Hi I'm back,I just thought I could give the bug's life fanfiction a rest for a while.I'm uploading a new crossover and this crossover is Ice Age and of you who don't get why this could compare worlds is that example:Shrek has the same personality as on with the story.

Donkey was on his way to Shrek and Fiona's house until something metallic hit him in the head.

"Ow! Hey who threw that piece of junk?" Donkey asked looking around the empty swamp and crickets were chirping.

The 'piece of junk' happens to be a time machine it had a satellite,a small keyboard,a black screen,and it made a technologic walked around it and frowned then sniffed at looked at it once more then he shouted, "SHREK!" Then he ran to the door of Shrek's home and he stood up on his hind legs,then he slammed at the door with his hooves.

In five minutes,Shrek opened the door with Fiona holding the ogre triplets,Puss in Boots,Gingy,and the three blind mice behind him.

"What Donkey?" Shrek asked.

"I have to show you guys something! Follow me!" Donkey said as his friends followed him.

Donkey stopped at where the metallic object was.

"What is that thing?" Puss in Boots asked as he examined it.

"I don't know Puss but it has some devices to it." Shrek said.

In the Ice Age. . .

Manny,Ellie,Diego,Sid,Peaches,Crash and Eddie were walking in the valley to go to a new location and it was still snowing and they were glad that the dinosaurs weren't coming up to their territory anymore.

"The snowstorm is not as bad as it used to be." Manny commented on the snowflakes falling.

"You're right, it isn't." Ellie smiled still carrying Peaches in her trunk.

"Are we there yet?" Crash whined.

"Crash,will you quit complaining?You're giving me a headache." Eddie said annoyed.

"Will you two knock it off?" Manny said helplessly, "it's bad enough to travel like this than you two to complain."

"But,he started it." Eddie said pointing to Crash.

"I don't care who started it I'm ending it." Manny said.

Then Crash and Eddie turned their backs on each other looking the other way with their arms crossed.

"Hey Manny how much time is it going to take to be there?" Diego finally asks.

"Probably a day or two." Manny answered.

"Manny,I'm bored!" Sid complained.

"Shut up Sid." Manny said sternly.

Back in the swamp. . .

Shrek and the crew were still looking at the weird metallic object.

"Do you think we should test it out?" Donkey asked.

"I don't know Donkey it looks pretty risky." Shrek said uncertainly.

"Shrek,honey,I think we should test it out." Fiona said.

Shrek sighed, "Fine."

Then Donkey,with his hooves typed in the year of where he wants to go:25,000 B.C.

Then the metallic thing vibrated and it scanned Donkey and the others and it zapped them to the year.

When they were in 25,000 B.C. it was snowing and Shrek and the others looked around the location.

"Guys,I think this must be a time machine." Shrek said.

"I think it is a time machine!" Donkey said happily.

"Amigo,we should go back it's freezing." Puss in Boots said.

"I'm turning into a frozen cookie!" Gingy said as he crossed his arms and chattered.

"I see that this will work perfectly." One of the blind mice said.

"You can't see it!" the other blind mice said.

"No I don't want to go back!" Donkey said.

"Give me that!" Puss in Boots said as he and Donkey wrestled with the time machine.

Then as the wrestled the device it broke into pieces.

"This is all your fault!" Donkey and Puss said to each other at the same time.

"Will you two shut up!" Shrek said, "it's both of your fault!"

Donkey and Puss looked at Shrek then at each other and glared.

"Shrek we need to get our kids out of the cold." Fiona said as she tried to keep the ogre triplets warm.

"Well jackets weren't invented yet so we need something else for this weather." Shrek said.

"Like what?" Donkey asked.

"Fur from another animal." Shrek shrugged.

Then they saw a squirrel that goes by the name of Scrat walking across the ice with a different acorn in his hand with Scratte beside (I know that Scratte was trapped in the other worls but I didn't like how it end).

"Hey! You two!" Shrek said to Scrat and Scratte.

Scrat and Scratte frozed and they turned to look at Shrek.

"You see,my kids are cold so can we borrow your fur for a minute?" Shrek asked.

Scrat and Scratte looked at Shrek then screamed and ran away from him. Shrek sighed helplessly.

"Maybe we'll find something else." Fiona said.

"You're right." Shrek said as he spotted three mammoths,a sloth,a sabertooth tiger,and two possums walking past them, "How about their fur?"

Then Donkey and his friends ran and stopped in front of the animals that were walking along the side.

Manny,Ellie,and Peaches let out a trumpet when they stopped.

"Hey!" Manny said angrily, "Watch it!"

"You watch it!" Shrek retorted back.

Manny and Shrek glared at each other then Ellie and Fiona stopped their husbands and turned them away.

Then the Ice Age group and the Shrek group talked to each other.

"They could help us." Fiona whispered to Shrek.

"They look like dangerous animals I'm not sure about that Fiona." Shrek said.

"Manny they look strange I don't know what they are." Sid said.

"Neither do I Sid." Said Manny.

Then they all stopped talking and introduced each other.(I'm too lazy to do it).

As soon as they introduced to each other and Shrek asked Manny, "Can you all help us?"

Manny was about to say something when Sid said, "All of you are weird and we haven't seen you before."

"Don't tell me,another annoyance?" Shrek asked Manny helplessly.

"Yeah." Manny said dully, "that's Sid all right."

"So are you all going to help us or what?" Shrek asked.

"Sure we can." Ellie said, "Now what can we help you with?"

"Can you help us get back to our time?" Fiona asked, "You see,we found a weird metallic thing,it's called a time machine." Fiona glanced at Donkey and Puss, "and it broke so we're trying to find our way back."

"Sure we can help you." Manny said.

"As long as Puss doesn't fight with me!" Diego said glaring at Puss.

"Lo siento Amigo,I don't want to put up with you." Puss said.

"Whatever." Diego rolled his eyes.

"You know Manny you're kind of fat for a mammoth." Donkey said.

"I'm not fat! It's my poofy fur." Manny said annoyed.

"I agree with you Donkey." Sid whispered to Donkey.

When Manny,Ellie,and Peaches saw the ogre triplets. Ellie said to Shrek and Fiona, "We should make your kids and Peaches play dates."

"Yeah we can,what do you think Shrek?" Fiona said to her husband.

"I don't see why not." Shrek shrugged.

"Can we go now?" Crash and Eddie said at the same time.

"Shut up Crash and Eddie." Manny and Shrek said at the same time.

Then they all left the area.