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I've been thinking about you
And how we used to be then
Back when we didn't have to live
We could start again
Do you remember do you remember
Do you remember all of the times we had?

Beep, beep, beep...

Elena awoke to the sound of a monitor beeping, completely confused. What had happened? Where was she? From the look of the pale white walls surrounding her it was most definitely a hospital. Why was she in hospital? She tried to think of the last thing she remembered when she realised that the day before had been Bonnie's birthday and so to celebrate she had drunk... apparently a lot. Did they have to pump her stomach? Elena grimaced at that thought. How could she be such an idiot? Stefan was going to kill her, chop her up into little pieces and throw her to the sharks or simply suck her dry.

As she moved to sit up she immediately flopped back down. Elena hadn't realised the searing pain of her throbbing head. Hangovers had never been this bad. Her head felt like a stampede had trampled all over it. Elena turned her head towards the side and saw that she had received many flowers. How weird, she thought, she'd only been here overnight, no need for flowers. Elena's eyes caught sight of large bouquet of beautiful purple roses, undoubtedly from Stefan. As she reached over to get the flowers so that she could read the message a nurse came in.

"Oh! It looks like you've awoken. I'll go get you some water; your throat must be hoarse. I'm Jess by the way," the nurse said. When she returned with the water in hand Elena was thoroughly grateful. Elena cleared her throat but before she could speak the nurse said something that shocked her to her core.

"I've been looking after you for the past week now."

"What?" Elena sputtered out. "No, just last night I was at my friend Bonnie's birthday party and I know I was drunk and all, but it was last night. As in yesterday," Elena argued with her. 'This lady was crazy', but instead she looked at Elena as if she was. "I have the invitation, it's in my purse. I'll show you." Elena smirked outwardly and did a victory lap in her mind, because really, they're the only type of laps she did these days.

"Elena, your bags are being stored somewhere else for safekeeping. Let me sort out where they are and I'll bring them to you." She left and Elena played with the controls on her bed, sitting up in one way or another, even if her body wouldn't let her. What could have happened that she'd been in the hospital for a week and couldn't remember any of it? Did she get drugged? She saw a story about that on Dateline one night! 'I feel like I've been drugged', or what she thought it would feel like, anyway. But then again it could just be the hospital drugs. God, thinking was making her head feel a thousand times worse.

Jess returned a few minutes later, smiling widely and holding two bags up for show. 'Uh, lady, those are not mine'.

"Here you are," she said, setting the bags on the table with the water cup.

"I think you're confused. Those aren't mine." Elena pointed to the items she had brought in.

"Of course they are," Jess said happily. "Your purse is just inside."

Elena took her advice and dug through the bag, eventually pulling out an unfamiliar, large, purse. She flipped it open, and sure enough, there was her driver's license. The picture staring back at Elena was her, but she looked different. Older, she don't know. Elena never thought she was photogenic, but that could not be her! This looked completely different last night...

Then Elena looked at the name. Elena Salvatore. WHAT? She pulled all of the cards out of the wallet and they all had the same name printed on them.

"No, no, no," Elena mumbled, rubbing her hands over her face. She must be going crazy, or she had forgotten how to read. Maybe that's it. Maybe once she was out of here, she would look at that license, and that purse, and those bags and they'll look the same as they did last night. "These aren't mine, I already told you!"

Jess looked surprised. "Dear, what do you mean they're not yours? See right here?" She pointed to a tape label on the larger, clear bag she'd pulled the other two from. "Elena Salvatore. That's you." Her calmness was unnerving and she was driving Elena crazy.

"No, my last name is Gilbert. Elena Gilbert. This is all some horrible mistake."

"Elena," the nurse asked her slowly, standing by her bed. "What do you remember?"

Elena rolled her eyes at the nurse. 'She is terribly slow and redundant- how did she ever become a nurse?' "I already told you- I went to my best friend Bonnie's birthday party last night, and I must have gotten too drunk, and I ended up here." Elena let out a long breath.

Jess looked at Elena, but hey-what's the worst that could've happened?

She eyed Elena again, and it looked like she was deliberating whether or not to tell her the truth. "You weren't at a birthday party last night, Elena. Eight days ago you were brought in after getting in a bad car accident. You've been in a coma until this morning."

Jess' words floored Elena. This couldn't be real. None of it. "No..." Elena started, but slow nurse Jess cut her off again.

She looked at Elena sceptically. "Forgive me if this is an obvious question, but could you tell me what year it is?"

If Elena didn't like her before, she really didn't now. There she went, insulting her intelligence again. "2006."

Her eyebrows rose. "And how old are you?"

"Eighteen. Anything else?" This time Elena's sarcasm came through.

"Elena, I'm not sure exactly what's going on with you, but I'm going to page your doctor in so he can do some more tests." Jess moved for the door, but Elena yelled out, as best as she could with her still scratchy voice, stopping the nurse.

"Wait! Just tell me what's wrong. You look like you know," Elena pointed out.

"I can't tell you anything for sure, Elena. And I know this is going to sound crazy, and I'm not trying to overwhelm you, but-"

"But what?"

"But it's 2010, not 2006, and you're twenty-two, not eighteen." Again, she floored Elena, but this time Elena believed her. No one would play such a cruel trick.

"How could this happen? I don't understand what's going on..."

