Me: This is the brother of "Tendershipping Collection"!

Lucy: Only with Puzzleshipping!

Me: And we thought we would start off our series of one-shots with a lemon!

Title: My First Time Was in Science Class!!

Genre: romance, humor

Rating: M for lemon and language

Pairings: YamiXYugi; (very slight hinted BakuraXRyou)

Summary: Yami wants Yugi, but Yugi's in science class. Yami starts to seduce Yugi while in spirit form, so no one else will see. Yugi, being flustered, decides to leave his body in the hands of Ryou and Bakura, and lets himself enter the Puzzle.

Me: Just my attempt at a YamiXYugi lemon XD

Lucy: I bet you are thrilled, Ke-Chan.

Me: I am! XD All right, then. Um, this was our like, second attempt at a lemon scene between Yugi and Yami, so, don't like it, don't read it. Besides, I am not too good at lemon scenes, so don't make fun of me. (I made a few for Yugioh GX, but still..)

Lucy: Please enjoy this, guys! It's got some humor in it!

Chapter One: My First Time was in Science Class!!

A typical day at Domino High. Yugi and his friends had gone through most of their classes without issue. Yugi's alter-ego and boyfriend had been quiet for most of the school day, and for once, Yugi thought that Yami might actually stop pestering him about... that thing. Or so he thought until science class started merely a half hour ago.

//Please, Aibou?//



/No, Yami. I'm in science class right now./



//Please, Aibou? I don't ask much of you!//

/No! Screw off, Yami!!/

//Well, I would if you let me!//

Yugi sighed and slammed his head down on his desk, earning a few concerned stares. He had been mentally arguing with his other 'self' since science class had begun. Many of the students were starting to worry about Yugi, since he spaced out and looked pissed.

Yugi sighed and closed his eyes, rubbing his temples with his index and middle fingers.

Ra, he's going to be the death of me, Yugi thought. He glanced over towards the front of the class and closed his eyes, laying his head down on his arms.

Yugi hadn't gotten much sleep lately, because of how much stress he had been put under. School work, friends, the constant onslaught of chores, worrying about getting challenged by Kaiba (though he calmed down since Jonouchi dated him), and then...

There was his yami.

Yami was trying to get Yugi to sleep with him, but Yugi said that he wasn't ready for that yet. Yami said that he would wait, but he was impatient, and kept pestering Yugi about it. Yugi knew that Yami still loved him and didn't just want to sleep with him, but he didn't want to do it yet.



/What, pray tell, could is possibly be, Yami?/

//Can we please do it now?//

Yugi groaned and laid his head down on the desk so that if anyone saw his face, they wouldn't be scared by his constantly changing expressions. The hikari shook his head and made a reach for the Sennen Puzzle.

/No, Yami. One more time, and I'll tear the Puzzle off and give it to Bakura, and I am not joking this time! You remember what he did with it last time, right?/

Within the Sennen Puzzle, Yami shuddered.

How could he forget the Tomb Robber placing the Puzzle in the microwave, or swinging it around the room while singing several songs in which Yami had stuck in his head for weeks? How could he forget Bakura placing the Puzzle by his and Ryou's bed and then-

Yami stopped. He didn't want to remember that.

Deciding a different approach, Yami materialized in front of Yugi, so that he was only visible to the little hikari.

Yugi 'eep'ed and scooted back a few inches in his chair, thankful that it didn't earn him a few strange looks. The hikari sighed in relief and then glared up at his yami, who was now perched on the desk with a grin on his face.

/Yami, go back in the Puzzle or I'll give it to Bakura for the day again!/

//Do that, it won't matter. I can just take control of you.// Yami beamed. Yugi blushed and narrowed his eyes.

/You wouldn't dare./

//I would so. I'll take control of your body, leap up in front of the class, and spout out that you love me before all these witnesses, and some of them will think you're crazy.//

Yugi narrowed his eyes at the spirit, but then snickered. /Fair enough./ he giggled silently. Yami beamed and then looked around the classroom once, before he looked back to Yugi with a seductive smirk on his lips. Yugi gulped and felt himself turning bright red. /W-what are you going to do, Yami?/ he asked through the mind link.

