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Puss was still testing his sword,and he kept on mumbling badly about Frank and Carl,and how they should get a life,and stop torturing other animals.

"I'm bored," Donkey groaned after a while.

"You keep on saying that again,I'll tear you apart," Diego growled.

"Wow,touchy," Donkey mumbled.

Shrek thought about his swamp,and how he really missed it. He's never been that long way from home since the time he was going on a quest for Lord Farquaad,and when he went to Far Far Away to meet Fiona's parents. Shrek sighed as he continued thinking about the swamp.

"What's wrong,Shrek?" Donkey asked.

"I just miss the swamp. That's all," Shrek said gloomily.

"Aw,cheer up,Shrek. We'll be back in future in no time!" Donkey said optimistically.

"What's a swamp?" Eddie asked.

"A swamp is a land that has muggy areas,and it gets real hot there," Shrek explained. "It also has wild animals,and all of the bugs you can eat."

"Oh." Eddie replied.

"I forgot to ask: What did you do in your time period?" Sid questioned.

"I saved Fiona from the dragon," Shrek answered.

"I thought dragons aren't real," Manny said.

"They are real," Shrek said. Then he continued with the story. "So anyway,it was part of the quest to get my swamp back and free the fairy tale creatures."

"Who made up the quest?" Ellie asked.

"Lord Farquaad," Shrek said.

"Was Lord Farquaad a bad guy?" Sid asked.

"Yes,yes,he was." Shrek answered. Then he laughed, "don't forget he was short. I could have beaten him up and win."

"You aren't the only one who has faced a bad guy," Diego said plainly.

"You faced a bad guy?" Puss questioned,looking up from trying to sharpen his sword.

"Yes," Diego said. "The bad guy was named Soto."

"What did he do that was bad?" Gingy said.

"He made me try to get the human baby,and he did other stuff to boss me around." Diego said,then snarled, "he's just too lazy to do all of it. I'm just glad he died,but it makes me angry when I think about what he did to me."

"Well,Soto's dead,and never coming back," Shrek said,trying to calm Diego down. "And he won't boss you around ever again."

"Yeah," Diego agreed.

"So what happened to Farquaad after you rescued Fiona?" Crash questioned.

"He forced Fiona to marry him,then she rejected him,and she turned into an ogre." Shrek said.

"And that's when Dragon came in," Donkey interrupted. "She ate Farquaad,and that's when he died."

"That's when I knew Short-stack wasn't coming back," Shrek said.

Donkey laughed. "Good one,Shrek!"

"Don't push me," Blind mice #1 said,pushing Blind Mice # 2.

"How about you move over!" Blind mice # 2 said.

"You both are taking up the whole room!" Blind Mice # 3 said angrily.

"HOW ABOUT YOU THREE SHUT UP!" Manny shouted in an annoyed way. "I can live with the three of you fighting!"

"Well,he was pushing me," Blind Mice # 2 intrigued,pointing at his brother.

"I don't care. Be quiet." Manny said harshly.

"You know,you're kinda fat,Manny." Donkey said. "I think that's why you have anger issues."

"I'm not fat,my fur is just poofy. Don't get it confused," Manny argued.

"Fine,if you say so," Donkey said.

"Hey,Manny,can we go to Dinotopia again?" Sid asked. "I really liked it there."

"Sure,why not?" Manny said.

"What's Dinotopia?" Gingy asked.

"Dinotopia is a world full of dinosaurs,and Buck lives there," Ellie said.

"Who's Buck?" Puss questioned.

"He's a weasel with an eye patch over his eye." Crash said.

"I want to see the dinosaurs and meet Buck,can we?" Donkey asked,looking at Shrek.

"Sure we can. It wouldn't hurt to make a few stops along the way," Shrek said.

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