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'Right, we have something to tell you all in strict confidence.' Mac began.

'But don't freak and… Don't. Tell. Anyone. Understand?' Stella asked and saw the people in front of them nod quickly. Their CSI's and friends were standing in front of them all looking fairly confused and some looking excited. Danny and Lindsay were stood (Danny now with his stick) leaning against the glass hand in hand. Both had knowing looks on their faces that also held a hint of excitement. Sid was stood on the other side of the room, his arms folded and his eyebrow raised, a slight smile on his face. Sheldon was sat down next to Don at the table and both looked extremely confused. Adam was the only one who showed none of these emotions. He was stood near the door, his eyes staring at the floor, irritation and hurt in his features.

Mac took in a deep breath. He couldn't believe he was doing this.

'Stella and I are dating.' He announced quietly and Stella reached out to take his hand in hers.

Many things happened at once then.

Danny and Lindsay cheered, moving towards Mac and Stella for hugs and congratulations. Sid's half smile turned into a full blown grin as he walked towards them too. Sheldon and Don looked at each other before realising what had just been said. A light bulb clicked on in their heads and they got up to happily give their well wishes. And Adam said nothing and his expression did not change as he merely shoved open the door with his shoulder and stalked through it without a backwards glance.

Stella noticed this through all the excitement and squeezed Mac's hand. He looked at her and nodded. He had obviously noticed as well. She let go of his hand and moved out of the room, the others still buzzing enthusiastically to Mac.

She searched for Adam through the glass walls and finally found him sat down on a bench in the locker room. She sat next to him silently and he looked up briefly before returning his eyes to look at the floor.

'Adam –' she tried to say but he cut her off.

'Hey, don't worry about me Stella. I'm a big boy.' He laughed once bitterly and Stella tried again.

'Adam, I told you it was a one time thing. I was upset and I needed comfort and you were there with open arms. I know that's horrible and selfish but I didn't realise how much our ideas of that night differed.' She placed a hand on his. 'I'm sorry Adam. I really am.'

'I know. And I'm sorry I can't seem to get over this. You made your place clear and I just let myself hope. Just tell me something…' He looked up at her. 'Do you love him?'

'With everything.' She answered. He nodded.

'Then I wish you both all the best and I hope that we can all still be friends.' He said quietly. Stella moved to hug him and he welcomed it.

'Thank you Adam. You don't know how much that means to me.' She whispered.

'That's the kind of guy I am. And I'd quite like to keep my job.' He laughed once. Stella placed a hand on his shoulder and getting up to walk out of the room.

Adam would be okay after time, he was no Abigail. Stella shuddered at the thought of Adam reacting like her and found that her feet quickened the pace of her walk so she could reach the man she loved.


Mac was sitting up, his head and back leaning against Stella's headboard, with Stella in his arms. Her duvet covered them but he still shivered as she used her nail to trace patterns up and down his chest softly.

'So he was okay?' Mac asked after a while, referring to Adam. Stella nodded slowly.

'I think he will be. He's just a young man with a crush, he'll find someone else.' She replied quietly. 'Give him time.'

'At least he didn't go crazy. There was a part of me that was scared when you went after him on your own. It reminded me too much of that night.' Mac said quietly, his hand moving up and down Stella's arm. She tightened her grip on him.

'I thought of that afterwards but he's not Abigail Mac.'

'I know.' He whispered. 'How are you now with that whole situation?' He asked. Stella inhaled deeply.

'I'm okay, yeah. Time has helped me and so have you.' She smiled up at him. 'But what I did will always be in the back of my mind and I'm just going to have to live with that.' She continued with a confident voice.

'I know what you mean.' He replied. Mac played a major part in Abigail's death and he would have to live with that everyday. 'But we can get through it together.'

'Of course we can.' Stella replied. She kissed his arm. 'Gosh Mac, where are you getting these cheesy phrases from?' She asked jokingly after a moment. Mac shrugged, smiling.

'I guess I must have had a secret cheesy side of me that was locked away and you let him out.' He laughed.

'And that's another cheesy line.' Stella teased.

'Shut up about cheese.' He responded before placing his lips on hers. She moved one arm up to his neck and ran her fingers through his hair as he pulled her closer towards him. Slowly, she moved so she was positioned above him and Mac let his hands move to her back, caressing her softly. Stella's other hand remained on his chest as she deepened their kiss and all thoughts of Abigail, Adam and cheese evaporated into the air.

After everything they had been through, the swirling emotions and complicated soap opera love stories, they had managed to win. The years of waiting seemed to make the victory all the more sweet and as their bodies moved together in perfect synchronisation, they knew that no matter what the world threw at them, they would pull through it together and neither wanted any more than that. Just each other.

Mac and Stella.

The End

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