It was a very hot day, the intense sun looked as if it could scorch everything it touched. It burned his bare skin. He looked at the cars that raced past him like bats out of hell. He had been wandering for days, uncertain of where he was. He could probably fly to his destination, but then they would find him, incarcerate him, and torment him for information. He could ask for a ride from one of the many fleeing cars, but the odds that one of them was a demon, or one of his brothers who had betrayed him, was definitely not in his favor.

A car slowed down next to him and the figure inside rolled down the tinted window of the hybrid car. He found comfort as he tightened his grip on the handle of his well concealed sigler; he had recovered from the bloodied body of the police officer back in Indiana when he first touched earth.

"Need a ride?" A husky voice said on the other side.

"No thank you…I prefer to drive' he pulled out the gun from its hiding place, and shot the man right between the eyes.

'This man was a demon' he thought as he dragged the body from the driver's seat and dumped it on the side of the road. If he was a human, he would have thought this man was a demon, but he wasn't a normal human. He was an angel. He was Michael.

Night was taking control of the sky, and instead of preparing for bed, they were preparing for war. The various guns laid out carefully on the empty bed had been expertly oiled and loaded. Prepared to end the suffering of the hopelessly possessed.

Dean sat on the bed, the one he habitually chose all his life, the one closest to the door. So as the barrier between evil and his little brother had folded. His aching body gave into the gravity of things and with his pain filled hands, his bruised elbows on his scuffed up knees. The wearied hunter breathed. His head was filled with pain…pain and grief.


"Cas…what is it" The grief filled hunter exhaled.

"I think we should be looking for more survivors"

"Why? So I'll have to train them again Cas?"Dean sighed, "Of course you do! You being the 'Chosen one' to…to save the world from damnation" He growled, jumping up from the bed and swinging his arms to emphasize his sarcasm, "Have at it, Cas, I'm done. Fork me Cas, I'm done!" He declared as he looked out the cracked, bloodied and dirt smeared window.

"Dean…" The characteristically calm voice broke the silence again.

Dean ran his hand down his face, he needed someone to talk to and the angel was the only one in the room, "I can't do it anymore Cas"

"You have too"

"The…the apocalypse is too much for me to handle"

"Alone, yes. But you are not one man; you are the vessel for Michael. Through you, he will defeat Lucifer and restore humanity"

"Then where the hell is he huh?"

"I don't know, but we need to make do without him for now"

"Make do? How are we supposed to 'Make do' with hell freezing over and Lucifer walking the Earth?"

Castiel advanced forwards Dean, "We make our own army and do whatever we can do to stay alive Dean, this isn't just the end of the world, this is hell. And if I were you, I'd think twice about growing up"

The angel was right; Dean couldn't give up, not yet. He had a job to do. A family business to run: saving lives and killing evil sons of bitches. These people depended on him…the world depended on him, He didn't understand why people trusted him so easily…maybe it was because he had a place to provide safety for them. He picked up his gun and sighed, tonight was going to be a long night of carnage and calamity, he was sure of that.

"Ya know, Cas, you can be a nagging bitch sometimes," Dean said with a grin as he absently tared at his gun in hand.

The angel simply responded with, "And you can be a whiny jerk sometimes"

Dean froze at the familiar jab. The pain so excruciating, tearing through his hear and forcing it to stop beating long enough to send a wave of nausea through his guilt ridden body. Sam. Dean's eyes glistened with the thought of his brother, but only for a moment. Because, in that moment, the oldest remaining Winchester swore to himself that he would win his brother back. He would save Sam and the rest of the world from total damnation even if it killed him. Cause that's what big brothers do.

The sounds of his amusement echoes throughout the shadows. This world was his now. These humans…his. Nature…his. He could now make them do what he wanted. He was invulnerable, inescapable. But it was only a matter of time. Until that all changed. When he would decree the universe…then he would be invincible.