Title: Yugi's Dream Catcher

Genre: humor, romance

Rating: T+ for violence

Pairing: YamiXYugi (puzzleshipping)

Summary: Based off the Lenore comics by Roman Dirge. Yugi is haunted by a nightmare. Yami attempts to rid his aibou of his nightmares by giving him a dream catcher.

Me: This is posted just for enterntainment and slight fluff!

Lucy: The story itself if a more modern version of a fan fic that we want to do based off the comics, "Lenore the Cute Little Dead Girl", written by the genius Roman Dirge!

Me: To watch his vids, look up Lenore on youtube!

Lucy: We hope you all enjoy this short story that we wrote simply for entertainment, and we hope to write our other fics as soon as possible! We want nothing more than to satisfy our readers!

Chapter One: Yugi's Dream Catcher

Yugi knew he was dreaming; but he didn't care.

He currently found himself in a field of thick, emerald green grass. There were little flowers of all kinds stuck into the grass, and each one shone like a jewel in the bright sunlight. The sky was the brightest shade of blue that Yugi had ever seen it; it reminded him of the color of the sky that he had seen when he was in Ancient Egypt, searching for his boyfriend, Yami.

Standing behind him was a scarecrow with a creepy pumpkin head, but that was okay. Creepy didn't seem to register in this dream.

"Ah, things can't get better than this," Yugi sighed dreamily.

He secretly wished that Yami was here; that would have made the dream perfect. But Yami was sleeping beside his body back in the real world, probably having a nice dream of his own. It wasn't fair for Yugi to seek him out to pester him like that.

"Oh, yes it can," said a voice from behind him.

Yugi turned abruptly and found himself staring at the creepy pumpkin scarecrow. It was smiling down at him, the candle that made its eyes glow flickering like a firefly.

"Let's dance the dance of Life!" called the scarecrow.

Yugi smiled and picked up a tiny bunny that moved beside him. The bunny didn't resist and sat eagerly on the top of Yugi's hair, matting down the spikes that it laid on. The rabbit's pink nose twitched cutely; it reminded Yugi of when Yami had been turned into a cat(1).

"Why is it called the dance of Life?" Yugi asked.

"I... am not sure," replied the scarecrow.

Yugi looked to the bunny on his head and shrugged. The bunny's nose twitched again. Yugi gently took the rabbit off his head and placed it on the ground, where it promptly scampered away with a frightened look in its eyes. Yugi frowned- why was the bunny scared? This was a great place- there was nothing to be afraid of.

"Come, let us... dance," said the scarecrow.

When Yugi looked at it, its carved face was twisted up into a wicked smile. It sent a cold chill down Yugi's spine, especially when the sky turned a dark shade of gray with a bright red light coming from the setting sun.

"Why are you making that face?" asked Yugi, trying to keep his voice even.

The scarecrow looked at him through his pumpkin eyes. The flame from the candle flickered and Yugi looked down. There were strange crimson and purple tentacles starting to poke from the belly of the scarecrow. They flicked like tongues and started to reach for Yugi, snapping through the cloth that covered the scarecrow's body.

"And what's that?" Yugi asked.

The candle burst then, and the pumpkin's head caught fire.

A loud laugh escaped its mouth. "I'll swallow your soul!" it shrieked through the fire. The crackles added the evil to the laugh; Yugi drew back and screamed as loud as he possibly could.

Turning to run, screaming for help, Yugi hoped to escape.

His hopes were wasted.

The tentacles reached and latched around Yugi's leg. It let him drop to the ground before it yanked him back. Yugi struggled and screamed and he kicked and hollered, but the tentacles still drew him in towards the scarecrow's open belly. He reached out, as if to get help from Yami, but the tentacles, which Yugi now realized were entrails, covered his mouth and drew him into the beast's fleshy belly. Yugi kicked and screamed some more, but it did him no good.

The scarecrow's fiery laugh was all he heard before he was comsumed by darkness.