Yami snickered evilly at his aibou and leaned forward, placing himself almost on top of Yugi. Yugi suppressed a moan and covered his mouth, feeling his face turn dark crimson.

//What do you think, Aibou?// Yami asked before leaning forward. Yugi groaned silently and then quickly whipped out his cell phone. Yami raised an eyebrow in confusion.

//Who you calling, Hikari?// he asked.

/Ryou and Bakura. If you're going to seduce me, then we can do it in the Puzzle. I'm going to have them watch out for my body./ Yugi pointed out before he punched in a text message and then hit 'send'.

And then he waited.


Ryou looked at his desk when he heard his cellphone buzz once. (Huh. Who do you suppose that it?) Ryou asked. He could practically feel Bakura shrug from within the Sennen Ring.

((Hell if I know, Yadonushi. What does it say?)) Bakura asked from the Ring. Ryou reached into his desk before flipping open his cellphone and then reading the message that had scrawled across his screen.

Sender: Yugi Mouto

Subject: Help!!

Message: Ryou, Yami keeps seducing me, and I can't take anymore! I can't stay in control of my urges much longer! I'm going inside the Puzzle before something bad happens in the middle of class. Please watch out for my body, because when I go within, I faint. Please watch it for me. Please???

Ryou chuckled before starting to punch a message back.

Before he started, he felt Bakura tugging at the mind link, trying to get his attention. Ryou asked what Bakura wanted, and the thief king stayed silent for a few moments.

((Ryou-koi, do you think I could send him the message back?))

(Only if you don't death threat the Pharaoh, then sure.)

((Yay! I love you, Yadonushi!))

Ryou giggled silently before he allowed Bakura to take control of him, falling into the darkness that was the Sennen Ring. He knew that he'd get back out again very soon, since Bakura didn't like being in the school longer than needed.

True, the yamis had bodies of their own, but they were almost always taking control of their hikaris, so that they could go to school with them and protect them without question.

It just made things a lot easier for them.

Bakura opened his eyes as he took control, and he started punching in a text message to Yugi. He knew how to work the cellphone, unlike Yami, so that made him feel superior to the Pharaoh from his past life.

Bakura hit send and leaned back, letting Ryou take control of his body once again.

Yugi heard his phone buzz, and then he glanced down, flipping the phone open to read the message that Ryou had sent him. He was a little shocked by the message, until he got to the end of it, of course.

Sender: Ryou Bakura

Subject: Use a Condom

Message: Mini-Pharaoh, we have heard your message, and we agree to guard your body. Once you disappear inside the Puzzle, Yadonushi and I will take you to the nurse. We'll claim that you had just fainted or something. Now, remember, when doing it for your first time, use a condom. I know you can't get pregnant or anything, but you never know! So listen to an age-old spirit and do what I tell you, Ra-dammit! Okay. Enough of me ranting. Oh, and also, moan his name a lot, because that'll just make him even more happy to do what you want him. Well, have fun. I need to go back now. Yawn, I didn't get much sleep. And neither did Ryou (chuckle). Bye. Sighed, Yami B.

Yugi blinked for a few moments and then laughed slightly. Yami read the message and turned bright red before casting as small glare in Ryou's direction, aiming it towards the Sennen Ring, which seemed to be glowing around Ryou's throat.

//Damn tomb robber!// Yami shouted.

Yugi sighed and looked around. /Let's thank him later and go before I can't take it anymore!/ he shouted.

Yami snickered and took Yugi's hand before they both vanished within the Sennen Puzzle. Yugi's eyes, on his body, turned black, and then he collapsed from the desk.

Ryou was prepared.

"Yugi!" he yelled, theatrically. The class gasped and were instantly by Yugi's side. Ryou helped lift his friend up before turning to the teacher. "Ms. Chono, he has fainting spells often, so I'll bring him to the nurse."

"But, I-" Ms. Chono didn't finish before Ryou took off down the hall, dragging Yugi's body along with him.

When Ryou brought Yugi to the nurse, he laid him down on one of the empty beds and backed up. He chuckled down at the littlest of the hikaris and looked down at him.

