Chapter 12: Classes & Decisions

A soft rustle of Harri's bedcovers drew the attention of her guardian to the girl, who was slowly gaining awareness. The first thoughts to flow through her mind were of how soft the bed was and how nice it would be not to get up to face the narrow-mindedness of the school's occupants about those of a different mold.

The ticklish sensation along her chin from the movement of the kit nuzzling further into her warmth wanting nothing more but to remain asleep. "Wake up! We have some stuff to do today." Opening a single emerald eye Jahangier managed to convey his thoughts on the matter, even without using his mind connection. "I don't think I like that look on you, laziness breeds negative results, you know. Come on." Rousing himself from the comfortable daze he was settling himself back into after the interruption Jahangier stretched out before turning wide eyes on Harri. As she pulled back the covers to untangle herself she also managed to tangle Jahangier up in them causing Hedwig to wake up solely to taunt the young kitsune before returning to her slumber. It was a moment to coo over as Jahangier tried to unravel himself from the cocoon prison he was trapped. His crow of success captured the attention of the room's inhabitants both Harri and Calvyn chuckled lightlt at the kit. Slightly put out Jahangier jumped off the bed to twine about Harri's ankles to force her to pick him up. Letting Jahangier rest on her shoulder as she moved about the room to begin her daily ritual, the day started to come together as if planned prior to her waking. In reality it wasn't, but her actions were well practiced.

Certain times of the day called for routine, which Harri was not inclined to break. Since she had woken up at 6 o'clock in the morning there was still 3 hours before she needed to join everyone in the Great Hall. It was enough time to complete her daily routine and explore her new dormitory. First her kata then a shower to rid her of any sweat and residue from her sleep and following that she would look in every nook and cranny of her new living arrangements. The outer rooms she ignored last night in favor of sleep were beautiful, the walls a deep blue with dark cherry wood accents on both the floor and the built in cabinetry, having crystal light fixtures adding a certain sparkle. Everything including her bathrooms seemed as if designed straight from her imagination. Using the same method of preparing her blood donation for Sylvester, Harri began bottling her blood under a stasis charm for Sylvester so that the blood wouldn't coagulate on its way there. To make sure that no ill effects would come from her giving blood, it seemed best to use blood replenishing potions. They would be the first potion of those she'd read about for her to try and brew; it may require her to somehow convince (blackmail) Professor Snape into choosing it as the first tear students beginner's brew since it was labeled as part of second year curriculum. No loss there, it would be a simple threat of castration or dismemberment and Snape would have no aversion to concede to the mild request. Problem solved.

"Harri, you should head down to breakfast if your intent on being early, but not too early." Calvyn's voice broke into the inner ponderings of Harri as she finished dressing for the day.

"Thank you, Calvyn"

"Call me Cal"

"Alright, thank you Cal, I appreciate you alerting me to the time. I'll see you after classes." The leisure gait leading towards the door as it opened elegantly once she reached it never having to change or miss a beat in her step. A quote from one of her favorite muggle films A Good Year seemed to suite her situation and she would use it often here amongst criticism and the opposition, "The secret to [success]… is the same as the secret to comedy: timing." She was sure there would be many laughs, but here her guard needed to remain high to make sure her secret would not be discovered until the timing was right. For now her plans ended at breakfast since her schedule and future Head of House was still undecided.

The short jaunt to the Great Hall was mundane and only a minority of the students had woken up early to receive their schedules at breakfast, before the rush of those too lazy to have prepared. Much to the surprise of Harri, Neville and the twins had been some of the few intelligent enough to arrive ahead of time. They each waved to her from their separate tables, because she'd sat with Neville the previous evening, not getting the chance to speak with the twins since the train ride Harri continued walking over to the Gryffindor table.

"Morning, Midget," the twins greeted in unison, that helped coax a small giggle from Harri.

"Gred… Forge, are you excited for the first day back? You know I didn't expect to see you down here so early." The glance between the twins marked the beginning of a conversation involving twin speak.

"We love"

"Hogwarts and"

"we always prepare"

"for the first day."

"Don't expect"

"us to be up"

"any other"

"morning, we'll"

"likely either be"

"sleeping in"

"or working"

"on new"

"pranking products." Just following the conversation was difficult, but highly entertaining.

"Well, I think it's about time we receive our class schedules"

"Don't worry"

"princess the humble knights"

"in shining armor will"

"fight all"

"odds to"

"get you"

"your schedule."

Walking in plain view to the staff table Fred and George got the entire class list of first years, without once having to explain their behavior.

"Got it!" The happy exclamation of both twins caused many of the early risers to glance over in fright due to the fact that any time previously that the twins were excited (more so than usual) ended with someone pranked to kingdom come.

Looking down at the schedule handed over by the twins it appeared that she would be having: Potions with Slytherin and Gryffindor, Herbology with the Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws, Defence Against the Dark Arts again with the Slytherins and Gryffindor and then Transfiguration with Slytherin and Gryfindor. It seemed that she would be joining with two other houses mostly Slytherin and Gryffindor. It would be a long school year until winter break.

"Hey George what are classes with Gryffindor and Slytherin like; I know that their rival houses but will it make it difficult for me to learn here? Oh, and could you lead me to my first class, Potions, after that I just have to follow the crowd.

" Dearest princess,"

"it would be an honor-"

"-to take the task"

"to be your traveling companions," ended Fred.

By this time a steady trickle of people joined the Great Hall filling each seat and heartily eating their breakfast. A group of Gryffindor first years rudely interrupted Professor McGonagall and received a loud lecture on proper etiquette. The first bell would ring soon so Harri caught the eyes of each twin and started to stand. Passing Gryffindor's table the disgusting eating habits of one Ron Weasley almost made her lose what little Harri had consumed. Turning away quickly and hurrying through the doors of the Great Hall with the twins following the trek to discover the way to the Potions classroom came underway with the twins giving commentary as they walked.

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