Yugi awoke from his dream-turned-nightmare with a loud shriek.

After watching the Roman Dirge animatics "Lenore the Cute Little Dead Girl" with Bakura and Ryou, which Yami now hated Bakura even more for, Yugi's screaming had started to sound more like Lenore's each day.

As a strange side-note that has nothing to do with the story at all, Yugi seemed to feel a connection to the girl(2).

Yami, Yugi's protector, true love, and boyfriend, snapped awake the moment he heard his boyfriend's screams. He turned and his arms were right around the boy in an instant, like a reflex. His heart was racing; what was wrong with his sweet aibou? He calmed considerably when Yugi fell in his arms with a calm sigh.

"Sweet one, what's wrong?" Yami asked.

Yugi shook his head; he didn't want to talk about it. It was bad enough that he had woken Yami up; he didn't want to tell him that he had woken him up because of a stupid nightmare.

"You had the nightmare again?" guessed Yami.

The smaller star-haired boy drew away with a small gasp. "How did you-"

"You are my other self," Yami murmured. He kissed his aibou's forehead. "If there is something bothering you, I will always know. And from what I can tell, this isn't the first time you've had this nightmare." Yami sighed softly. "Baby, what's bothering you? What's this nightmare about? It must be awful; you keep dreaming it."

Yugi shook his head and wrapped his arms around Yami.

He was dead tired, but he didn't want to leave the safety of Yami's arms. If he did, he might have that nightmare again, and there was no way he was going to let that happen.

"Here," Yami murmured softly.

He reached over to the nightstand and pulled out a tiny ring with strings moving in a design across it. It was made of gold, and it shone with a light that wasn't there. Yugi couldn't take his eyes off it- it was so beautiful. Yami smiled when he saw Yugi's transfixed stares. The younger of the two boys drew away from the embrace enough to take the ring into his own hands.

"What is it?" he asked.

"It's a dream catcher," Yami said with a matter-of-fact tone. "We'll put it on the ceiling, and it will block out your bad dreams."

He moved away from Yugi, which made the boy whine softly in protest, and attached the golden dream catcher to the hook that hung over Yugi's headboard. The dream catcher jingled as it hung over the two boys. Yami sat back down and wrapped his arms around his aibou's waist, holding him as close as he could get him.

"Now, go to sleep," he whispered. "No more nightmares, okay?"

Yugi smiled and settled into his Yami's embrace. The former Egyptian Pharaoh cradled the boy as if he were the most precious thing in the world, and he was, to Yami.

Within moments, the two boys were back to sleep.

In his dream, the first thing he became aware of was that he was falling.

Yugi screamed as he tumbled and flipped through the air, falling faster and faster toward the ground. With a pained grunt, he landed in a pile of thick emerald leaves. "Oof!" he grunted. The pain of the fall was blocked, and Yugi exhaled with relief.

Standing up, he found himself back in the tranquil place.

But to his horror, he also found himself standing near the pumpkin scarecrow, which was smiling down at him. Yugi felt the hair on the back of his neck stand on end, and his eyes grew wide. But the pumpkin still grinned like a Cheshire Cat.

"Why, hello there!" it waved.

"EEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Yugi screeched, backing away from the pumpkin as quickly as he could.

The scarecrow's face twisted into a look of confusion. "What?" it asked, shrugging it shoulders.

Yugi stopped screeching and stared. The scarecrow continued to stare back down at the boy with unblinking eyes, the soft candle light making them look like two stars.

The silence became too awkward, and Yugi had to break it.

"Okay, so you like don't remember," he said, shrugging his shoulders and narrowing his eyes. "I was here before, and I was frolicking about with a bunny on my head, and you said 'Let's dance' and I said 'Ooookay'." His eyes widened to show the fact that he was no longer aware of his surroundings, as he often wasn't whenever he ranted. Yami had pointed that out, and Yugi had become embarrassed by it. "And the next thing I know, you're all FOOM with the fire and the evil and the killing and-" He stopped when he realized how akward he must have sounded, ranting on about nothing. He hid his blush. "-and what person scares the poo out of a 17 year old boy anyway, huh?" When the pumpkin didn't answer, Yugi tried again. "HUH?(3)"

The scarecrow looked at Yugi for a long time with his unblinking eyes.