"Have fun," he said, turning and walking back to class.


The moment they got inside the Sennen Puzzle, Yami slammed Yugi down onto the bed. Yugi was shocked that Yami even had a bed in his soul room. He was even more surprised that the bed was as soft as it was. Yugi had heard from Bakura that beds in Ancient Egypt were not the most comfortable things ever.

Yami chuckled when he saw Yugi glancing around his soul room. "Surprised, Hikari?" he asked.

"A little," Yugi said. He looked up and saw a chandelier hanging from the ceiling of the stone room. He noticed that the light was dimmed low, which Yugi thought was abnormal. "Yami, where'd ya get the chandelier?"

"Uh..." Yami glanced up and spotted the light that hung from the ceiling. "I... found it? With Bakura's help?" Yugi raised an eyebrow, but chose to ignore it. He glanced up and gripped the front of Yami's shirt, dragging him down so that the star-haired spirit was right above him. Yami gulped at how close his love was from him. "Y-Yugi?"

"Now you got me all worked up! Don't you think you can escape!" Yugi stuck his tongue out with a smirk.

Yami laughed. "Use that tongue for what it was meant for, Yugi," he warned.

"Or what?" the hikari challenged. To challenge the yami even further, Yugi stuck his tongue out and wagged it at the man he loved. Yami snickered and captured his hikari's lips, earning a surprised gasp from Yugi. Yami took the change to slip his tongue into his hikari's mouth and then try to dominate him. A small war was started, and it seemed to go on forever.

Yugi moaned softly as his yami overpowered him. Yami had such a strange taste to him. It was unlike anything that the hikari had ever tasted before. It was strong and sweet at the same time. Yugi couldn't quite place was it was. Oh well,Yugi thought. Just savor the taste of it, Yugi! His hands caught Yami's shirt and brought the man closer, as close as he could get him. He growled silently at the clothes that blocked them from each other. Sure, it was only a small amount, but the clothes contributed to the space between them.

I want these damn things gone! Yugi thought angrily.

Yugi grabbed the front of Yami's shirt and felt around for buttons. He found some of them, and was thankful that Yami had chosen to change into a button-up shirt rather than the leather shirt he had worn during Duelist Kingdom. With a growl, Yugi ripped the shirt open, popping the buttons and revealing Yami's slender chest.

Yami drew away from the kiss. "A-Aibou, what-!?"

Yugi dragged Yami back into the kiss before he could speak anymore. Yami was shocked at Yugi's sudden intensity, the pure, raw emotions that flooded through their shared mind-link. Yami eventually let his eyes close and returned to his position atop his hikari, his shirt now wide open. Yugi's hands slipped off the blue school jacket that Yami wore and threw it to the stone floor.

Yami's hand- left or right? Yugi didn't care- slid up Yugi's leg until he hit the zipper of his hikari's pants. Yami's fingers grabbed the zipper and pulled it down, giving him some more access to his hikari while they lip-locked. It just occurred to Yami that they hadn't stopped kissing in over a few minutes. Thank Ra spirits didn't need air.

"My turn," Yugi heard Yami whisper when he broke contact for just a moment. Yugi felt Yami rip his shirt open as Yugi had done to him just moments ago. Yugi saw Yami staring down at him with amazement and lust in his eyes.

"Beautiful," Yami's voice breathed, just enough for Yugi to hear him.

Yugi felt so vulnerable under the yami's gaze. He fidgeted a bit and looked away, a bright, scarlet blush on his face. Yugi realized that the reason he felt this way was because he was young. Hell, he was only 16!

Yugi fully understood that Yami was well over 5000 years old, while he only appeared to be 17 or 18 years old, at best. But, none of that seemed to matter to Yugi. Sure, sex was something he felt strange about, but he knew that Yami wanted to do it because he loved Yugi. Yugi understood that Yami loved him and only him in that way.

"Y-Yami-!" Yugi cried out as the age-old spirit bit down on his neck, hard, in a way that reminded Yugi of a vampire.

"Yugi," Yami whispered. He removed his lips from the bite wound he had made, but carefully returned them after a moment of locking eyes with the younger teen beneath him.

