the full moon surrounded by flowers.

"We should be heading back soon; the valley is dangerous at night." The soldier said.

The brunette turned getting up off the large rock she was sitting on as the others began turning the woman heard a sound behind her and out of the corner of her left eye she caught sight of a figure walking toward them. The woman her mouth open could only sit there with her friends staring at the red-haired figure walking toward them, then she finally found the strength of heart to stand and walk to the person.

"Why areā€¦ you here?" She asked nervously as she confronted the man in the white coat and black cape.

As he turned his head slightly he said, "This place has a nice view of Hod." As he began to turn his head back to the woman he said, "And also I promised someone."

The woman began to shed tears as she smiled and walked to the man with red hair. As she walked the blonde man, the little girl, and the princess also walked to him as if they were greeting a long lost friend, but the soldier stood there with his hair flowing in the wind his red eyes watching them and he smiled. For the red head the wind blew his hair and coat revealing the Key of Lorelei then it became evident.

Luke Fon Fabre has returned to the world.

And so ends the first chapter be sure to wait for chapter 2.