Alice's point of view

"Edwarddddd…." I yell at my big brother. "What Alice?" "I was just wondering if I can take Bella shopping today…?" "No not today Alice…." "Edwardddd" I whine. Then stomp downstairs to the kitchen where mom is. "Hey mom? Can we go shopping today?" I ask sweetly. "No Alice sweetie I have a bunch of things to do today…." I nod looking pitiful and run vampire speed to Rosalie's room. I knock ….no answer….. I knock again and I get a grunt and a yelp…..ok ok backing away now backing away…… I run to Edward and Bella's room and knock and I ask sweetly as I can… " can I take Bells shopping?" I get a door slammed in my face… sighhhhhh only me.

I walk to mine and Jasper's room and find a note on my bed.

Dear Alice,

I love you but darling I frankly don't want to go shopping today…. I will be hunting until tomorrow morning. I love you more than anything and hope you will always be mine.

Yours to love forever,


I sigh and lay down onto the bed well I guess there goes my only hope…. I grab my tape recorder and mimic Edward's voice perfectly and slowly run to Edward's room again and slowly open the door. "ALICE CULLEN GET OUT OF MY ROOM!!!! YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A BIG BABY AND I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!!!!! " I creep downstairs and and cry my baby fake tears and run to mom and say " mommmmmmmmyyyy Edward is being mean to meeeeee……" I sniffed. " oh Alice why don't we all go shopping? Just all of us girls…Bella , Me, You and , Rosalie???? " I sniff and nod. HEHEHEHEHE I always get what I want Edward…. I nod and run to my room and grab my purse and drag Rosalie and Bella downstairs and on the way I whisper to Edward…. "see Edward I ALWAYS get what I want …" I smirked and ran away from him and back down to the car and went shopping which is what I did all of this in the first place for.

Ok ok did u like it? I just kinda wrote it on the stop and I thought it seemed twilightish?? Lol review!?!?!?! Thanks LOVE YA