Yugi was so caught into the moment that he didn't even notice Yami's free hand starting to unzip his pants. He didn't care, to be honest. This was something that felt too good to stop.

It suddenly seemed very warm in the soul room.

Yugi moaned softly and squirmed around underneath the star-haired yami. Yami, thinking that it was a sign of distress, moved slightly back, enough to lock eyes with the star-haired youth.

"Yugi?" he asked cautiously.

"Mmm... 's too hot," Yugi mumbled. He reached up and grabbed Yami's unbuttoned shirt and tried to pull it down. He tugged at it, trying to get the yami shirtless.

Yami sensed this need and smiled down at Yugi. "If it's too hot for you, Yugi, I can change that, you know?" he offered.

"W-wha-" Before Yugi could speak any more, Yami reached down and tore the star-haired youth's shirt from his body. Yugi gasped, glancing up and seeing that Yami was also shirtless. When did he-

Yugi's thought were cut off by Yami's laughter. "You seem shocked, Yugi," Yami teased. "Remember, I am a 5000 year old shadow creature. I do have some abilities beyond those, however," he winked, hoping Yugi would get it.

The blush was proof enough that Yugi got it.

Taking a moment to take in the sight beneath him, Yami went back down and captured his hikari's lips. Yugi didn't protest and wrapped his arms around Yami's shoulders, deepening the kiss to the best of his ability. His mind was clouded with the raw emotions that seemed to spill through the mind link, that was still wide open.

Yami's mind was just as clouded. He had wanted this for such a long time. When had he fallen in love with Yugi? Yami knew that he had felt a strange attraction to the boy the moment he saw him, but when had he actually loved him?

Yami recalled when Yugi had proved his courage in the duel against Pegasus. He also recalled how horrified and worried he had been when Yugi collapsed, his soul scattered across the shadow realm. He recalled how angry he was at Pegasus, how monstrous and unforgiving he had become. That is, until Yugi returned to him. Then Yami had calmed and returned to how he usually was. Was that when he had fallen in love with Yugi?

Yugi... Yugi... His everything. His reason. His life.

"Ah-!" Yugi cried out as his yami's tongue attacked his neck and chest again. Oh God, this was new to him. Yugi had never felt anything like this before. But the strange thing was...

Yugi actually liked it.

"Y-Yami... Y- Ah! Gods, Yami!" Yugi cried out. He couldn't see the look of satisfaction on his yami's face. His vision was clouded over with excitement and lust, and everything just seemed blurred to him.

He... needed something? But what? What on Earth did he-?!

Yami drew away from the young boy and stared down at him. Yugi was a sight to behold. His eyes were closed, his face slightly damp from sweat, panting heavily. It was wonderful to see Yugi like this. It took all of Yami's self control, that he had built up over five thousand long years of being trapped inside the Sennen Puzzle not to take Yugi right then and there.

"Y-Yami," Yugi whispered. His voice was almost unheard. "Y-Yami, I-I need..." What? What exactly did he need? Did he even know? Yugi didn't care. Yami was smart. Yami would get it. "Yami, I want-" Yugi gasped as Yami's fingers glided carefully over his lower stomach and south, brushing over his unzipped pants. Yugi clenched his hands to the sheets on the bed. "Y-Yami-!" he cried out. He sounded so desperate. It was so embarrassing...

As Yugi imagined, Yami understood exactly what he needed and wanted. He captured the boy's lips against and went to work removing whatever articles of clothing that had managed to stay intact.

The shirts were already gone, so that was taken care of. What was left? Yami's eyes darted down and saw that they still had their pants, though not on fully, their underwear, and their shoes on. Yami smiled slightly. Not a problem.

His fingers went around and hooked the edge of Yugi's pants, yanking them down in one swift motion. Yugi was so preoccupied with the kiss that he didn't even seem to notice. However, Yugi was conscious enough beyond the kiss to kick off his own shoes and socks. Yami chuckled silently to himself and did the same, kicking off his black boots and hearing them thump to the floor. He managed to remove his socks without using his hands, and they also fell into the pile of clothes that was quickly building up beside the table. His fingers hooked around Yugi's boxers and tore them down, tossing them into the pile of clothes.

