So hello everyone! Usually I do not write any other fanfiction besides Twilight but I came across this story when I was looking through the files on my laptop. I had started it and never finished it. It's been almost four years since I looked at the thing. This is the first fanfiction I ever wrote. Before I even knew about Twilight. Before I even knew that what I was writing was fanfiction. To me I was just writing a story. I had written as much as the first chapter and lost all hope on it. Then yesterday I found it again and I worked on it from yesterday till this afternoon. I hope lovers of Ella Enchanted will enjoy it as well as my usual readers. It's short and is almost the size of one of my usual chapters that I work on. I hope everyone will like. And a review is always welcome :). As for my readers of Love, Friendship, Fate, I'm hoping to update that one by next weekend. "Hoping" being the key word. I will try my utmost hardest to update. Believe me. I will. My Saturdays have been taken away but I will spend my Sundays working. So, please everyone, read my first attempt at fanfiction and kindly tell me what you think? Reviews are welcome as always. So I guess this is good-bye for now. I'll see you guys at the end.

So...Let's start shall we?

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Chapter 1

Char tightened his hold on my waist. "Marriage is supposed to be forever, but friendship can be forever too. Will you…."

I felt something at the back of my head. Hattie, dancing nearby with the Earl of Demby, snatched off my mask. I let go of Char and covered my face with my hands, but not quickly enough.

"Ella!" Hattie shrieked.

"Ella?" Char gasped.

I looked at Char horrified. He was stunned and shocked and his eyes were wide with disbelief. I could also see hurt starting to form on his face, obviously thinking that I had made a fool of his affections yet again. "I'm sorry," I whispered before turning on my heel and tearing out of the ball room.

"Ella!" Char called after me. My heart ached to be with him and yet, my feet carried me further away.

Somewhere along with the way, I lost one of the slippers Char and I had found. I despaired what I had lost. It would have been my last part of the time Char and I had spent together, undisturbed by Hattie or Dame Olga.

I ran all the way home to Mandy who was in the kitchen. The maid servant assisting her goggled at my dress but made no comment as I came into the room, frantic. I collapsed, sobbing into Mandy's soft warm form.

"Lady?" she said softly. "What happened?" I explained to her all that happened bitterly wishing Dame Olga had thrown Hattie off of a cliff when she was born. "Now, I've gone and endangered Char again, Mandy! Whatever am I going to do?" I cried.

Mandy paused thinking for a moment. She nodded to herself and then instructed me. "We'll run. We can always find work as cooks or maids or whatever. But the first thing we need to do is leave Kyrria. And best we hurry since the prince may well be on his way here already."

I nodded quickly. "Can you do a little magic to speed things up?" She shook her head. "There is no small magic here," she said grimly.

"Fairies!" I cursed as I ran to my small room in the servants' chambers. Why couldn't I have inherited something useful instead of tiny feet? I thought. My meager amount of belongings was packed into my bags three minutes later. The wolf given to me by the elves, the other side of the slipper and my magic book were all that I really had of any worth to me. I donned on my maid servant garb and rubbed dirt on my face hoping it would make me look more of the part.

I hurried back to the kitchen where I found Mandy all packed and waiting. Her small bag did not seem big enough to hold everything but I suspected there was a fairy spell on it to make it seem so. "Do you have everything, Lady?" she asked quickly. I nodded.

"Then, we should leave." She grasped my hand as we went out the backdoor just in case anyone should see us. The house seemed unnaturally quiet as the servants were all enjoying their night of freedom from their missus and her spawns. I was more than ready to leave the house. This place had been my prison for the last few months. My solitary comfort was only with Mandy who was now going with me. But then again, this place had been where I had grown up. Mother and I had slid down those very banisters, sat on that tree. There were wonderful memories here as well but they were marred by Dame Olga and her daughters' presence. Sometimes, I hated my father for bringing her into my life.

"I know pet," Mandy said softly petting my cheek. She seemed to realize how I felt as I gazed at the house. I wiped away the unexpected tears and took her hand.

"Here's to a new life Mandy," I whispered as we hurried away into the darkness. Once we were away from the house, I heard the unmistakable sounds of horses and the even more unmistakable shout of Char. Mandy heard it as well and it caused us to speed up even more.

The twinkling stars of Frell bared down on us as we walked on, hoping to find a new destiny awaiting us.