Chapter 4

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November 14, 1994 7:00 PM

Hermione Granger was officially confused. When she had first stumbled upon this mysterious Internet chat room, she had suspected that the unidentified "Slytherin_Prince" was none other than the infamous Draco Malfoy. This suspicion had been augmented by the Prince's adamant denial that he was Malfoy or Slytherin. Yet something told Mione that this apparent stranger truly cared for her. In her mind, that automatically ruled out Malfoy as a suspect. But still...who else was related to Blaise Zabini?

And as if her chat room confusion wasn't enough, God Almighty above had also gifted her with that insufferable toad of a woman by the name of Professor Umbridge. That idiotic woman had no clue how to teach whatsoever. There had to be some way to educate at least some people properly. The entire situation was absolutely ridiculous. At that rate, everyone would die after they left Hogwarts because He Who Must Not Be Named was back, no one believed Harry, and no one actually knew the practicals of how to defend or fight.

Hermione had planned to chat with the Prince since it was the fourteenth, but she had a huge load of homework and studying to do, particularly with the OWLs being this school year. There was just no time to spare. Maybe on the twenty-first, she thought hopefully. Maybe I'll have time then.

On the complete other side of the castle, an anxious Draco Malfoy sat in front of a magically modified computer screen, waiting for his Princess to log on. She had practically promised to chat last week and he trusted her to keep her word. He had been waiting for an hour already, and he was beginning to worry about what had happened to her. Did Mia discover who he really was? Did someone hurt her? The second idea was doubtful. If "Mudblood Granger" had been injured, the Slytherin Common Room would probably be home to a party right now. He paused to listen. Nope. No party.

He waited for another hour before he finally gave up, disappointed and angry. Oh, that girl was in for it now. Just wait 'til the Mudblood sees what's coming to her now.

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