Yami felt Yugi's hands move to his pants and move them down. Yami was surprised, but he imagined that Yugi was trapped in the intensity of the moment that he wasn't too aware of what he was doing. Yugi tossed the discarded pants into the pile, then managed to slide down Yami's boxers and add them to the pile.

Yami smiled to himself. Mission accomplished. Clothes had been removed.

Yugi broke the kiss with a gasp as Yami's hands seemed to travel over him, feeling him up and down. W-what's he doing? the star-haired youth wondered. Not that he cared. He knew Yami loved him. He wasn't just some person that was used for a one time pleasure deal or anything. He and Yami were in love. This was something that they both wanted.

"Yugi..." Yami whispered. He wanted this. He had wanted this from the young one for such a long time. But if Yugi didn't want to go through with this, then Yami was more than willing to wait for him. He would wait for another 5000 years if it was what Yugi wanted. "What do you want me to do, Yugi?" he whispered.

"I-I want..." Yugi trailed off. Yami knew what he wanted. He just wanted Yugi to say it. Yami knew that Yugi was shy, but he was never shy like this. It didn't surprise Yami, though. It was the boy's first time. The first time he would be shedding his virginity. It was something that Yugi would naturally be nervous about. Yami knew that Yugi was worried that it was going to hurt, worried that it would be something he wouldn't enjoy, worried about a lot of stuff.

"It's okay, Yugi," Yami whispered.

Yugi shivered and glanced up. Yami has hovering right above him, naked. And Yugi was naked beneath him. If this kept going, Yugi was bound to make noises that would embarrass him. He would jerk and moan, squirm and mewl, and it would be embarrassing. He knew that no one could hear him in the soul rooms, no one but Yami, but it was still so embarrassing-!

Yugi moved his hands to cover his face. It was too embarrassing! He felt his eyes stinging. He felt like he was going to cry. It wasn't that he was going to cry because he was upset. No. It was nothing like that at all. It was just so embarrassing that Yami was going to see him like this... see him so vulnerable...

"Don't be embarrassed," Yami whispered. Yugi make a small grunting noise and shook his head, refusing to move his hands away. Yami raised his hand and laid it on Yugi's. "Yugi... Look at me... please?" Yugi did, moving his hands hesitantly, just enough to reveal his eyes to Yami. Yami could see the tears hidden behind them.

Yami smiled softly. "You don't have to be embarrassed, Yugi. Not around me. You know that," he whispered. Yami leaned down and pressed his lips against Yugi's forehead, sending calming emotions through the mind link. Yugi eventually moved his hands from his face and wrapped them around Yami's shoulders. Yami moved his lips from the boy's forehead to his lips. Yugi tilted his head to deepen the kiss. Yami felt the boy start to relax, and he laid down against him, both of them feeling as if they couldn't get close enough to each other. Even though they were both totally naked and exposed to one another, something was still keeping them from getting as close as they could.

Hands went roaming again. Yugi decided to join in and moved his hands over the spirit's body. Skin met skin, moans and gasps were received from both young men. Yugi never knew that this could feel so good. His hands explored over Yami's body, going to places that he had only dreamed he would be able to touch one day. Yami's hands explored around his body as well, going to similar places that Yugi kept on moving his slender fingers over. Though Yami was much more straight-forward than Yugi was. Yugi was nervous about what to do, so his actions were much less bold than Yami's were.

Yami's finger brushed over Yugi's entrance. Yugi broke the kiss with a pleasurable gasp.




"Y-Yami..." a soft whisper; enough to make Yami know what Yugi wanted. Yami became serious and stared down at the youth he loved. He wanted to make certain.

Yugi didn't pull away, didn't respond.

That was his answer.

Yami seemed to understand. He pressed his lips to Yugi's for what seemed like only a few seconds. Yugi mewled with need when Yami drew away, but the star-haired spirit wouldn't return to kiss him just yet.

"This will hurt..." Yami whispered. He didn't want to tell Yugi that, but he didn't want to lie to him either. His finger brushed down the side of Yugi's leg, towards where it was going to go. He could feel Yugi tense up slightly at the mention of pain. "But it will get better. I promise..."

