Earth and Water

Summary: From the moment they met, Terra and Aqua had a special bond. But when the ultimate test of that bond comes, how will they prevail? Terra x Aqua

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After the positive reviews from my two Terra x Aqua one-shot fics, I got the inspiration to write this. But I might need some help along the way.

Chapter 1 – Aqua

Sun shone down on the beautiful world of Radiant Garden. The residents strolled around the markets, the gardens, and even around the famous Rising Falls, the reverse waterfalls just outside the city.

Amongst the citizens, a young girl walked along the road through the city. She was all alone and enjoying the nice day out, being careful to avoid the people bustling around.

The girl's name was Aqua. She had short, shining blue hair and eyes to match. She wore her school uniform, consisting of a white collared, no-sleeve shirt, shorts, and knee-high white socks with brown sneakers.

Aqua came across a flower garden and bent down. Flowers grew all around Radiant Garden, giving the city its name, but the massive garden near the castle grew the prettiest flowers. They came in a wide rainbow of colors, but Aqua was disappointed that flowers were not every color. She'd never seen flowers that were naturally blue. Several boys at her school had tried to give her blue flowers, out of affection for her, but their flowers were always just painted. She wished she could see a genuine blue flower.

She set to work picking flowers for her grandmother, who was coming to visit from a town outside Radiant Garden later that day. Red, pink, and white flowers, an occasional yellow or purple. But never blue.

Around four o'clock, Aqua returned to her house and found that her grandmother had just arrived. She ran up to hug her and gave her the flowers.

"They're beautiful, sweetie," her grandmother said. "I always love coming here to see you and all the lovely flowers."

"I missed you, Grandma!" Aqua exclaimed.

Later on, Aqua told her grandmother about how things were going in school and such. She was making good grades and doing especially well in her gymnastics classes. Aqua loved doing cartwheels and was just starting to learn back flips from her teacher. The grandmother talked about how it was outside Radiant Garden. There wasn't anywhere as nice as this beautiful city.

The next day, Aqua and her grandmother went to the flower garden near the castle where they met Radiant Garden's ruler, Ansem the Wise. The elderly woman had been friends with Ansem for a long time. They'd known each other since childhood.

Ansem was a tall blonde man who dressed in a lab coat. His eyes were an unusual orange color that made Aqua realize she'd never seen anyone with eyes that color. The Sage had also brought his seven-year-old grandson, Ienzo, with him. The boy was very quiet and just sat around watching the grown-ups talk. Aqua, meanwhile, started doing cartwheels out of boredom. When she attempted a back flip, the girl accidentally landed near a fountain where water had spilled out. She proceeded to fall back and into the fountain and got soaked. Ansem chuckled as he helped her up and gave her his lab coat to wear until she was dry. It was unbelievably huge for her, Ansem was such a tall man. Ienzo cracked a smile as he watched her, though.

After dinner that night, the grandmother told Aqua about a little legend she'd heard a while back.

"Aqua, have your heard that there are other worlds out there?" the grandmother asked.

"Yeah," Aqua said. "But I don't think about them much.

"Well, this story I heard comes from another world. According to legend, there is a small island of a world with a special tree. The tree would grow star-shaped fruit, and if two people share a fruit, their destinies become forever intertwined."

"Intertwined?" Aqua had never heard such a funny word.

"It means 'connected'," her grandmother explained. "Also, some people make lucky charms from the skin of the fruit and those charms will keep people connected to each other no matter how far apart they are."

"Grandma, is that island where you live?" Aqua asked.

"No, I just live in a smaller town that is still part of this world. The island itself is another world."

"How do you know that story?"

"Well, that is actually what I did with Ansem all those years ago. When we were young, we studied the other worlds. That island is one of many I've wanted to see for myself."

"It sounds nice," Aqua mused.

"Well, maybe if you're lucky, child, you'll get to go to that island, someday," her grandmother said with a kind smile.

"Do you really think so?!" Aqua asked excitedly.

"Yes, child. One of these days, you could see all the worlds," the grandmother said.

At that point, Aqua's parents called her away from the grandmother so she could get ready for bed. Aqua whined about it, but her grandmother promised to tell her more about the other worlds in the morning.

That night, Aqua hoped to dream about the island with the star-shaped fruit. But what she got was something very different.

Okay, first chapter done. I know it's short, but the story will get longer. And now you've got an idea of how things are setting up.

And just so everyone is aware, this is four years before the start of Birth by Sleep. So, Aqua's thirteen years old because I think she's probably seventeen in the game. Terra, who will appear later, is fifteen because I think he's nineteen in the game.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed.