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September 7, 1994 1:00 PM

Draco Malfoy lurked in the shadows of the library, waiting for one Hermione Granger to fall asleep. He had, of course, laced her pumpkin juice with a mild sleeping potion at lunch. (He refused to tell anyone how he did it. That was a trade secret.) He was on a mission, one, he liked to imagine, gifted onto him by his father. He refused to admit to anyone that no one at all had told him to do what he was planning to do and that there was no way his father would ever approve.

When, at last, the bushy-haired brunette had finally fallen asleep, Draco crept out of his hiding place, set a bulky package he had been hiding onto the large, circular table, and ran off before anyone could actually take notice of him.

Once he had determined that he was completely alone in the fifth year boys' dormitory, he removed a package identical to the one he had left Hermione from underneath his bed. He unwrapped it revealing a bulky, specially modified computer. He quickly keyed his way into a program that was central to his plans (and basically the only program on the system that worked) – a chat room.

Slytherin_Prince has logged in.

Slytherin_Prince has created a chat room.

Slytherin_Prince has joined the chat room.

Slytherin_Prince: Huh. This stupid Muggle contraption is actually pretty cool.

He leaned back against the headboard of his silk-sheeted bed. Hopefully Hermione's slight drowsiness from the potion and her natural curiosity would overrule her tendency to have everything analysed for threats. She would come.

Gryffindor_Princess has logged in.

Gryffindor_Princess has joined the chat room.


September 7, 1994 1:30 PM

Hermione Granger awoke slowly, still groggy thanks to her potion-induced sleep. She was surprised to find that she had fallen asleep in the library and even more surprised to find a large parcel on the table in front of her. After a quick inspection for an address label and a few simple spells to check for curses, she opened it, overwhelmed by curiosity.

To her confusion, she discovered a computer inside the box. This discovery only piqued her curiosity more. She booted up the computer and furthered her investigation. The only program that executed was a simple, Internet-based chat room. She pulled it up, only to find that the current username was one of her least favorite nicknames.


She noted that the only other person online was some person called Slytherin_Prince. Sounds like Malfoy...but why would he be using a computer? she thought.

Gryffindor_Princess: Oh great! Was it you Malfoy?

Confrontation. Check reaction.

Slytherin_Prince: Maybe… Who are you?

Hmm...nothing conclusive...still suspicious...

Gryffindor_Princess: Who do you think? Are you Malfoy?

Sarcasm. Looking for confrontation.

Slytherin_Prince: No. I'm not even in Slytherin.

Abrupt denial. Highly suspicious.

Gryffindor_Princess: Are you absolutely sure?

Watch for repeated, quick denial, along with lack of alternate evidence

Slytherin_Prince: Yeah. Are you in Gryffindor?

Highly suspicious! Alert! Retreat until further notice!

Gryffindor_Princess: Uh huh. Anyhow…I've got to be going, very busy. See ya later.

Gryffindor_Princess has logged off.

Hermione made a quick retreat. This situation was highly suspicious.

September 7, 1994 2:00 PM

In the Slytherin dorms, Draco wasn't really sure what to think. She was rather...hasty with her actions. He just shrugged it off.

Slytherin_Prince: Huh. She really believed me. Way to go Draco, old chap! Step one of Mission Make the Gryffindor Princess Mine is complete! Hopefully she can't see this message. Oh well.

Slytherin_Prince has logged off.

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