Yami frowned at the uncertainty that wavered in Yugi's eyes. The doubt flickered, then vanished, and Yugi nodded. Yami pressed his lips against Yugis for a few seconds, then pressed his hand on the mattress beside Yugi's head. His other hand traveled down and rested near Yugi's entrance once again. He cast Yugi a concerned glance. He saw the boy nod gently, nervously, and he carefully pushed his finger in.

Yugi gave a strangled cry at the intrusion. Yami clenched his hand at the sight of Yugi in pain. His fingers tightened around the mattress right by Yugi's head. "It's all right. It'll be better soon," Yami whispered. He didn't know if he was trying to reassure Yugi, or reassure himself. He hated seeing Yugi in such pain.

Yugi could only manage a weak nod and a faint gasp/moan. This felt strange. It was weird. It was uncomfortable. His body squirmed around as Yami pressed his finger further into him. He couldn't believe how he must have looked to Yami. It was so embarrassing...

Another finger soon joined the first. Yugi couldn't hold it back and cried out in pain. He felt Yami's hand tightening on the sheets beside him. He knew that Yami wasn't trying to hurt him.

"It's all right," Yami's breath was right beside his ear. When had Yami moved this close? Yugi didn't care. Yugi felt Yami's fingers moving around inside him, and he couldn't help but cry out the young Pharaoh's name.

"Yugi..." Yami whispered. His breath was right in Yugi's ear. Yugi could sense the worry in his voice. "Do you want me to stop this, Yugi? Because, if you want me to stop-"

"I'll let you know if this gets to be too much!" Yugi panted. His voice sounded so desperate. "Just... please Yami! Please!" he cried out. Yugi didn't want any more of this. He wanted Yami inside him, now!

Yami understood his young love's wishes. He withdrew his fingers from within the boy. Yugi shivered, but managed to keep silent. He felt Yami press up against him. Something was brushing near his entrance. "Yami-!" Yugi cried out when Yami stopped. He wanted Yami to do it already, not to tease him!

Yami understood with one nod what he was being instructed to do.

Yugi cried out as Yami pushed into him. His hands flew to his face to hide his pained expression for him, the humiliation that must have streaked across his face. This was really hurt! And Yami was watching him...

"I'm sorry, Aibou," Yami breathed. How long had it been since he called him that? "But this will get better. I promise."

"Y-yes," was all Yugi could manage. His chest rose and fell with ragged pants. Yami wasn't moving yet. He wanted to give Yugi a chance to adjust to it. Yugi slid his hands from his face and clutched the sheets. He felt Yami's hand, the one that had been inside him recently, slide down and rest atop his. "M-move," Yugi commanded weakly. Yami nodded and drew out of the boy slowly, then came back in at about the same speed. Oh Gods, this hurts!

But it would be better. Yami had promised. And Yami wasn't a liar.

Yami moved out of the boy and back in slowly. He was holding himself back. He knew it would hurt Yugi even more if he did things too quickly. He wanted Yugi to get use to this first. Yugi threw his head back and clutched the sheets tighter. He knew it was going to hurt, and yet-!!

He was crying, panting, squirming, moving around a lot more than he thought he was going to (though it wasn't much).

"Ugh! Y-Yami-!!"

Yami bit his lower lip to try and restrain himself. His actions were becoming less cautious. He tried to restrain himself, but Yugi was so tight, and it felt so good that it was so hard to keep himself restrained.



Yugi cried out.


Out just a bit slower...

Yugi's scream of pain seemed to die down and be replaced with... what?

In once again...



Yugi's cry was replaced with a moan of lust. Yami's breath hitched, and he smiled gently. Yugi was starting to get use to it. Yugi felt Yami draw out slowly again, and then come back in a bit harder than he had before.

"Ah! Yami!!" he cried out. Yami thrust in and out of him a bit quicker this time. Yugi's back arched as a moan escaped his lips. He heard Yami growl slightly, pounding harder, deeper, into the small star-haired youth.

It hurts...

It hurts-!!