The silence became awkard once again, and Yugi looked around. He could hear the bunny snickering behind him, but he wasn't going to take his eyes off the scarecrow for one minute.

The silence became too much. "I DON'T LIKE POO!" he yelled. He then turned to the snickering bunny. "And shut up!"

The bunny jumped back, but it did stop laughing.

"Oh, that's ridiculous," said the scarecrow with a small laugh. "I would never do something like that." He turned his gaze to Yugi, and the lights in them flickered once. "Besides, I absolutely love children.. with butter."

"Huh?" Yugi stared blankly.

The scarecrow's face became wicked once again. "I was merely saying that..." His eyes flashed to flame again. "I'm going to rip you apart and feast on your intestinal-goodness!"

"Oh, no you don't!" Yugi shrieked, turning and running away.

The entrail-tentacles came after him once again, but Yugi was faster than before this time.

He ducked down and easily avoided one as it sailed over him. Smirking to himself, Yugi thought he had won. But when one of the entrails wrapped around his stomach and dragged him to the ground again, he screamed loudly. He knew now that he had lost yet again. Nails dug into the dark dirt as the tentacles dragged him back towards the beast's stomach. The wicked laughter of the pumpkin scarecrow echoed like thunder once again, and Yugi could do nothing but scream for help that would never come.


He snapped from his dream-turned-nightmare once again with another horryfied Lenore shriek.

Yami's concerned crimson eyes stared down at him. Yugi rolled over and latched onto his boyfriend's chest. He shivered and closed his eyes, but it didn't last long. Whenever he closed his eyes, he saw the horrible scarecrow's smile.

"Didn't work?" Yami murmured.

"Uh-uh," Yugi said, shaking his head as he shivered.

The older of the two boys frowned and latched his arms tight around his aibou. Whatever was scaring him was no match for Yami's shadow power or his strength for that matter, and yet, there was nothing that Yami could do against a nightmare. All he could do was handle the aftermatch, and he could only do this by comforting his sweet aibou. Yugi's shudders had calmed, and Yami sighed softly. He rubbed his aibou's back to soothe him as best he could.

"Thanks, Yami," Yugi whispered with a smile as his Yami rubbed his back to calm him. "I'm feeling much better no-"

The hikari of the Millennium Puzzle stopped in mid-sentence and glared at his boyfriend. Yami smiled and drew his hand away from his boyfriend's lower back, where his hand had gone down to.

"S-sorry, love," Yami said with a nervous smile. "I was trying to calm you, but, you know... I'm your boyfriend, you're attractive, and I couldn't help myself. Please forgive me."

Yugi narrowed his eyes and tried to look as evil as he could.

"I am going to hurt you," he said.

The only answer he got was Yami smiling at him. Yugi couldn't help but smile either. He laughed and wrapped his arms around his yami, and when the two of them went back to sleep, Yugi wasn't plagued by the nightmares of the horrible scarecrow anymore, since he remained wrapped in his yami's arms for the rest of the evening.

Me: Okay! Not our best, but we did it clearly for amusement! (1) Reference to a soon-to-come story, Tales of an Animal Yami. (2) This is a reference to a story we will do based off "LTCLDG", and, you guessed it, Yugi is playing Lenore. (3) This has to be one of the best Lenore rants of all time.

Lucy: Poor Yami! He thought Yugi was going to kill him, but he didn't!

Me: We're sorry if this wasn't what everyone was expecting, but we just wanted to do this one because we both watched Lenore, and we could just see Yugi doing Lenore's rant about the "FOOM with the fire and the evil and the killing".

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