Jess suddenly turned sympathetic. "From what I can put together, you remember all of your life, until your friend's birthday party four years ago."

"I can't remember that space in between? How can I forget four years of my life?"

"I'm not sure, dear. But I must go and find your doctor to inform him of the situation. If it's any consolation your husband is extremely sweet. He's been with you almost 24/7. It's a shame that now is one of those rare times he goes home and you happen to wake up now."

"I know," Elena replied smiling, "I remember him clearly." As the nurse leaves the room, Elena once again reached over to take the card from the bouquet of flowers. It read:

Dearest Elena,
Praying that you will get better really soon.
Love Damon Salvatore xxx

'Huh how weird is that? Since when did Damon use the words love? And put kisses?' Elena felt a little sad at the knowledge that the flowers weren't from her husband Stefan. She couldn't believe that Stefan and her had made it through. They were married. Elena felt giddy at the knowledge; it was a shame that she couldn't remember the wedding. 'Wait a second, how comes I'm not a vampire?' Surely Stefan would have turned her into a vampire by now so that we could be together forever. And why did Elena need to be taken to a hospital? Surely he could give her his blood to make her better again.

Even so, Elena couldn't wrap her head around this. She got into a car accident and now she had amnesia, how... cliché. Elena decided she needed some rest because this whole situation was tiring.

Elena awoke to the feeling of someone holding and kissing her hand. She didn't want to open her eyes since it felt so good, so soft. Slowly she opened her eyes and turned to her side to see the man kissing her hand. She was completely shocked by what she saw; it wasn't Stefan, it was Damon. Elena scrunched her eyebrows in confusion.

"Hey babe, you have no idea how glad I was to hear you woke up. I love you so much so don't scare me like that," Damon said with a smile on his face.

Elena yanked her arm away in disgust. "What is your problem Damon? Do you never learn? I don't want anything to do with you. I love Stefan! Can you not let it go? For God's sake I'm married; you'd think you would have stopped torturing your brother by now!"

Throughout her speech she saw a mixture of emotions pass through Damon's eyes. First was confusion, followed by worry, then anger, then back to confused and then finally to devastated. Elena almost felt bad for him.

"I don't understand," Damon replied quietly.

"Damon! I can't explain how I feel any better. How can you not understand?" Elena asked getting increasingly annoyed by his presence. Where was Stefan?

"Elena, I don't understand!" Damon repeated sounding almost hysterical. Elena felt like screaming in annoyance.

"I love Stefan, NOT you!" Elena explained to the best of her ability. Damon looked completely devastated at what she had said but before she knew it he went back to the same Damon as he cleared his face from any emotion.

"Since when?" he whispered. 'What was with these stupid questions?'

"Since forever." Finally it looked as though Damon had no more to say. But Elena suddenly saw that Damon's eyes had glazed over with tears that he would not shed and she felt bad for yelling at him. But then she reminded herself that Damon was only playing games it wasn't as though he had any true feelings for her.

At that precise moment Elena's doctor walked through the door. "Hello, I hope I'm not interrupting anything. I'm Doctor Montgomery," he greeted me.

"No, it's fine you didn't interrupt anything, Damon was just leaving." Elena shot Damon a 'get out of my room' look. Damon got the message and slowly stood up.

"Actually, I'd like him to stay. Nurse Jess has informed me of the situation. Damon it seems as though Elena is suffering amnesia. She can only remember her life until the age of eighteen. However, I do want to take more tests to confirm the results," Doctor Montgomery said before leaving the room to give the couple some privacy.

Throughout Doctor Montgomery's speech, Elena had once again been watching Damon, to see his reaction, for some reason it intrigued her. She saw the confusion wash through him before understanding and then he was left with sadness. She didn't know why Damon cared so much. The Damon she remembered was always threatening to snap her neck, not worrying about her.

"Why did Doctor Montgomery want you to stay in the room?" Elena asked, a million and one questions buzzing around in her head. Damon let out a long sigh.

"Huh, it looks like we have a lot to talk about." Damon sat back down on his chair, resignation clear by his stance. "Where to start?"

"How about where is Stefan?" Elena inquired.

"Will you stop talking about Stefan! Who gives a flying fuck about Stefan right now!" Damon snapped. Elena was slightly shocked by the anger dripping from Damon. "So eighteen, that's a long time ago. I'm guessing you know that you're married?" Elena nodded her head.

"Now look whose bringing up Stefan," she said cheekily. Confusion once again filled Damon's face but Elena was sure hers was probably the same.

"What? I didn't say anything about Stefan," Damon said completely puzzled.

"You asked if I knew I was married," Elena replied becoming completely perplexed herself.

"Yes, so..." It was at that moment that Elena saw clarity cross Damon's eyes. 'At least one of us understood something'. "Elena, Stefan and you... you're no longer together," Damon accentuated whilst bitterly muttering Stefan's name.

"I don't understand, what's wrong. Are we getting a divorce? The nurse said he was here all the time though. This doesn't make any sense!"

"Elena," Damon said his patience running out quickly, "you were never married to Stefan."

"But name is Elena Salvatore," Elena replied dumbly.

"Exactly," Damon replied. This didn't help her understand anything at all what was he getting at? He was definitely holding something back.

"What is it? Just spit it out Damon!"

"Elena, you're not Stefan's wife," Damon took a large breath; "you're my wife."

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