Yugi threw his head back against the pillow, a loud moan ripping through him as Yami slammed into his prostate, sending a wave of pleasure running through him. Yugi tried to scream Yami's name, the pain almost non-existent anymore. Gods, that was amazing!!Yugi tried to speak Yami's name again, but all that came from his was a loud, pleasured moan.

Yami could feel a warm sensation running through him. The mind link was still wide open, and Yami could feel the pleasure that was surging through Yugi's mind. "Yugi..." he growled softly.

Yugi mewled and moaned, squeezing the material on the mattress so hard that he thought his nails might tear through it. He moved with Yami's thrusts, the pain totally gone. This felt amazing! His body was hot and it was a feeling that Yugi had never knew he could feel. It was sooo good. He never wanted it to end!

"Yugi... Yugi..-!!" Yami panted the name of the boy he loved. This couldn't be real. It was too amazing to be real. Yugi was here, with him, and they were... And... It just couldn't be real! But it was.

Yugi felt Yami slip one of his hands over Yugi's and squeeze it. Yugi loosened his grip on the sheets for a moment, but tightened them immediately when Yami slammed into his again. Yugi was gasping, panting, moaning, trying to call out his Yami's name.

Yami kept slamming into him, going faster, harder, deeper...

Yami... Yami-!!

"Aahn!" Yugi arched as Yami slammed hard into him. "Y-Yami!" he cried. He couldn't move. Couldn't do anything but enjoy it. It was great. He managed to move slightly and twist a bit, sending waves of pleasure through his body. He never knew that anything could feel this amazing.

"Yugi!" Yami panted. It was so good, so amazing, unlike anything he had ever felt. He was reaching his limit. Yugi was close too, he could tell. The Pharaoh was trying to restrain himself, but it was hard with Yugi's constant moaning of his name.

"Yami! Ah! Y-Yami! Oh Gods, Yami-!!"

Yami couldn't handle it, and with one final thrust into the boy, he came inside of the young boy, at the same time Yugi did. Gasping, Yami allowed his trembling arms to give way, just for a moment, yet he managed to add some support to his forearms to keep from falling and collapsing on top of the young teen before him. Yugi could hear Yami panting heavily, and he shivered when the Pharaoh drew out of him, dropping beside the boy onto his back, a tiny amount of space between them.

When Yugi's ragged breaths had calmed, and he wasn't breathing as desperately, he became aware of the distance between he and Yami. And he didn't like it. He weakly flung his limp arm over Yami's are chest. The two star-haired men were breathing heavily, but Yami managed to bring one arm over Yugi's shoulders and hold him close. His free hand grabbed the blankets that seemed to have dropped to the floor and yanked them up over them.

After a moment of silence, hearing nothing but the beating of his and Yami's hearts, and Yami's heavy breathing, Yugi slowly glanced up. He could see Yami's eyes closed. "Yami...?" he whispered.

Yami's dark crimson eyes fluttered open. He clenched Yugi closer, his pale, peach-colored hand clenching around Yugi's shoulder. "Mm?" it came out as a grunt more than a response.

Yugi nestled himself closer to Yami. "T-that was amazing," the star-haired youth whispered. He brought his lips up and gently brushed them against Yami's pale cheek. "You were amazing, Yami."

Yami whispered Yugi's name and brushed his lips against the younger boy's. Yugi laid his head back down, this time on Yami's shoulder, and let his eyes close. He was exhausted. That had taken more out of him than he had thought it would. He imagined that he would become use to it sooner or later and be able to do it without falling asleep right after.

"Yami, I love you," Yugi murmured.

Yami smiled softly and kissed the boy's forehead. "I love you, too, Aibou," he whispered. He knew that Yugi must have been extremely tired, because he didn't answer right away. But Yugi's soft breaths were enough to tell Yami that he was awake. Best of all, his soft breaths let Yami know that this was reality. It wasn't a dream. This was really happening...

"So, Aibou," Yami whispered. He heard Yugi grunt out a reply. "Was this worth getting out of science class?"

Yugi stirred and smiled. He nestled as close to the yami as was physically possible. He felt warmth resonating from his beloved's body, and it sent a warm sensation through him.

"You know it," he laughed.


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